Fashionable Mother/Daughter Christmas Pajamas

12 Day To A More Fashionable Christmas

Growing up my sister, brother and I got to open one gift on Christmas Eve every year. It was always our Christmas pajamas! We loved having new pajamas to wear to bed on Christmas Eve.

Of course, I did the same thing for my own children. As some point I started buying a pair for myself that matched my daughter’s pajamas. It became a tradition for Courtney and I to have matching pajamas.

Here we are 2008, Christmas morning-no makeup and all! Eek! This was also my last Christmas with my Mom.

Fashionable Christmas-Pajamas

Courtney and I love picking out Christmas pajamas every year and it’s nice to have new pajamas for all those Christmas morning pictures.

Here are some fashionable pajamas that are sure to make your Christmas merry and bright!

Fashionable Christmas-Pajamas

Both of these pajamas are from Victoria’s Secret. They have great pajamas and they’re not all the sexy ones you see in the store window. Unfortunately most of their pictures of them are still very risqué so I couldn’t share very many of them on my blog.

Fashionable Christmas-Pajamas

These pajamas would be super comfortable but also fashionable. 1.Pink Little Kisses Cotton Pajama Set from The Loft 2. Jennifer Lopez Timeless Luxe Satin Pajama Set from Kohl’s  3.Polka Dot Flannel PJ Set, from Gap

Fashionable Christmas-Pajamas

Victoria’s Secret Sleepshirt and matching slippers.

Fashionable Christmas-Pajamas

Victoria’s Secret Sleep Set and matching slippers.

Fashionable Christmas-Pajamas

These are the pajamas we are picking this year. Courtney likes the pajamas on the right. I didn’t want to wear something quite that tight but I did want something that matched. I think these are perfect!

Did you have a Christmas pajama tradition? Don’t you love getting new pajamas?

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All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 

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  1. Dawn says

    I love buying PJ’s for Christmas Eve. I did it for my girls when they were younger and now I do it for my grandkids, and grand- neices and nephews. I think it’s time to start buying for myself, too!

  2. Heather N says

    We always got my daughter (now 6 years old) new Christmas pjs for Christmas Eve, as well as a new Christmas dress and new Christmas casual outfit to wear after church on Christmas Day. This year I decided to get matching pjs for us when the Christmas ones were on sale online this past July. I got a great deal and look forward to super cute pics this year. Thanks! Love your blog.

  3. says

    We never got Christmas pj’s when I was growing up, but I started that tradition with my own boys when our oldest was 5 years old. So this will be our 17th year of that tradition! (We also make sausage balls to eat on Christmas morning–I make them up on Christmas Eve and put them into the oven while we’re opening our stockings. Then we all eat sausage balls and drink coffee before we move on to opening the gifts. Fun!)

  4. Jamie J says

    Our family of 14 adults and 5 grand babies does an all matching pajama set every year. It usually means mom finds the best mens bottoms she can get and then orders 2x for my giant brothers and small/XS for us girls, and we have some adult pants converted to children’s… We live in Florida so we often pass on the tops (flannel and 80+degrees of humidity can make you cranky) and do custom silk screen T shirts to match the bottoms

  5. says

    Hi Cindy~

    We have the same tradition, new PJ’s on Christmas Eve. Only I haven’t done the mother/daughter matching thingy but I will as soon as I can find matching for both of us. She is my youngest and only 11. My 14 yr old twin boys also enjoy their new jammies each year. Thanks for the idea!!

  6. says

    Hey Cyndi!

    You are beautiful…no makeup needed. Your daughter is following in your footsteps. I love the pj’s, and I love this idea. I may buy some for my little girl and me this year. My mom loves Victoria’s Secret Mayfair PJ’s, so I try to buy her a pair every year. I just got an email today that all PJ’s at Victoria’s are now only $39.50…a savings of $10! Thanks for the idea.


  7. Terri says

    We did exactly the same thing growing up… We always opened one gift on Christmas Eve .. “Pajamas”!! LOL…. and then I always had PJ’S for my two when they were growing up..Now.. It’s like a little Christmas humor… both of my children and their families show up early on Christmas morning for breakfast and presents…. in their PAJAMAS!!!! What great memories!!!!!

  8. Alison says

    This is a wonderful idea! I’ll do this with my daughter but I might just pick up our pj’s at Walmart or someplace a little cheaper. 😉

  9. Bobbi says

    Oh yes! I love new pj’s. I like a cotton nightshirt (helps get through those night sweats) but couldn’t find one I like this year so I’ve added another thing to my to do list and am making them. I always like the way everyone looks in there brand new jammies.

  10. Casey says

    Since I have 5 sons, I never got to do the Mother/Daughter pjs. : ( But we still did the Christmas eve “pj thingy”, lol. My boys liked getting a matching set of sweats! I picked a color for each son and that was their “pj gift” until they were grown and left home. Such good memories. I know they are doing the pj tradition with their kids too! Love the pjs you and your daughter picked out.

  11. Terrie Mathison says

    The first time I did this tradition in my house my boys cried that the Christmas Eve gift was PJ’s. It was a sad night. Their expectation was high. They understand now what the Christmas Eve gift is, although now I throw in a pack of pokemon cards or some little thing.
    Those Loft Pj’s are on sale today too!

  12. Kelly says

    Have been doing this same tradition of having one gift of pj’s to open on Christmas Eve since my girls were babies … they are now 24 & 22 (with one son-in-law and one grandson!) … and I still do it for all of them, including my hubby! My son-in-law loves it cause he knows he will have one decent pair of pj’s to last through to the next year! We’ve had themed years, as well … one year everyone got reindeer themed jammies, when LSU was going to the BCS championship game, of course we all got LSU jammies! Fun tradition!

  13. Jennifer G says

    I just got my first set of Christmas PJ’s this year. It wasn’t exactly on purpose. I just had a baby and bought a nice pair of PJs (that just happened to be red with little tiny white flowers that look a bit like peppermint candies)to take with me to the hospital in case I didn’t feel like wearing the hospital gown the whole time.

  14. Kim says

    Hope you dont mind….I just ordered same pjs for my daughter and me:) and love that they have a sale on if you order pajamas get a free fragrance set worth $39 for free:). And tgen of course had to spend $100 to get free shipping….although if I dont like my additional order will just take it back:). Thanks again my personal shopper!


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