{Day 11} Cheeks & Lips: Adding Color

Today we’re adding color to our cheeks and lips sometimes this can be tricky. As with everything on our face we want to think “natural”.

Blush should make us look younger and fresher. Hands down, it seems all the experts think cream blushes work best for women over 40. The only down side is the color doesn’t last as long and you might have to re-apply.

How to apply blush to our cheeks: Cream blush, you can use your fingers. Apply a few dots to the apple of your cheek and sweep upward. You don’t want any obvious edges. If you’re using a powder blush, use a brush and use the same technique.

What color blush? According to Charla Krupp from her book, How Not To Look Old, if you have fair skin, go with a pale, rosy pink. For medium skin, choose a blush that’s more coral or peachy. If you have darker skin, try a brownish orange, such as mango.

Now for your lips: Dark lipsticks age you, period. So stay away from them! I know dark lipsticks can be “in style.”  But for the over 40 crowd, dark lipsticks are not good.

I recently had this picture taken on the left with my light lipstick. I took a picture of myself in a dark lipstick. Yikes!

Tips for younger lips:

  • Add concealer or foundation to them before applying lipstick.
  • Use a lip liner that is the exact color or lighter than your lipstick. Lip liner defines your lips and helps them appear fuller. Never should anyone know that you have lip liner on, in other words you shouldn’t see a line.
  • Our best option for lipsticks are ones that have a little sheen too them. Matte and opaque lipsticks tend accentuate the lines around your lips.
  • Lip gloss is a young look! After your lipstick apply one dot in the center of your bottom lip.

Are we having fun yet? By now, we should all look at least ten years younger! Haha! 

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This is Day 11 in my 31 day series of Fashion & Beauty for Women over 40. If you’d like to start from the beginning you can go here!

Beauty For the Heart~~Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Ephesians 4:29

We can have pretty lips on the outside but if what comes out of them is ugly we’ve missed the point. Pretty lips encourage, uplift and share the love of Christ!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Claire says


    I kindly disagree with you about dark lipstick aging you in your 40s, I feel that with the right skin tone and hair color it actually can look amazing! I have olive skin with dark hair and will almost always get compliments when I wear the darker colors. After looking at some pictures I tend to think that I look much better with the darker lipsticks. In addition, in my circle of friends that are in 40’s and 50’s, they also tend to look more ravishing when they wear a darker lipstick. So maybe it’s a matter of other factors — skin/hair color, ethnicity, clothes you wear, how you wear the rest of your makeup. Thoughts?

  2. sona says

    2 things. In all fairness the right side picture ,the lack of lighting with resulting shadows, which cause lines and creases, non photographic background, all add to a less than perfect pic. also I am unable to read anything along the right side of the page, as it is blocked.

  3. says

    Oops Cathy, I think I forgot to email you. I’m so sorry! I use Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lip Color. The color is Iconic Iris. I also use a clear lipgloss with it.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. says

    Yes! I’m so sorry I thought you got the other comment. The lady from the boutique commented and this is her comment:
    SO Glad You like the Bag! Cyndi is an Amazing host. Please visit http://www.ragazzabazaar.com/color-block-styles.html
    contact us at any time .
    Ragazza Bazaar Boutique

    The lipstick I”m wear ing is Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lip Color. The color is Iconic Iris. It’s in a tube. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  5. judy h. says

    Hi Cyndi, Wow! You proved a point! Although, your beautiful face could wear anything and still look gorgeous! The lighter lipstick made a huge difference to the rest of your face! I’m so surprised! I always read in mags about the dark color lipsticks being the trend and always encouraging women to wear RED lipstick. I tried some on one time and it looked horrific. I have also been drawn to lighter shades or more neutral shades. Guess I’ve been making myself look younger and not even knowing it! Thanks for the tip. Be blessed.

  6. Kim says

    Will you share your brand of lip stick and color you have on in the first picture? Do you read the comments we place here? I just started following but have left comments but never heard back. I was trying to find the purse you are giving away on the boutique site but couldnt find it.


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