We’re Talking Fashion and Faith

Good morning friends! I’m so glad you’re here today! I love hearing from you and many weeks I get lots of emails sharing a fashion question, an encouraging comment or a prayer request. Who knew you could mix Fashion and Faith?

I have to tell you when I began writing about fashion and faith, I didn’t know how it was going to work. Could I really talk about hair and clothes and makeup and then encourage women to grow in their faith all on one blog?

I’m telling you all this to share a sweet message I got from one of my readers. She blessed me with her testimony and I know it will bless you too!

Here’s what she messaged me:

Hi Cyndi,
I am a friend of your sister, Traci. We serve the Lord together at Victory and I love her and her family beyond measure.

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much your blog has blessed me! One year ago next month, I was diagnosed with cancer. Since that time I have had radiation, surgery and four months of chemo. He blessed me with much strength and endurance and I’m feeling great! I was even able to continue to work through most of it, taking only a few days during the worst of the chemo days. 

Recently I told Traci that I wish I could just let you pick out clothes for me and I’d buy them! It would be much easier that way because I don’t like to shop!

Last week I decided it was time for the wig to go….such a big decision, as my hair is still very short! Then, I thought….what am I going to wear for the big reveal? Hahaha! Then I saw your polka dot post, and then the black & white! I felt like He was saying , “See? Cyndi can pick out your outfits, and you have most of them in your closet, just like she suggested!” I’ve attached a couple of pictures so you can see what I decided to wear!

Thank you for blessing us with your gift!

God Bless,

Doesn’t she look great? What a great testimony of a cancer survivor!

I love her hair! Cute and sassy!

Thank you Joyce for sharing this with me and allowing me to share this with my readers!

Do you all have any praises you want to share here today? Let’s encourage each other!

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  1. Eileen says

    How refreshing to open your page and find something posted that is so positive. Joyce looks stunning, polished and extremely happy. Cancer touches so many of our lives and it is wonderful to hear that people are surviving the road of treatment and coming out the other side ready to live life again. Congratulations to Joyce on being one of survivors. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Casey says

    Joyce, you look amazing! Thank you for being such an inspiration. Keep rockin’ those polka dots cause they really look great. Cyndi, thank you for sharing Joyce’s story with us and for being that kind sweet Christian friend that helps us with our beauty quandries. Love your blog.

  3. says

    WOW! What an inspiration! Yes, you can share fashion and faith and you do it in such an amazing way.
    God designed us to enjoy life – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You encourage us in each of those ways.

    Joyce – you look amazing! Thank you for using what some would consider a reason to be angry at God to glorify Him. A wonderful reminder to each of us to be happy in every circumstance. :)

  4. judy hall says

    Joyce…not only are you a beautiful woman inside, but you look absolutely STUNNING!! I LOVE your haircut, it is very trendy and shows off your features beautifully. That haircut has your name on it forever and ever. Your outfit is so classy/cute. The polka dots look so fresh. I’ve always been afraid to wear polka dots, but you might have just give me the spark to try a polka dot piece. Your dress,shoes and perfectly appointed jewelry all coordinate for a very fashion forward look. I can’t believe YOU ever thought you couldn’t shop!
    I am so happy that you are happy! You must feel like this is an accomplishment among the HUGE accomplishments you’ve made battling cancer. You are a courageous and strong woman and I know you will continue on to victory. Meantime, I am going to hold you in my prayers and ask our Lord to hold you close through every “next” step and bless you with His goodness and grace.

    p.s. will you tell me where you got your shoes? :)

  5. Susan says

    Thank you for the beautiful story about Joyce and her victory! God is so good. Please tell Joyce to leave her hair as it is! It is so stylish and she has fabulous eyes!! Blessings to you and thank you for this blog! Susan

  6. Jill says

    Wow! That outfit looks great on Joyce, and I love the hair! I must get some cute peep toe nude pumps like that.

  7. Jeanine says

    Beautiful Joyce! I love the hair! What an inspiration I am sure you must be. Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. Stacy Jones says

    Joyce, your famous now! Thank you for sharing this little tidbit with us all! And seriously, Joyce needs no help shopping, she is ALWAYS cute! Traci, thank you for sharing this on your blog…I thought hmmm, that lady looks familiar :)

  9. says

    I cannot express how much I love Joyce! She is beautiful inside and out. She ministered to me and my family in so many ways during my mom’s illness and death. She is the epitome of true beauty! I wish everyone could have seen how she has walked through this most difficult past year with such grace and faith. She is a witness to everyone who knows her.

  10. says

    I haven’t been on the computer much this week ~ just very busy. I felt compelled to read this post today and now I know the reason why. Joyce is awesome! She looks gorgeous and I love her short & sassy hair! Thanks so much to both of you for sharing her story…we all need a little reminder at times to be in gratitude.

    Brightest blessings to both of you!

  11. says

    Oh my goodness Joyce is just gorgeous! That smile and those beautiful eyes are the best part….I barely noticed the cute outfit and sassy hairstyle. Joyce and Cyndi, you’ve both blessed my socks off today! Lisa~

  12. Joni H. says

    You look amazing! I love the short hair, you have the prettiest eyes ever! Polka dots look fantastic on you. Keep smiling and praising God!

  13. Nikki Hammack says

    Great post! Joyce….love your hair. Polka dots are timeless and you did a great job with your outfit…very flattering. God bless you and your family on your continuing journey. There is no distance in prayer and being able to pray for one another across the country and really the world is such a privledge.

    Cyndi it is so refreshing to find fellow believers who integrate all facets of their lives with their faith…not just a Sunday morning faith…even fashion! Love it!

  14. says

    I read a post yesterday and was brought to tears! I take for granted the simple things I am able to do each day!
    Reading about this precious cancer survivor reminded me of the post I read. God has given us so many things to enjoy! We are so blessed. But what if we weren’t able to do these simple things? Wow! Something to think about, huh? Thank you for sharing this. It is a reminder to be so grateful each day.

    the post I read is found here: http://thesimplewife.typepad.com/the_simple_wife/2012/08/joannes-perfect-day-toben.html Joanne is in her 30’s and had a stroke about a year ago. Her husband shares what her perfect day would look like now, if she could do whatever she wanted to do. Be sure to grab a tissue before your read it!

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