Nude Pantyhose vs. Black Tights: Fashion Over 40

Today we’re going to take a look at nude pantyhose vs. black tights. During the month of October I did 31 days of Fashion & Beauty for women over 40. On Day 13 I wrote about 25 clothes that just gotta go and one of those was flesh colored hose.

I was quoting Charla Krupp from her book, How Not To Look Old. She said nude pantyhose definitely age you (actually she said they make you look like an old lady. eek!).

I decided to take some pictures and let you all be the judge. This is a black Michael Kors dress I purchased from TJMaxx. I first tried  a pair of Spanx nude pantyhose on with black heels.

This is the same black dress but I paired it with black opaque tights and the same black heels.

I thought I ‘d take another picture of how I would actually wear this black dress. I added a colorful scarf, black boots with a wedge heel and kept the black opaque tights.

I think this is a much younger look and I think it can be worn by women in their 40s, 50s and beyond.

I personally think the nude pantyhose are the worst look of the three pictures, that’s why I don’t wear them (I had to buy the nude pantyhose to take this picture). Okay, I’m ready to hear from you all!

What do yo think of the nude pantyhose vs. the black tights? I would love to hear from you!

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. I like the all three. I just think it should depend on what. Is going on. The first picture should be fore bother day andnight. The second might be for night time or cold weather. The last looks great with the boots and scarf. I don’t think its the hose or tights that make you look old its how you ware them.

  2. I’m 40 and sometimes I will wear black pantyhose instead of tights if my skirt is just at the knee. Above the knee, definitely tights. But you would be surprised how good black sheer pantyhose looks. I get compliments.

  3. as a 67 yr old i feel that nude tights are definitely the winner , my daughter of 32 wears nude tights , my grandaughter 16 yrs wears nude tights fact Thick 90 denier Black opaques that she once ” had” to wear for school uniform ..[not anymore thank goodness] have gone to the scissors / i cut them up for tying my tomato plants.

  4. I bet if you had switched the black pumps for nude pumps with the nude hose, you would love it much better! The accent would be on your clothes and your legs would look long and slim. We can thank Kate Middleton for bringing this look back!

  5. Thank goodness nude hosiery is back in style at least somewhat! Nude hosiery looks chic, classy, and refined with any dress or skirt. Whenever I wear them, I ALWAYS get looks and compliments by men. I think they miss the feminine look. You looked great in the first picture!

  6. I like the nude panty hose look, I like to show some legs.
    Personally, I think that dress made you look older. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful. I’m 40 something too, but I wouldnt buy that style of dress (boxy). I like something that’s a little figure flattering, it would look more youthful (that is just my personal opinion). I do not wear anything that an 18 yr. old would. I would wear something more appropriate for my age.

  7. The nude or tan hose are definitely my choice! As a woman in her forties I am stunned by the horrible bare legged trend that have befallen the poor fashion sheep of today. When it all shakes out, think for yourself and wear what makes you look and feel and look good. Yes I said look twice. That’s pretty important. *Smile*

  8. I think they are Merona from Target. I really do like them a lot. Just gives a hint of “something” but makes me feel covered since my legs are pasty white in Winter.


  9. I occasionally wear nude pantyhose to school–because we’re not allowed to go bare-legged and I think it does look more professional than bare legs. Personally, I’d prefer polka dot, or pink, or blue, or green tights over nude or black…but some situations call for the professional look! I guess black is a good choice, but because our school require an all black outfit, with nude stockings as our only other option…sometimes I feel like getting an escape from the gothic look! 😛

  10. Okay, I’m going to get down to details here. I absolutely, positively agree about wearing the tights with boots. Looks awesome and much younger than the nude hose.

    What do you do, though, when you NEED to wear dress shoes (heels) instead of boots? You know how some occasions just call for something conservative like a pair of pumps. Can you wear opaque tights with dress shoes? I think I’ve only worn tights with flats or boots.

    And for those times when you want your legs to be flesh-colored, it seems that bare legs are best, particularly with shoes that are similar in color to your legs. But is it acceptable to wear pantyhose? I’ve told you that my birthmark is an issue for me–especially with shorter skirts, bare legs don’t look that great. Is there a “nude” color that actually looks nude? I certainly don’t have a suntan, so I’d need a light color, but I wouldn’t want it to be too light. Any advice?

  11. I wear suntan hose everyday to work, well almost everyday, depends on the outfit, but I do wear a lot of brown, navy and other colors than black. I think it will depend on the outfit. Love the look of the dress in the last picture with the boots though!

  12. Thanks Lynne and I agree, a few years from now and I might say something different. This is just where I am right now.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. That’s a good question Judy! Middle ground??? I have to say I’d probably wear dressy slacks in the warmer months if I didn’t want to go bare legged. That’s just me. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Yes Stace, if I had on an ivory or pale hemline it wouldn’t look so noticeable. Yes, Day 24, a lighter top, the black would be too bold so that’s why I wore a black turtleneck. I hope I’m making sense, its been a long day. 🙂 There’s really not a right or wrong answer, I was just showing the difference. Each person should do what they like.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. You’re sweet Wanda. Thank you! and thanks for stopping by!
    I wouldn’t wear the black dress I have on with nude hose because I do think it looks a little short. The black tights make it less noticeable. 🙂

  16. Absolutely Tara! I don’t have to dress up for work, I get to wear scrubs. So glad you scarves are you new friend. I’m hoping to do a video of my favorite ways to wear them this season. Thanks for stopping by!

