I’m Talking About the “M” Word

I told myself I wouldn’t do it. I would never mention the “M” word on my blog. It’s personal, private, and although I know many women my age struggle with it, I didn’t want to discuss it here. (Be sure to read the end of my post to enter a Sweepstakes for a $100 Visa gift card!)

Poise Products

Well, I’ve changed my mind. Women can do that, right? I’m going to talk about menopause!

You probably remember having a 1st talk that explained your changing body as you were approaching puberty. But as we approach menopause, we’re hesitant to discuss this very normal life stage. I think we just don’t want to admit we’re getting older!

Thankfully, Poise has started The 2nd Talk campaign–to help make this life stage better for all women by giving them the confidence to talk about menopause in a whole new way and to better prepare them for this time in their lives.

If you’re over 40 you could be experiencing menopause symptoms. I know I’ve definitely experienced some menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, trouble sleeping, and mood swings (so my husband says!). If you’ve noticed some changes, you’ll be glad to know that Poise offers a unique line of daily products specifically designed for women who are going through this stage of life. I’m thankful there are products out there to make this transition easier. Here are some of the products they offer:

  • Roll-On Cooling Gel helps you feel comfortable and refreshed. Squeeze the tube and gently roll the cooling gel on wrists, chest or neck for a cooling sensation that lasts up to 10 minutes.
  • Body Cooling Towelettes offer instant cooling and refreshment. Gently wipe the towelette on wrists, chest or neck to feel cool and comfortable. Featuring a portable, re-sealable package, these towelettes are easy to use anywhere you go.
  • Feminine Wash provides daily freshness. Glycerin and paraben free, this gentle wash will help you feel clean and confident.

I tried the Roll-On Cooling Gel and it felt amazing! I rubbed it on my neck and chest. It’s refreshing and has a wonderful cooling sensation.

Learn more about the new products, hear stories from real women, share your own and pledge to join The 2nd Talk at Poise.com. Get a free sample by clicking here or download a coupon here.

Have you noticed any changes? How are you approaching life’s changes confidently?

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

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  1. Susan Prasse says

    I just turned 50, had a hysterectomy 12 yrs ago but kept an ovary. The last 18 mos. have been particularly hard for me – weight gain around the middle, NUCLEAR hot flashes, fatigue and mood swings (whoa nelly!). I’m about 15 lbs over my perfect weight. I’m doing yoga, light weights and walk at least 4 times a week – to no avail!

    With that, I’m in a conundrum about how to get through these menopause symptoms! What are some of the things you ladies have done? Have any of you considered hormone therapy? Homeopathics, etc? Have you taken anything that would boost your hormones? I look forward to any comments and suggestions! In Christ – Susan

  2. Madeline says

    I try to stay consistent with exercise, and I dress in layers for those days when I’m hotter than usual!

  3. says

    I have always had hot flashes so if I am going through changes they will go unnoticed. I am changing my diet and drinking more water though to help with the process. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  4. Kim says

    I’ve been having “m” symptoms for several months. I just received confirmation recent bloodwork that yes I’m in full menopause…like I couldn’t tell by the hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and problamatic sleeping. I’m such a sleeper normally, 8 – 10 hours, getting used to (and being happy with) about 6 has been quite an adjustment. I have been taking evening primrose oil for about 3 weeks. It seems like it is helping all. Not a miracle cure but does help to lessen the symptoms. I definitely plan to try the poise product line. Thanks for touching on this not so fun topic:)

  5. SandyN says

    I’ve experienced changes, and while I haven’t liked them over the past 3-4 years, I’ve learned to live with them and take them one day at a time. I deal with them when they come along, try to make the best of them, and move on. It can only get better, right?? :)

  6. anash says

    i like to take it easy, not get stressed over things! hopefully when i approach menopause i will have it easy and if not these products seem like they would be helpful

  7. Julie says

    quite honestly, I am 55 years old and still having my period on a regular basis…I take one day a time…and try to keep my attitude positive.

  8. Betty C says

    I’m well past this particular life change and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. A few hot flashes (actually they were welcomed as I’m usually colder than everyone else) and some definite mood swings.

  9. nannypanpan says

    i thought i had started cause my period was getting so light but gyno said no. when it does happen i am ready cause i see the rainbow of no more periods at the end

  10. Jessica F says

    I’ve been taking better care of myself both physically and mentally – I’ve been working out and telling myself to take a break every once in a while!

