Christmas and Compassion International

The Christmas season is here and as always we’re inundated with deals, sales, and the pressure of buying, buying, and buying. Let me begin by saying I get sucked into the pressure like everyone else! I want to find the perfect gifts for family and friends who probably already have more than what they need.

But I want more! No I’m not talking about material things. I want to DO more, GIVE more, and LOVE more. I want to make an eternal difference.

I have recently gotten involved with Compassion International. Compassion exists as a Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to sponsor a child. Here’s my sweet Jenifer that I sponsor. Jenifer is from Peru and I have the privilege of making a difference in her life.

I keep her picture on my refrigerator to remind me to pray for Jenifer daily.

I hope you know, I would not share a ministry with you that I did not feel was making a difference! Please read more about Compassion International here.

Jen from Beauty and Bedlam is a friend of mine who recently got to meet her sponsored child, you can read her story here. It will bless you!

To sponsor a child you only have to give $38 a month. I am more than willing to give up a new dress or blouse to sponsor Jenifer.

But I know for some of you sponsoring a child might not be feasible at this time. Money is tight and I undersand!

Compassion has a gift catalog where you can give a one time donation to a specific need. How cool is that? Instead of Black Friday, Cyber Monday,  it’s Giving Tuesday. I love it!

If you’ve been looking for a way you can give back this Christmas season, why not give to Compassion International. You CAN make an eternal difference in a child’s life!

Have you ever heard of Compassion International?

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. Matthew 25:40

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. says

    Thanks for putting this information out there!! I sponsor 4, three girls and a boy. I just ask for the one that has been waiting the longest for a sponsor, so I have them from all over. It is a little tight sometimes but I keep reminding myself that I want to stretch and give all I can and … only whats done for God’s kingdom will last.

  2. Sharon O says

    We sponsor two five year olds from Haiti, two little girls. One carries the water for her family most likely far away to home, she also walks 25 minutes to her school so she can ‘learn’ in the compassion program. That is a LOT of walking for a five year old they are both very sweet little girls and YES we fritter 38 dollars on many things. I figured if we quit going out for breakfast after church we would have saved enough to support them. Each meal out is near $20.00 times that by four weeks. You got it. There is a way to figure out the money.

  3. Penny Snyder says

    We have been the sponsors of 2 children from Compassion for a few years now. In fact, our church, Hazel Dell Christian Church in Carmel, Indiana partners with Compassion as one of our yearly supported missions. We will be building a resource center in Uganda this year. We have friends who go to Uganda several times a year and have taken picures of the 90 children supported by our church congreation. Compassion is a wonderful organziation and I encourage everyone to support a child thru this mission. Thanks for sharing and hopefully someone will see this and decide today to give support to kids all over the world!!

  4. Joy says

    awww… such a precious child! I had never heard of Compassion before, Cyndi. I used to sponser a child thru World Vision when I was single. Every Christmas, our children make up a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child… it’s soo heart-warming to see them pick out some of their fave. stuff and toys they like and then willingly hand it over, knowing it’s going to a lil boy or girl just like them. My husband’s work also collected children’s shoes (used and new) for a school in Mexico that children’ are required to wear footwear in order to come to school. It’s wonderful to give, when we know there are millions who are soo much less fortunate than us, this Christmas. Thx for sharing, Cynid… will check it out! Blessings!

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