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Well my style this week is sweaters! It’s definitely sweater weather here in Kentucky, it’s co-old! I love winter clothes, which is one of the only good things about winter. I don’t like cold weather!

Last Friday on Pinterest, I shared my love of off-white sweaters. I forgot I had picked out this sweater from Ragaaza Bazaar and I received it in the mail on Saturday. You can check find the sweater here.

Off-White Sweater-Ragaaza Bazaar
Gray turtleneck-Kohl’s
Skinny jeans-TJ Maxx
Black Boots-Can’t remember

Scarf-Target (I wear this scarf all the time, I love it!) 
White Camisole-SNUG camisoles
Gray Cardigan-Old Navy
Skinny jeans-TJ Maxx
Brown Boots-Marshall’s

Several of you have asked about my silver bracelet that I wear a lot. I think it’s Silpada, it was given to me by a friend after my Mom passed away. The charm has an angel on one side and the words, Watch over me, inscribed on the other side. As you can imagine, it means a lot to me!! It reminds me of God’s faithfulness.

Is the weather cold in your area? Have you started wearing sweaters yet? 

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Beauty For the Heart~~Do you ever worry, I do! 1 Peter 5:7 is a great verse, Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

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  1. Cathy Lange says

    I LOVE sweaters. I live in Southern California (Temecula) and we don’t really need jackets, but sweaters are a must. But, it is still to warm to wear them all day, so I usually wear cardigans for the early morning and evenings. It’s all about layers in Southern California!

  2. judith hall says

    Love that off-white sweater in your first picture. I think almost every sweater I have is off-white! The grey turtleneck looks so pretty with it! It’s been on and off cold here in Missouri, really only a couple of days when I would have worn a sweater all day. I love the cooler weather and maybe a few days of cold weather, especially around Christmas. Surprise! You look as gorgeous today as always! Cyndi, I am a terrible worrier and I feel so guilty when I catch myself worrying away because Jesus preached so much against worry. I think 1 Peter 5:7 needs to be posted in several places around my house. Thank you for reminding me.

  3. says

    Oh Cyndi…I tried to wear that off white sweater I bought at JCP this morning. It just didn’t work so I guess I have to keep looking for another one!

    When it is cold outside, there’s nothing better than being surrounded by a warm sweater!!

  4. Char says

    The Texas Panhandle weather cant make up its mind if its going to be warm or cold!! Every morning Ive been having to listen to the weather to see what I need to wear!! I love wearing sweaters & scarves! Cyndi, I absolutely LOVE your style. You have given me some GREAT ideas and pointers!! And YES! The bracelet is Silpada! I have the very same one and wear it every single day! Yours is very special and I do believe that God gives us angels to watch over us!!!! :)

  5. Bobbi says

    Oh Boy, I love sweaters and wonder if I’ll ever get to wear them. Yesterday while working in the garage (I’m building a dresser) I had to put on shorts. It supposed to cool off, fingers crossed. I love seeing your sweaters and scarfs.

  6. teresa says

    It’s definitely sweater-time here…more like coat-time. I have a beautiful sweater like the one in the first pic. I haven’t had it out in ages so thanks for reminding me it’s current again. I just rotate a few things in and out of my winter wardrobe as it’s too much trouble to lug those heavy woolens up and down to the cedar closet twice a year. Sometimes I’m so lazy, I just get dressed up there! I love those jeans…you’ve inspired me to fun a skinny pair I can wear with my boots.

  7. Rachelle says

    I love the infinity scarves you have been wearing. Did you purchase them long ago? I have been to two Target stores and could not find them. You also look so nice and fun! Blessings to you.

  8. says

    Love both of those! I cleaned out my closet and only have a few sweaters left, both of which are 3/4 sleeves. Definitely wouldn’t hurt for me to get a few for Christmas!


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