  11. LAMusing says

    Due to medication and a medical condition I went thru the change a good 5 years earlier than I probably would have. It was abrupt and fast. Feeling good once I reached the other side :)

  12. says

    Night sweats were a problem for a while but seem to have subsided for the most part. I’m combating the aging process by consistent work-outs and a healthy way of eating. I’ve noticed my skin looks much better when I’m consistent with my exercise plan.
    I think the cooling gel would be very helpful, especially in stressful situations.

  13. says

    I have to admit that I’m not really approaching it with confidence, but it sounds like these products would be a great help! Thanks so much for sharing and for a chance to win!!!! kmassman gmail

  14. Debbie B says

    Haven ‘t gotten to menopause yet – will take it one day at a time. Thanks for all the info about products that help out!

  15. Wild Orchid says

    I am accepting that change is a way of life, good or bad. We must embrace change and not try and fight it. That is the attitude I am trying to take anyway!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  16. Bethany A says

    I’m not there yet, but it is something I’m already starting to think about since my mom had early menopause. Nice to see that there will be products to use!

  17. says

    I am in my mid forties. I have terrible night sweats, the occasional hot flash and trouble sleeping. I’ve heard about this cooling gel…I need to give it a try.

  18. Susan Smith says

    I’m just trying to stay positive about the changes I’m going through by taking good care of myself by eating right, exercising, getting enought sleep and taking vitamins

  19. cw says

    I am taking vitamins (especially vitamin D) to help with mood changes and I go for acupuncture every once in a while to help with night sweats. I have lost weight recently and am exercising every day to keep it off, gain confidence, and help with mood.

  20. sy says

    Talking to my mom gives me confidence because she’s went through the changes and adapted. Reading stories on poise would help too.
    songyueyu at gmail

  21. C.j. says

    I’ve been approaching life’s changes positively. As I’m heading towards middle age in a few years I try not to think about it. I’m just hoping I don’t have the experiences my mom and sisters did :)

  22. Mickey W. says

    Thank you so much for your blog. It is hard to find someone who will address these topics with grace. I am so happy to learn about Estroven nighttime. I can’t wait to try it! Night sweats and not sleeping for a couple of days was getting to be my routine. Now thanks to others in the same boat I have other things to try!! God bless you and all your fans :)

  23. Wendy W says

    I am 42 yrs old and feel that I have started seeing some perimenopause symptoms, but not completely sure…I thought I may be too young, but have heard that the younger you are when you begin menustration, the younger you are when menopause hits? Who knows…but I am glad that there are some women willing to talk about it! It sure helps knowing that others are there to help you through! 😉 Thanks!!

  24. Mendy Dinsmore says

    I went on Estrogen and that helped with the hot flashes, but it made me have a period for several months. I slowly got off of it and my heavy periods stopped. The dr suggested taking supplements so I’m trying this now.

  25. Sonya Morris says

    I haven’t noticed anything yet, but if it starts as early as it did for my mom it will be soon! I am approaching it confidently by having a good attitude about it and there will be lots of jokes and laughs while trying to cope with it!

  26. Kerry says

    I’m just taking it one day at a time – and hoping that my symptoms aren’t as bad as my moms were! I have noticed a few changes already, though.

  27. says

    Yeah, already notice some changes, I feel like a heat lamp from time to time. Is it supposed to be a good thing since it’s Winter?
    I am approaching life’s changes confidently by thinking positively. It might be easier said than done. But I’m trying my best.

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  28. Maureen says

    I have not had an easy time of it. I am still going through it. I have contacted my doctor regarding different issues and each time she says that what I am experiencing seems to be a symptom of perimenopause with menopause coming on. Some days are good and others really not so good. I just have to take it as it comes. I am not taking medication due to a health issue (unrelated) so I have to do things naturally. I am taking it as it comes.

  29. atlantagalknows says

    My biggest life change right now is having my first child (so no menopause just yet!)! I’m finding confidence in preparing for that by taking time to research it and work through my feelings/fears beforehand, so that when the time comes, I’ll (hopefully) be more ready for it!

  30. Marty Ann says

    I’ve always had flashes, from the time I started having children (age 20) Now in my 50s it’s with me all the time. My mom passed away when I was 25, and my sisters “are” older but they don’t talk about such things. So I’m making sure my girls know what I’m dealing with just so they know something when they go through it. Thanks so much Cyndi, and everyone for sharing, I truly needed to hear that everything I’m doing isn’t just me. God Bless

  31. Keenna M. says

    I have started taking the Estroven nighttime. I haven’t had any hot flashes but the night sweats were horrible! The ingredients of melatonin and soy in the Estroven have helped curb the night sweats and provided a good nights rest. It has made a big difference!

