6 Steps To Help You Look Younger

I get a lot of emails from women over 40 asking me how to look younger and dress fashionably without trying to dress or look like their teenage daughter.

There’s no doubt we can dress fashionably but how do we look younger and not spend a fortune?

Here are 6 steps to help you look younger:

  • Keep you hair length at, or above your shoulders~Side-swept bangs and hair no longer than your shoulders will take off years! Have you ever noticed when they do makeovers of women over 40, they usually cut their hair, there’s a reason for that. As we age, our hair can thin and look stringy, cutting it above your shoulders will help it look thicker and healthier and will help you look younger.
  • Watch your lipstick shades~dark brown lipstick shades can age you. Creamy lipsticks are better because matte lipsticks can settle into your lip lines. Glosses are youthful and look great!
  • Use cream blushes and eyeshadows~as we age, our skin becomes drier and powder blushes and eye shadows can settle into our fine lines and wrinkles. Creamier products help our skin look softer and plump.
  • Don’t overpluck your eyebrows~After the age of 30 our eyebrows start to thin and they don’t grow back after you pluck them. Be careful not to overpluck!
  • Whiten your teeth~As we age, our teeth begin to yellow. Whiter teeth can take years off of you. As a dental hygienist, I recommend having it done by your dentist, because they have the strongest whiteners. But if that doesn’t fit in your budget I would recommend Crest White Strips.
  • Get a good night’s sleep~Few things age you overnight more than a poor night’s sleep. Sleep is important to help you feel and look beter. When you lose sleep, your eyes are puffy, your skin sallow and you can have dark circles under your eyes. Not good!

It’s amazing how these 6 steps will help you feel and look younger!

Do you have any other suggestions that might help? I’d love to hear!

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  1. fariha says

    Every one forgot one important ingredient to look younger. That’s drink plenty of water to drain out toxins from your body .

  2. Jackie B says

    I have heard from my dermatologist to never use any type of “apricot” scrub because apricot shells actually tear the skin and make it prone to all sorts of problems. She told me to use a cleanser with synthetic beads to exfoliate instead so as not to tear the skin. Kudos to you for running; that is great!

  3. Jackie B says

    I have a few! (1) Stay away from pinky and skin colored lipsticks! They make your teeth look very yellow. A brownish berry looks good on everyone. (2) Do not cut your hair to the length of your jowls. Go above them or below them, but not “at them.” This looks look great on young people, but over forty-somethings, that length just accentuates your chicken skinned saggy neck. (3) For that matter, cover up your neck and face when you are out in the sun. Your neck gets really old looking quickly because of the sun. Your hands do too. (4) Color in those brows somewhat and don’t overpluck the portion between your brows — it makes you look like a fish. The Mona Lisa looks odd to me without eyebrows. Just sayin’. (5) Start using a peel of some sorts to get rid of those old age brown patches on your face. Young skin looks so pretty because it is light and pigment patch free! (6) Throw away those frosty eyeshadows that do not make you look younger, just scraggier. (7) Never line just the bottom of your eyes. It drags down your eyes and makes them look puffy. Either line the top and the bottom or just the top and never color in thick almond circles. (8) If you are getting gray hair (mine is almost white), outside of coloring it (and never all one color), get a keratin treatment to smooth it out. Gray hair is very coarse and isn’t as “tamable” as natural colored hair. Keratin lasts several months and is one of the biggest life changers I have ever done when it comes to my hair. (9) My BIGGEST MOST AGE DEFYING SECRET is two-fold: to make sure your thyroid is in check (see Mary Shomon’s site) (a whole lot of women’s aren’t during peri/post menopause and don’t even know it and think something else is wrong) and start bio-identical hormones in peri-menopause! Not the pregnant horse hormones of the past. Bio-identicals are made from yams and are completely and biologically identical to what you used to make in your own body. They keep you young, happy, healthy and keep your uterus free of cancer. I just shake my head when I see so many friends and acquaintances who are peri or post-menopausal on anti-depressants because their estrogen levels are too low or their thyroids are out of whack even just a little. Such simple little fixes could change their lives for the better. Anyway, my two cents worth!

  4. says

    Ahhh! To look younger ! I am going for the good nights sleep. Help! 20 years of babies has taken its sleepy time look on my age. :( Love your ideas! Grabbing a few for the New year!

  5. says

    I think one of the number one ways to look younger is to exercise regularly…. I run 4-5 miles several times a week. I’m 42 and get told all the time that I look much younger! I think its the running!! I faithfully exfoliate with St. Ives Apricot Scrub with Salicylic Acid in the shower every day… I think it helps keep me looking younger, too!
    I was born in Lexington! maybe that helps too!!

  6. Lori H says

    Thanks for the advice! I can use all the help I can get. :) I have rosacea so I can’t exfoliate so sometimes my skin looks older than I would like.


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