  17. I like the black tights best, and the boots are great. For me, I would lose the scarf. I don’t do very many scarves. They look great from a front view, but from the side, there’s always this big bulkly thing not adding to my shape at all! LOL
    I know we are all different, and I guess that’s a great thing. 🙂

  18. Love all your tips! I would go without nude pantyhose for a more summer look and maybe change the shoes 🙂 I love the black tights with the boots! I wear a lot of scarves myself and they are a great accessory in place of a necklace.

  19. Thanks for trying the outfit on three different ways. I like the final look the best. You look lovely in each picture. Great dress.

  20. I agree that the last look is more hip; however, I think the occasion might dictate the choice of legwear. You look great in those nude hose, too, and I think of that look for a dressier event, along with the heels and perhaps some nice jewelry rather than a scarf. Just my two cents. 🙂

  21. I like the first and last looks best. The last looks like a fall/winter look to me. Maybe because I AM old, I think that the nude pantyhose gives a crisper, more professional look. When I was in high school in VA, many moons ago, no girl would’ve been caught dead without hose on. We weren’t allowed to wear slacks to school so stockings (we didn’t have pantyhose) were a must to keep our legs a little warmer. When we moved to Hawaii no one wore hose – too hot! Fashions come and go. Wear what feels and looks best for you!

  22. Girl you are pretty no what you wear!!! I do see that the black tights with the heels or boots looks best, but the first picture is pretty too. Have a blessed day. 🙂

  23. Thanks for the comparison. What I noticed is how the black tights also appeared more slimming in tne bottom two photographs. I personally like the middle one best. I think it would be so cute also with some ankle boots. I guess it’s a good thing we don’t all dress the same! Great topic!

  24. I liked seeing and comparing all 3 outfits and options. And right now, number 3 is what looks best. 2 years from now it might be something different! And I love that dress!

  25. I was wondering the same thing about a light colored hemline. I love the look of black tights in colder months, but I’d like a better look for warmer months. I look awful with bare legs. I usually just wear long skirts to compensate. Black tights and bare legs are the two extremes! What can be the middle ground? Love your series!

  26. What if you were not wearing a dark hemline? It is easier to see a difference with black. I think the look is to make the tone of the leg and shoe blend with the hem of the garment. The outfit in “Day 24” addresses this somewhat, but if you had a lighter top the black would be too bold wouldn’t it? I would like your thoughts. I really enjoyed your 31 days.

  27. Nude hose with nude colored shoes does not date you. As with any color to color shoe and hose combination it elongates your leg and makes you appear taller. The last picture was definitely the best but that is because it is YOUR look. Some things might very well date us but confidence in how you look is irreplaceable.

  28. I agree with a previous poster who said that the nude Jose didn’t necessarily make you look older, but definitely dated. I think the black tights were a much better option and I LOVED the last look!

  29. Hands down, the last picture looks the best! Can’t believe how the nude hose do “age” you… I don’t mean it insulting Cyndi, but you look so younger in the last pic! Thx for taking the time (and going out to buy the nude hose) to show us! 🙂 Lots of love!

  30. I like all the looks! I don’t find that the nude hose are dated. I did see an older woman out yesterday with a short dress on and nude hose with heels. It did not look nice at all. The way she was acting I think she was uncomfortable in that look as well. I think the length of the dress is more important than the hose…in that case anyway…lol! I would wear hose in the spring/summer as well and tend to wear the darker hose/tights during the fall and winter months. You look absolutely spectacular in all 3 though!

  31. Abolutely loved your 31 days of Fashion and Beauty…in October. I agree that the black tights and boots look the best. Really enjoy all your tips!

  32. Well, for business women like myself, nude hose are a must with skirts and suits. I do like tights, but they don’t pair well with suits or in a “no business casual” work environment. Fashion has its place and I’ve really enjoyed reading your tips (scarves are my new friend)! I will continue to wear sheer nude hose for work though. I know a lot of people don’t wear skirts to work just so they don’t have to wear hose, but I like to look and feel like a woman so I do wear both. Also, I am petite so I tend to show more leg to make me appear a little taller. 🙂

  33. Nude for the Office or church day time wear. Black for an event like going to a play school function dinner with hubby funeral of course.

  34. I love your blog. I am also a Pastors wife and I am 46 too! I love all your suggestions. I agree the black hose looks the best and I love the scarf and boots, but I also think you could do the nude hose IF you were tan or nude shoes. The black shoes make you seem boxy. Thanks for all the great tips. From last month”s tips , I got rid of the tricolored eyeshadow, started using olay moisturizer and found some straight leg jeans and have been wearing more scarves.Keep them coming….!!!!!

  35. I’m going to go with the black tights, boots and scarf. But you don’t look old even in nude pantyhose!!!!

  36. The black tights, boots, and scarf totally rock!!! I am even trying to talk young. 🙂

    You are a wonderful inspiration of beauty and grace and that you can still look great after 40. Thanks…

  37. No nude hose. (Although it doesn’t look bad at all in this picture. But up close, I would probably prefer bare legs…)

  38. Back away from the nude hose! I personally think they very much age us. Just say NO to the nude hose!

  39. I’m not sure if the nude pantyhose makes you look older but it definitely looks dated and in turns makes you look older. Does that make any sense? I definitely like your take on the outfit the best!

  40. I love the black tights. The nude is okay, but makes me think of spring/summer look. Looked all day for boots over the weekend and couldn’t find a pair that looked great that felt great for all day working! Not to worry, I’m still on the hunt. Love your stuff, keep up the good work!

  41. Well, I agree that the bottom picture has a younger look…but you look so beautiful in each picture, I don’t see how any of them could make you less than perfect! (:>)

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