  32. Erin says

    Have I noticed changes? Nothing is where I left it (on my body or anywhere else!) I’m trying to grow older with as much grace as possible and be glad I’ve lived long enough to undergo all these changes.

  33. Debra C says

    I had so much going on during that time including my daughter in a very serious wreck that I am not sure what was change and what was stress! Glad those years are behind me.

  34. Shirley says

    I had a hysterectomy in my 40’s so started HRT at that time and I know a lot of women have big problems with “M” but I had it fairly easy. My biggest suggestion is find a doctor you can talk to and then actually talk to the doctor!

  35. Cindy Wiley says

    I am 46 right in the middle of it. No fun. Hot flashes, trouble sleeping and mood swings. It is unfair to have a menopausal women and three teenagers under the same roof!

  36. says

    At 52, I think I’ve been pretty Lucky. I did notice stress and anxiety will trigger a mild hot flash (compared to what I’ve seen and heard from others). I do think the supplements I take have helped alot.

  37. Tammy S says

    I have been approaching life’s changes confidently by trying to exercise daily, get more sleep and eating a better diet. Luckily for me I am always cold, so I wouldn’t mind some hot flashes. :)

  38. Kim Garner says

    I was terrified of menopause! My mom had horrible hot flashes, mood swings, etc. Thankfully, at age 50, I have only had occasional hot flashes, night sweats, & bloating. Now, I have gone four months without a cycle….so maybe I am nearing the end :) For me, I believe daily exercise and eating well has been a tremendous help.

  39. Terry says

    There is life after menopause! While there are things about it that aren’t a lot of fun, it’s really not all that bad. I found herbal supplements to be helpful in minimizing hot flashes.

  40. Kelly D says

    I have noticed small, gradual changes, but nothing major. I am approaching life’s changes confidently by staying in shape, eating well and staying open-minded.

  41. Judith Hall says

    I feel very fortunate. I have had only quick (30-60 second) hot flashes that HAVE occurred once in a great while. My two sisters have suffered terribly with hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain and all of the other “lovelies” associated with the “M”. Other than my occasional flash, I’ve been spared the rest. My heart goes out to all women who experience the discomfort and difficulty that this time of life brings to them.

  42. Debbie Dunbar says

    Having your own personal “summer” at random times is no fun especially in the middle of the night! Then when you wake up because you are on fire, you can’t go back to sleep! HA!

  43. Terry Rogers says

    I got a late start…I thought and then was told the average age is 51-52. For me it started T 52 and I will turn 60 in a few days! I am so ready for it to end. It wears me out! I have 3 personal fans that have been a Godsend. I keep one at my school desk, one eside my bedside and one in my purse, but I just ordered the free sampes you mentioned and can’t wait to see how they may help!
    Thanks so much for starting the conversation!
    God bless!

  44. Marilyn H. says

    Thanks for bringing up this subject. I was having much difficulty sleeping at age 48 or 49 and a friend recommended Estroven- it can be found at any drugstore, Target, Walmart, etc. It is all natural- no medications included- but has totally helped me sleep well regularly- I use the nighttime option. There are several formulas so look at them all and see what is right for your symptoms. I needed the nighttime so I could sleep but I also do not have hot flashes because of taking this!!! It has helped me so much!!
    I had my only child at age 45 (almost 46 actually) and I think that threw me into an hormone mess. I am now 52 and am dealing with the irregularities that come with peri-menopause. The good news is I was told by a nurse that hitting menopause later rather than earlier decreases your chances of breast cancer in the future!!

