Fashionable Christmas-Color

12 Day To A More Fashionable Christmas

We’re getting down to the final days before Christmas and if you’re like me, you have lots to do between now and Christmas Day. If you have gifts left to buy or if you’re looking for something to wear, “color” is very fashionable!

I shopped all day yesterday and every store I went into was full of color and I love it. You don’t have to wear red, black or grey to be fashionable this Christmas.

It’s so easy to pop color with a scarf and I love the colored tights that match.

Source: via Cyndi on Pinterest


Cute blouse but I would wear it with colored pants or jeans this time of the year.


Colored blazers make any outfit pop!

Source: via Cyndi on Pinterest


Okay, I probably wouldn’t wear this skirt but it’s so cute on her.


If you have last minute shopping to do, look for color! It’s a perfect way to look fashionable this Christmas.

Do you like to wear color? Do you typically wear red at Christmas?

Beauty For the Heart~~ Last night I asked the question on my facebook page if anyone still had shopping to do. It seems everyone is still shopping, and their exhausted.

Christmas has gotten crazy. We rush, we shop, we bake, and we try to do too much. I want a “Silent Night” Christmas. I want to remember the true meaning don’t you?

If you’ve followed my blog very long you know I love music, it’s food for my soul. I listened to this song a dozen times yesterday while I was shopping and I know you all will love it too!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. judith hall says

    Saw you on FB in this great looking skirt…I love it! I’m with you, there isn’t anything
    that a black skirt doesn’t make better. Saw one on a mannequin while shopping yesterday. Black skirt, black legs, black heels and a gorgeous emerald green silky sweater with lots of gold jewelry!!!!

  2. teresa says

    While the styles may not be traditional, my fabrics and colours usually are. I love velvet and tartan and such. I also wear some crazy vintage outfits that were my friend’s grammy’s from the 60s. They called them hostess dresses. They’re super beautiful and great for Xmas eve and day lounging around the fire. My mom’s was silk red with purple and orange with big pallazzo pants. It all helps bring me close to those before.Thanks again for the post.

  3. Tonya @ Love of Family & Home says

    I love that first look! I would have never thought to do color tights! Gonna be looking for some on my next shopping trip!! :)

  4. Lori H says

    I love a pop of color at Christmas and I usually pick red. However, I have found that a bright pink works just as well and I don’t feel so predictable :)

  5. says

    Wearing a pop of color for me seems to lift my spirits and gives me energy to get things done. I have just two more gifts to buy and then everything to wrap for my four children and husband… Then baking for Christmas Breakfast, but my children are all old enough to help… I wore a red dress to my WW meeting yesterday and posted it today…

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