Snapshots of our Thanksgiving 2012

Our Thanksgiving was spent with our families. We ate, and laughed, and counted our blessings. We shed a few tears over loved ones that we miss.

It was a day to remember that life is a gift and God is faithful!

Psalm 100:4-5 says, Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. 

How did you spend your Thanksgiving day?  

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Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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  1. Debbie Dunbar says

    Great pictures! We usually spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family since my husband’s parents are deceased and his sister lives in another state but this year was quite different. My mom had a heart attack on Tuesday so was in the hospital. My dad was also ill but was persevering to be there for her. On Saturday, I was awakened by a call from my sister who told me that my dad had had a bad night and needed to go to the hospital. So on Saturday, my mom came home from one hospital and my dad was admitted to another. Thankfully, I have four siblings in the area and we have all taken turns caring for one or the other. My brother from Florida arrived Saturday night to help as well. On Thanksgiving, my husband and I and our youngest son went to my oldest son’s house for dinner. It was nice although we missed my middle son and the huge gathering we normally have. We are all just thankful to still have my parents and to have each other! We took my parents dinner at the hospital on Thanksgiving so they could eat together (this was before dad was admitted). It has been one crazy week!

  2. teresa says

    Seriously, are those actually your children? I think it’s just a family you borrowed for a photo shoot! Beautiful family. I also say that because you look more like the older sister than Mom!
    Your table setting looks very classic and elegant, just like you.
    I christened my new old Chambers stove that I just finished restoring, so the cooking aspect ruled the day. That’s OK, since I love to cook. It was just my DH and I as my family lives very far away. Usually, I invite my “orphan” friends, but everyone had somewhere to go this year.

  3. says

    We did the traditional turkey and dressing dinner, only in the early evening so the kids all had time to do things with other side of family. It was nice not to be up at the crack of dawn, in the kitchen. This may become our new tradition. We ate and laughed until our tummies hurt and it was a wonderful feeling!

  4. Casey says

    Beautiful family, epecially that gorgeous grandson! I love that polka dot sweater too. I’ve always been a fan of polka dots. We had a quiet Thanksgiving, just the two of us. Kids were all at their in-laws for the holiday or couldn’t get off work to come home. But we thoroughly enjoyed it. Had crab legs and sides for dinner. It was nice since we both love crab legs. Husband doesn’t really care for turkey or chicken, so this dinner made his day!And we’ve enjoyed a full weekend of football! It’s been great! Hope you all had a beautiful holiday weekend too.

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