12 Days To A More Fashionable Christmas-Watches

I’m excited to begin the 12 Days to a more Fashionable Christmas with you! Whether you’re wanting to treat yourself or looking for gifts to give, you’ve come to the right place.

Today it’s all about chic watches. Leeann Duggan a writer at Refinery.com says, In the era of smartphone-as-pocket-watch, wearing a wristwatch is especially sophisticated, even elegant — a throwback in the best possible way.”

In case you haven’t noticed this look is everywhere, big face watches worn with several other bracelets.


You can find Michael Kors watches at Amazon.com here.

Micheal Kors Gold Runway Glitz Watch

GUESS Active Shine Watch – Rose Gold

Guess has a nice gold watch for less money than the Michael Kors watch.

La Mer Collections Women’s Tan Gold Oversized Vintage Watch

I love this watch with a big face and leather band and the price is great.

Anne Klein Women’s Gold-Tone Round Brown Leather Strap Watch

This Anne Klein watch would look great with some gold bracelets don’t you think?

Anne Klein Women’s Swarovski Crystal Accented Silver-Tone Bracelet Watch

I know some of you love wearing silver so here’s a beautiful silver watch by Anne Klein.

So, Day 1 of our 12 Days of a more Fashionable Christmas starts with a fashionable timepiece. They’re elegant, classy and a great gift to give this year for Christmas.

Do you like to wear a watch or do you use your cell phone to tell time? 

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Beauty For the Heart~~And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:10-11

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  1. says

    I always wear a watch – feel naked without one!!! My favorite right now is a Fossil boyfriend-style watch with tortoise linked band and “diamond” bezel – goes with virtually everything and has great presence. I get compliments on it all the time.

  2. says

    I think when cell phones first came out, a lot of people stopped wearing watches, but they’re making a comeback. Yay! So you are definitely not old school but in style.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Kelly says

    I’m with Lori (above) … is silver completely out? I LOVE silver everything. I have very little gold anything. I love these watches … we just had a conversation at work about watches and how we hardly ever wear them anymore, but I think I will start wearing one again! Thanks for all the great tips for those of us over 50! My girls (in their 20s) totally approve of their mom’s updated style, thanks to you! Looking forward to the rest of these 12 days!

  4. Earline Gualdoni says

    I love watches and have too many to count! However, I don’t like the boyfriend style of these. My sis in-law wears one, and I’ve got to say it overwhelms her petite wrist. Each to their own!

  5. Char says

    I am smitten with watches can never seem to have enough!! I am old school & wear a watch every day…cant leave home without it! It more than just a fashion statement for me! I am drawn to classy watches like the ones you posted. I have tiny wrist so cant wear the bigger ones that look like mens watches but have found some smaller versions that look just as good! My fav is a Seiko that my man gave me for my 45th bday! Great post Cyndi!

  6. judith hall says

    Happy Friday Cyndi! What a perfect post today! I do NOT own a watch and I haven’t for years, not since I bought a Swatch years ago! I don’t know why, it frustrates the heck out of me but I just never got around to getting one. I don’t care for women’s “watchy” watches, but these are fun! I love the Anne Klein with the leather band and the boyfriend type watches like your silver one. I was reading in a fashion trend article that watches are something we are seeing less of (particularly on men but also on professional women) because people have become reliant on their smart phones as watches. I don’t want to hunt for my phone every time I want to know the hour and I think watches can be quite fashionable. Thanks for the fun post. Maybe I plant this watch bug in Santa’s ear.
    Thank you for the lovely Scripture, one of my favorites. It always reminds me of being a little girl in church and hearing those words, I always got butterflies. Now, I find them just beautiful. I also have a 4 yr. old grandson who can recite the verse because he’s watched ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ a hundred times! Oh well, at least he’s got it down.

  7. Lori Gorman says

    Is silver completely out? I wear both, but I have so much more silver and white gold that I hate to get rid of it! But I like to be in style, so please let me know if I need to make the switch to gold 100%.

  8. says

    I love watches! I have four watches, but the truth is I almost always wear the same one. Jack gave me a beautiful watch for Christmas several years ago, and I wear it all the time.

    Now if you really wanted to tap into watch fashion, you should come to my house. Jack, Will, and Preston are all watch lovers. Preston actually collects watches. Funny story–both Jack and Preston have artificial heart valves, which are made of stainless steel. So they both tick. Seriously. And so they both love to wear big watches (they’re big men, anyway)–people often remark on how loud their watches are, when actually the tick is their heart valves!

  9. Wilma Hendersnot says

    You have incredible ideas for someone who is over 50! I used to have a rose gold Michael Kors watch in the late 70’s. Its a wonderful time piece.

  10. Gillian says

    I remember seeing the rose gold Micheal Kors watches on your site first. I am so in love. Watches and bracelets are my favorite jewelry because you can see them when you wear them. If I want to enjoy my necklaces or earrings I have to stare into a mirror….maybe not the best use of my time. 😉 These are beautiful!


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