{Day 8} Eyelashes: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40

Day 8, whew! I don’t know if you noticed but we’re spending a lot of time on the eyes.

We’ve added trendy glasses, we’ve learned neutral eye shadows are best, and we’ve learned it’s important to shape and fill in our eyebrows. Remember the eyes are the first place on the face that show signs of aging so we want to do all we can to make our eyes look good. Today, we’re talking about our eyelashes.

We know our hair thins, our eyebrows thin, and guess what? Yep! Our eyelashes thin as we age too! Could aging be any more fun?

There are several things you can do to have great eyelashes and one is adding fake eyelashes. I have only done this one time and that was at my daughters’ wedding by a makeup artist. I loved them but I personally don’t have the time or the patience to apply fake eyelashes on a daily basis.

So here are some eyelash tips that work: (taken from Christopher Hopkins book, Staging Your Comeback)

1. Use three light coats of mascara for maximum effect. Let it dry between coasts. (I usually add one coat, finish my makeup and hair, add a second coat and then before I head out the door I’ll add one more quick coat.)

2. Rotate the mascara brush up and away as you apply, to help curl the lashes and to place more product at the base rather that at the ends.

3. Curl your eyelashes after your mascara dries, and you will get maximum lid lift.

4. Replace the rubber in your eyelash curler regularly.

A few months ago I read about how to have gorgeous eyelashes and I wanted to share it with you all because it really works. All you need is an eyelash curler, a blow dryer and mascara. Caution: You don’t want to burn your eyelashes so do not overheat your eyelash curler.

Here’s what you do to have gorgeous eyelashes:

  • With your blow dryer on low heat, blow air on the curler (especially on the rubber part) for no more than 5 seconds. Touch the metal. If it’s hot, let it cool for a few seconds. You don’t want to burn your eyelid.
  • Open the curler, clamp lashes near the roots. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Do this before you put mascara on!
Here’s a picture of the before ad after of my eyelashes using a warm eyelash curler.

So, what type of mascara should you use?

One thing we want to stay away from is clumpy mascara. It’s best to use a lengthening mascara especially if you have short and thinning eyelashes.

My favorite mascara is Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara. It has a very small wand and I love it!

What type of mascara do you use? Have you noticed your eyelashes thinning as you age?

Beauty For the Heart~~I lift my eyes toward the mountains. Where will my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2

**This is Day 8 in my 31 day series of Fashion & Beauty for Women over 40. If you’d like to start from the beginning you can go here!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. says

    I may be the only woman in the world that feels this way but, yes, my eye lashes thinned and I was happy. Before I plucked them to keep them from matting into the corners of my eyes. Now they are wonderful AND I can finally wear mascara.

  2. Melissa says

    Hi Cyndi – Just wanted to share that I also started to notice thinning eyelashes after 40. I’ve always had long full eyelashes, but they do start to look sparse after a certain age. I did however find some help! I started taking Biotin to help with hair fullness and found that it also helped my eyelashes grow and become more full again. After doing research I found that you can take up to 5000mg of Biotin a day, but 2000mg is working fine for me.

    Loving the series! Thanks for sharing. God bless!

  3. Laura says

    Since finding “tubing” mascara, I won’t use any other kind. The brand I use is DHC, but know that other places have some, such as Sephora.

  4. Becki Hone says

    Cyndi, your eyeliner is beautiful. Would you mind sharing what kind of eyeliner you use, top and bottom? I’m middle age and my eyeliner doesn’t stay put anymore. It get smudged in my eye creases. I’m so overwhelmed when I go and see so many options. Thank you so much for the tips on your blog, I use so many of them!

  5. Sara@MilwaukeeKitchen says

    Cyndi, I am loving this series. I got my hair cut on Friday and, after reading your post, added bangs. Lots of complements today at work! Thanks! Sara

  6. says

    a few years ago i bought an eyelash curler that warms up once you turn it on….i actually forgot i had it until i read this post…i don’t wear mascara every day since i have sensitive eyes and am no longer working (yay!).

  7. Lori says

    I use Maybelline One by One and it does get to all the lashes with its brush. I’d like to share a great find, though. I started using Rapid Lash serum in May and it has made a NOTICEABLE difference in the length of my lashes. It was cheapest on Amazon and I’m still on the first tube. It’s a clear gel that you apply at night like liquid liner and it helps your lashes grow. It took a couple of weeks to see results and the only downside is that you have to keep using it to keep the results. Cyndi, I’m really loving this series! Thanks for sharing it!


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