Encouraging Words Wednesday and a Link Up

Courtney (my daughter) texted me early Tuesday morning

and asked me to call her as soon as I got up.

I was asleep but of course I immediatley got up

and called her. She was worried about Colt Allen.

He seemed to be congested and had a rash on

his stomach and forehead.

We decided to make an appointment

with his pediatrician.

As we walked him into the doctor’s office

we were both fearing the worst.

We had convinced ourselves he was extremely sick

and the rash was probably something horrible.

We had almost convinced each other that

Colt Allen was on his death bed.

Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long and the peditrician

checked him and said he was perfectly fine. Really?

The rash was a heat rash, because we were burning him up!

The baby was hot! On my, did we feel silly!

Have you ever done that?

Have you convinced yourself that something terrible

was wrong with you or with someone you’re close to.

We let our minds run wild with the worst

possible scenarios.

Let’s be honest, everyday we are inundated with horrible

news all around us.

I can hardly watch the evening news anymore

because it’s so depressing.

God’s word says in Hebrews 13:6,

So we can confidently say, 

“The Lord is my helper; I will not fear;

what can man do to me?”

We also know that worrying does nothing to help us.

And which of you by being anxious can add a

single hour to his  span of life? Luke 12:25

What is it that you’re worrying about today………..


~maybe you’re waiting to hear from some medical tests,


~or you’re worried over a prodigal child


~maybe it’s financial problems


~a difficult marriage


~a child that struggles in school


I don’t know your exact problem but I do

know the one who does…….

and his name is Jesus.

He can handle your worries,

 casting all your anxieties on him,

because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Let’s not let worry control us!

Let’s give it to Jesus.

Walking in His Grace,

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  1. Wow thanks for the encouragement. Last year I was going thru a really hard times and a friend of mine told me ” Why pray if you are going to worry”. That is my motto today.

  2. One thing’s for sure–little Colt Allen will never freeze to death because of lack of attention! A heat rash, huh? Well, I think a first-time mama and CiCi can certainly be forgiven of that. I love the way y’all care for him so tenderly!

    How far is Courtney’s house from yours?

  3. I’m reminded of a time my daughter and I did that very thing and with the same results. Why is it we let worry suffocate us? Even when our worry seems legitimate it wastes time. Taking them to God is so much more productive to say nothing of it being a Biblical command. This post has reminded me of that fact and I have a few worries to give to Jesus.