Spring Trends 2013

Hey ladies! I know it’s January but I just can’t help myself. I’m taking a sneak peak at the spring trends for 2013. Of course, I want to share them with you too!

Now we know just because something is going to be trendy doesn’t mean that as women over 40 we have to add it to our wardrobe. We need to stick to with our basic wardrobe pieces and then add a few trendy pieces.

Every fashion trend is not for women over 40. Remember we’re not trying to look like a teenager!

But just for fun here are some of the spring trends and as spring gets closer, I’ll share with you the ones I’m going to add to my wardrobe.

Bermuda shorts~I’m not a big fan because they never look good on me. We’ll see!


Black & White~Oh I love black & white!


Statement Sunglasses~fun!


Bold Stipes~I like!


Beautiful Beading~interesting.


Short Suits~I won’t be showing my stomach, but if the shorts were a little longer, I like this trend.


Sporty dresses~These are too short for me but I like dresses.


Flats and Low Heels~the 90s point heels are back. I love this trend!


Okay, what do you all think? Which is your favorite trend?

I knew when I posted about casual shoes yesterday that you all would come through and share some great ideas! You all are the best! I love all your ideas!!

Beauty For the Heart~~Nothing in my nature is a Godly woman. So every morning I have a challenge ahead. I need prayer. ~Beth Moore

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  1. Karen I. Xoxony says

    Finally! A shoe that we can all walk in for spring and summer! Some support and some padding on the sole with a little heal that slims the leg just a little bit! Looks like I will buying a lot of shoes and tossing anything that hurts my feet and throws off my posture! Heads up!

  2. says

    Hi Cyndi.

    I really like the relaxed bermuda shorts look…they are slenderizing if not tight at the knee! I love black and white, the bold stripes, and even the shorts suits. I’m pretty sure I will incorporate most of these into my wardrobe somehow! Thanks for sharing the trends with us.


  3. Rhetta says

    I like the stripes and have a decent pair of pointy shoes left over from the 90’s. Thanks for posting the coming trends!

  4. Charlotte says

    I love the dresses with the beading! I couldn’t wear them but they are beautiful. I could wear a top with beading..

  5. donna h says

    Those red shoes are gorgeous! And I do like bermudas; if you wear the right top, they seem to me to add a pretty curviness.

  6. Andrea Pressley says

    I love that stripes are in! I especially love monochromatic ones, like dark rose with pastel pink. I’m on the hunt for one in any sleeve length.


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