  45. Nancy Jo Cannon says

    Oops … Our female body parts are doing the opposite and telling us its time to start a new chapter in our lives. One many of us are afraid to face and ask those “embarrassing” questions. So, I’m very thankful to Poise, for the second talk as we continue to grow and mature as women in other ways. It’s our time to celebrate being women and continuing to grow, learn, and thrive the gifts we gave been given!! Ps. I’m off my soapbox now. ❤

  46. Nancy Jo Cannon says

    Turning 50 last year was my year to celebrate being a member of the “50 Something Club” and must admit it was not the evil number I was fearing! Talking about menopause is scary and we don’t have our giddy middle school girlfriends to share in the excitement of “starting” and what the word means at that age … it’s the word that means we are A WOMAN!! A time where everything in our body is waking up and coming to life. On the other hand, menopause means the exact opposite. Our female body parts have lived and know us telling

  47. Lisa says

    I am 47 and have had symptoms for 2 years now. I started my period when I was 9 years old so I was hoping since I had to deal with that at an early age I would breeze through this part….NOT. I have noticed not many women will discuss this …like it does not exist…well it certainly does at my household. If I could get an entire night sleep with waking up wanting to know who wet the bed and make it an entire day without wanting to hit somebody I would be very thankful!!!

  48. teresa says

    I’ve read that not everyone gets these symptoms, or at least all of them. Oh well…maybe I won’t have to worry about being cold in the winter or needeing an extra blanket at night. I like to sleep in a cold room anywasy. Another good post. I think it’s a shame not to talk about these things as it makes it seem like they’re something abnormal or wrong. I’m glad you changed your mind. CTD

  49. Linda (Phila burbs) says

    i’m 53 and a mess. sometimes the hot flashes don’t stop. and what’s with part of my body flashing and the other parts still being chilly? and, can i remember anything? anything at all? like what did i walk into this room for? and we won’t even discuss the not-sleeping aspect of it either. i find these symptoms to be disturbing at best.

  50. Cynthia says

    Thanks for sharing this, Cyndi. I think you are right. We don’t want to admit we are getting older. I am 51 and crossed the threshhold at 49, and do you know what? I feel pretty darn good! It is just another phase of life.

  51. LishaC says

    Some kind of craziness this stuff. I’m 47 and have had the night sweats and moodiness for a couple of years now and lucky for me…anxiety attacks have been thrown into the mix in the last year. Can’t wait for this to be over.

  52. says

    Hi Cyndi.

    Another great post! Thanks for sharing.

    I don’t think I am experiencing any symptoms yet, and I am 47. As I commented to another poster, I do have problems sleeping, but that started after having my daughter at 43 almost 44. I think I wake up now thinking she is calling me. I exercise 6-7 days a week, and I try to eat somewhat healthy. I’m hoping the symptoms will stay away a while longer. My mom is 67, and she says she never had any symptoms, not even one hot flash! I will note that for a while I took Zoloft, and it caused severe hot flashes. I thought I was perimenopausal a couple of years ago, but it was the Zoloft. My doc took me off of it, and the hot flashes stopped. Just an fyi in case anyone is taking it.

    Have an awesome day.

  53. Gena in Texas says

    I’m 57 and wish they would have had these products when I started the “M” phase of life over 10 years ago! I’ve been doing HRT but it’s not for everyone. Thanks for sharing!

  54. brenda says

    If any reader is not the 40ish age group ck with dr if you have the symptoms mentioned you may have early onset or some metabolic challnges thyroid and or diabetes. Not to be neglected PLEASE

  55. says

    Hi Joanne!

    That’s is awesome! I had my daughter at 43. Actually, I turned 44 about 6 weeks after she was born. I haven’t slept well since then, but I don’t think it is menopause symptoms…I think it is because I’m a mom now and have to wake up if I hear my 3 1/2 year old calling for me! Best of luck to you.

  56. Kelleen says

    My biggest problem is stress incontinence. I had some hot flashes but those have pretty much passed. My GYN prescribed a vaginal hormone that has really helped with the incontinence as well as the dryness I experienced. Now I can put off surgery for the time being!

  57. Nancy Warkentin says

    Aye, Aye!! “M”. My hot flashes consist of VERY VERY red cheeks and across the nose! Oh my. It is so embarrassing for me. I do not get the hot oil in my veins and chest feeling. Just really hot, red cheeks! And, of course, EVERYONE notices. Doing this w/o HRT and taking vitamin B and some iron at times. Will be so glad when this is done though. I am 52 and looking for the end soon!!! The gift card would be nice to buy some new things to make me feel better at this point of my life~~like a massage!! ::)) Thanks for the give-away Cyndi!

  58. Teresa says

    I’m 56; I have been period free for about 4 years, but have yet to really experience any menopause symptoms except mood swings. Don’t know if I wil experience sysmptoms of menopause in a few years

  59. mbw says

    It is important tho remember that we were made this way, and it isn’t something to be embarrassed about…but how do we actually get there?

