Christmas in Heaven

Hi sweet friends! I just couldn’t bring myself to talk about a Fashionable Christmas today after yesterday’s tragic events.

My heart has ached every since I heard the news of the school shooting. Like many of you, I wonder why? Why do these tragedies keep happening?

I also wonder when we as a nation are going to see that taking Christ out of everything is not the answer. When are we going to realize that we need God?

I can’t begin to imagine what these families are going through but I believe that those young children are in heaven and I wonder what Christmas in heaven will be like………..

Believing in Him,

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  1. says

    It’s unbelievable, inconceivable, and uncomprehendable, but aren’t you glad to know Jesus is the answer. It’s good to know we have praying friends with a common bond so close by in these hard times. I know what you mean, it’s hard to think much about anything else right now.

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing this Cyndi. My heart breaks for these families, and I cannot begin to imagine why it happened. It is so horrible and took so many little angels. Praying for healing for these families.

  3. Paula says

    Thanks for sharing this Cyndi. The song is beautiful. Like others I cannot wrap my head around this horrible act, but I KNOW that God is still in control and he is Good!

  4. Sharon O says

    Beautiful song, and we cannot even begin to imagine the heart ache and loss of those families along with the families in Oregon who lost loved ones. Evil will continue to try to destroy so long as we have life. God is our peace and our hope. He is all we can cling to and hold tight for our love is fleeting and our loved ones are here for a season as we all are. I pray for the families who have one chair empty at the table, one bed empty, toys not played with and prayers not said with each other. I pray a deep prayer for those crying tears of why for non of us will ever understand.

  5. Casey says

    God is our only refuge in these times. I feel so much grief for those families. God is merciful and loving and will never leave us. I just pray that those who don’t know God will see this as the time to turn to Him and ask Him to come into their lives.

  6. Nicole says

    My heart too aches and I can only remind myself that many may
    be in heaven, all celebrating together in Christ’s arms this Christmas.
    God works all things for good and I do not know His ways but that they are so
    much better than I can believe. It still hurts and I know He will meet me where I am at. Blessings, Nicole


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