I’m Thinking Green and I Have a Favor

Well, in case you haven’t heard, green is going to be a hot color for 2013. So, of course I’m thinking green!

I’ve always been a fan of green. I remember as a little girl, my parents were in the process of building a home and Mom let my sister, brother and I pick out the color of carpet we each wanted in our rooms (what was she thinking?).  My brother picked blue, my sister picked yellow and I picked green.

I’m not planning on putting green carpet in my home anytime soon but I will be adding some green to my basic wardrobe. Here’s some fashion inspiration from Jessica Quirk from the What I Wore blog.

I'm-Thinking-Green 3

I'm-Thinking-Green 1


I’m in love with this next outfit, green with a leopard print coat and shoes. Could it get any better?

I'm-Thinking-Green 4

I’ve been getting a ton of emails (I do my best to answer them all) with questions like what’s a good lip color for women over 40, can I wear leggings, what about headbands, etc.

If you have a question related to fashion would you leave a comment here with your question. I’m going to do a post or posts dedicated to YOUR questions. I love that you ask them and my guess is if you’re wandering, other readers are too!

So please ask away and let’s have fun learning together!

Beauty For the Heart~~Esther 4:14b, “Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?” Even though we may not be a queen, this verse reminds me that we are each here at this time in history for a reason. We have a purpose and God wants to use us for His glory!

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  1. says

    I love green–might be that Irish red hair I rock! lol Nothing like shamrock green when you’re Irish! I think green is going to be fun this year–it goes with absolutely everything. Love all the outfits you shared.

  2. Outfit31 says

    Love GREEN!!! Goooo Green! Love Jessica’s blog too! My green Hunter’s are sitting near the front door, where I can get to ’em quick for that extra pop on a rainy/snowy/both day! Look forward to your parings!!!

  3. Andrea Johnson says

    Are there any 40+ YouTube “beauty gurus” you follow? If not maybe thats something you should do! ;-). You have great style and ideas; maybe take it to the next level with tutorials and such

  4. Judith Hall says

    BTW, I love your idea about leaving beauty questions and comments! What a great resource for us 40+ ladies and lots of fun too. I’d trust your advice any day!
    Have a great weekend Cyndi! Be blessed

  5. Judith Hall says

    My 32 yr. old daughter swore she would never wear emerald green. She thought it was “old-looking” and dull. She is a prominent woman in the city where she lives; sits on many charity and social committees, is a school board member, presides over charity and hospital balls, is a very popular interior designer and makes me tired.
    Just recently, she was going to attend the governor’s ball and she had a gorgeous chiffon and silk EMERALD green gown made for her. She gave in at the insistence of her dressmaker who said it would be so pretty with her green eyes and coloring. When she tried it on, she was so shocked she called me right then and said, “Emerald is my color!” She e-mailed pics to me and I was blown away at how fabulous that color looked on her.
    I’m not suggesting we all go THAT far in trying to “green” ourselves, but last week, my sister bought a silky emerald blouse to wear with a black and white houndstooth check skirt she’s had for a while and how pretty she looked! I think I may start with something like a green bracelet or necklace, I’m just not as confident about the green thing on me.
    Disclaimer: my daughter looks and acts exactly like her father. I cannot claim a single bit of her charm and good looks.

  6. Amber says

    Hi Cyndi,
    I’m not sure if this is the type of question you are looking for but here goes. My mom is turning 60 this March and I was wondering the must have items you and your readers would recommend. I wanted to put together some sort of beauty box. My mom is so wonderful and I wanted to make this a special day for her.

  7. says

    Hi Cyndi.

    I like green…preferably emerald green/kelly green. I like the blue green best. I’m trying to like mint green…it has to grow on me as I do not like pastel colors at all. I LOVE the picture above of the outfit with the black leggings, awesome bag, and leopard coat. I would have chosen a different shade of green for the top, but that’s just my preference. I live in skinny jeans, so I may try that look soon.

    Hope your weekend is fantastic!

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