White Pants~Summer Fashion Trend 2012

Good morning! After my last few posts, I decided to keep it light (no pun intended) and talk about white pants for summer. I love wearing white in the summer! White pants are classic and can help keep us cool during these hot summer months.

But here’s the thing, there are some rules to follow when wearing white. White is not always easy to wear but white pants can be the perfect pairing on bottom for this season’s trendy bright colors on top. White pants look clean and crisp.

A few things to remember when wearing white:

1. Always wear neutral undergarments. White or dark panties will show through white pants. No one wants to see our undergarments!

2. Be careful where you put your white. Since white reflects light and makes things appear larger, don’t wear solid white on your largest body parts only, like your chest, hips, or thighs, because it will make those areas look bigger. If you’re wearing white pants and you have wide hips or a tummy, where a flowy blouse over your pants and don’t tuck your blouse in!

Because I’m larger in my hips, I wear a top that covers that part of my body.

3. Steer Clear of White Hosiery. Unless you’re a nurse, a bride, or under age 5, white hosiery has no place in your wardrobe. Yes, it was popular 20 years ago but not today!

4. Pair white pants with a neutral shoe. To keep yourself from looking like a nurse don’t wear white pants with white sandals. A neutral sandal looks best.

5. Don’t wear “too-tight” white pants. White tends to show every imperfection so you don’t want your white pants to be too tight. If the pockets are showing through, cut the pockets out.

I love the white on white look but you have to be thin to pull this off! Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy looks great in a white shirt and white pants. Notice her shoes aren’t white!

                                                                                                                                             Source: thepleatedpoppy.com via Cyndi on Pinterest


So, white pants are a great summer fashion trend to add to you your wardrobe but just follow these simple tips to look your best!

Thanks for stopping by! Praying you have a great day!

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  1. says

    seriously…catching up on my “way behind” blog reading and came to this post. do you realize what i wrote today? basically the very same thing! true story! we must be soul sisters or something :)

    love your blog my friend! xo

  2. Judy H. says

    Love your color block tunic w/ white. I’ve never been a fan of the white on white look, it always seems to look a little “nurse-ish” to me. If pressed, I’d have to say I would probably not choose white as a pant or skirt color at all. Having said that, I love white on top in white linen tunics, soft flowy cotton blouses and best of all, our good ol’ white t’s and white button downs.

  3. Lee Ann says

    I didn’t know about white making you look bigger. It’s true. I wore white capris to my daughter’s HS graduation last year, and I couldn’t believe the pictures. I wore a longer shirt to cover up my hips, but since I am much smaller on top and in the waist, the shirt didn’t help and my hips looked huge. I do love the white pants look, though! You look great in your outfit!

  4. says

    I LOVE white pants but wouldn’t wear them for so long because I am bigger. But this summer I said so what and have been wearing my white long shorts. Would love to get a pair of white capris.

  5. MarLaney @ Our Marvelous Clan says

    Thank you! My husband has a very upscale/fashionable work function and I was planning on wearing white pants and a coral colored top but wasn’t sure on the shoes. Now I just need accessories.

    Love the white hosiery point, do they even still sell them in adult sizes and outside a bridal boutique?


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