  60. Lisa Brown says

    I am approaching life’s changes with some concern, but I am eating right, getting a bit of exercise, really trying to take care of myself, to make the change easier.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  61. Lee Ann says

    Thanks for sharing the information. I didn’t know about these products so when I need them, I’ll know what to look for. I’m 47 and haven’t experienced any symptoms yet, “knock wood”. My GYN says that the average age for menopause is 53 so she tells me that it’s still early for me. I think I might enjoy a hot flash once in awhile since I am always so cold.

  62. Andrea says

    Thank you thank you for the recommendations….from me AND my husband!!! A little hot flash relief that doesn’t require turning the furnace off in the middle of winter is welcome information to us both!

  63. Joanne B. says

    It’s nice to know about the products although I haven’t experienced any symptoms yet, on the other hand, I’m 45 and pregnant!

  64. Shari says

    Having had a total abdominal hysterectomy very unexpectedly, I can firsthand attest to the issues that come with menopause. It is NOT fun!

    But it’s a part of life, and one adapts.

    Eventually. 😉

  65. Donna Anderson says

    Going through it now. One of the best finds for me (recommended by my doctor) is Soma Cool Nights sleepwear. Very cute, lots of mix-and-match styles, and they really do help make the night sweats more bearable.

  66. Cindy; says

    I will be 50 next week. Have been waking up at 3 every morning and experiencing some hot flashes at night. Has been tolerable so far.

  67. Sherry Lochner says

    Thank you so much for discussing this. I have had a few symptoms like “hot flashes” and sleeping issues at times, too.

  68. Joy says

    I know nothing abut the “m” word, Cyndi (love your sense of humour) and the contest isn’t open to me (sniff, sniff 😉 … so I’ll just comment, you look beautiful as usual in the pic! :)

  69. Bobbi says

    I think “M” sucks! I’ve been suffering with hot flashes for five years and just don’t feel like they will ever end. A friend said a hot flash feels like hot oil running through your veins, thought that was a perfect description. She also said life is wonderful when they end, keep hoping, they can’t last forever . . . can they?

  70. jennifer says

    I agree that the subject should be discussed. Sometimes you feel that you are the only one having problems with it. Good for you Cyndi!

  71. Sherry says

    Thanks for the information. Trouble sleeping is my number 1 problem. So good to hear from others going through the same thing.

  72. Lisa Larkey says

    I’m 46 almost 47 and really feeling these symptoms lately. We joke about it at our office alot. I had not heard about any of those products you mentioned. Thanks for the information. You know, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

  73. says

    Have I noticed changes? Does the sun rise in the east? I have also recently discovered the cooling gels and wipes and they really do help! These hot flashes are killin’ me girl! Great post! Lisa~

  74. says

    I turn 50 in August. Thank you for talking about this! I really think that this topic is becoming more open, and not so personal these days. We need all the help we can get!! I’m so thankful I live in a day that we have so much information and so many options, and people don’t just think we’re going crazy!!

  75. Glenda says

    Just had hormonal testing done (at 51) that says I’m still “perimenopausal”…not quite to the Big “M” just yet…but my body definitely knows something’s up. Thanks for the product tip…I know I’ll be needing it soon…:

  76. Heather Carlson says

    I am glad this subject is becoming more normal to talk about. I am not even 40 and have been experiencing menopausal symptoms for several years. It’s aggravating, but I have others to talk to and doctors who listen. When my great grandmother had symptoms they put her in an asylum thinking she was nuts…thank God for technology.

  77. Patricia says

    I’ve been having these problems for a while now. It’s been my experience that they come and go, which is kinda sad, because you think you survived them and they are gone and then they return. I haven’t tried these products, but you can bet that I will…Thanks.

  78. Angie Sisk says

    Glad you shared this info. It’s good to know other women are going through the same things. I had not heard of Poise so am definitely looking into their products, as well!

  79. says

    I am so glad that you changed your mind… Women can really help each other the more information we have the better off we will all be… Helping to put the word out about products to help with hot flashes is admirable and amazing! Just think how much our mother’s and grandmother’s endured before us!

  80. Gina Green says

    Amen Cheryl. Have experienced symptoms since mid forties. Exercise has been a life saver as has talking with girlfriends–so you don’t think you are the only crazy one!

  81. Cheryl says

    Turned 56 this month and would have thought I’d be over this by now. My mom and grandma were at my age. I’m just having many major hot flashes and not sleeping well! Learning as I go! XOXO

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