Spring’s Sunshine Yellow Handbags

Spring's Sunshine Yellow Handbags

Well, with the cold weather we’ve had over the last week, it has me daydreaming of warmer days, buttercups, and green grass. Spring will be here soon so why not check out some spring handbags.

If you’re a fan of color, you’re in luck because it looks like adding bright colorful handbags is going to be very fashionable.

As I was searching spring handbags, I kept seeing these bright yellow handbags. Carrying one of these handbags could cheer up the dreariest of days don’t you think?

These are designer handbags which means they’re a little pricey. I personally like to look at designer brands and then I will usually buy a handbag that reminds me of the designer look but at a fraction of the cost.


Coach Legacy Archival Bucket Bag


Prada Saffiano Parabole Tote


Kate Spade New York Charlotte Street Sylvie Satchel


Michael Kors Gia Shoulder Bag


Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel


Reed Krakoff Gym Tote

For some reason I usually buy a new handbag at the beginning of each season. It’s usually the first thing I add to my wardrobe.

So what do you think about these bright yellow handbags? Would you carry one? How much do you usually pay for a handbag?

Beauty For the Heart~~Prayer is not about getting my will done in heaven, prayer is about getting God’s will done on earth.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Teri says

    I LOVE all things yellow! So I am super excited to see these yellow purses and hope to find one that is in my price range! Yellow is such a happy, cheerful color and that’s why I love it so much not to mention it can be a great conversation starter! Even people who don’t know me well know that my three favorite things are yellow, coffee and the Lord. But not necessarily in that order!

  2. says

    Yellow is my least favorite color, but for some reason I’m drawn to the combination of gray and yellow… Gray being my all time favorite color! I bought a bright yellow London Fog bag a few years ago (it was actually at Costco). I wear it to brighten up my gray cardigans and I always get compliments! A colorful handbag is a great way to punch up an outfit and include trendy colors without being a walking color sample.

  3. says

    Send last season’s my way Cyndi. I haven’t bought a new purse in several years :/ I am hopelessly out of style! Still, I LOVE your blog!

  4. Judith Hall says

    What pretty Spring/summer handbags! I think yellow is a pretty color, though it looks ghastly on me. So…I think I would hesitate about getting a yellow bag. I was thinking about trying an orange handbag, my hair stylist bought a great orange bag, I love it!

  5. says

    Hi Cyndi.

    Love the bags! I plan to buy an Emerald Green bag for spring, but you know how plans go…I may end up with Yellow or Sapphire Blue instead! lol I do love handbags. I think I am a handbag addict, as Michelle stated above! I love Bruce Makowsky bags, but they can be a little heavy even when empty. If money were no object, I would love to have a Gucci and a Tory Burch.

    Have a great week.

  6. Michelle says

    I have a pretty yellow (not quite as bright as these) bag that I have in my closet and never think to grab it. I think it’s time to get it out!
    I have a major handbag addiction! I remember my first purse when I was a little girl–my Grandma bought me a bright green patent leather one. I have been hooked every since (I’m not in my mid-40s).
    TJ Maxx and Marshalls are great places to get awesome bags to feed my addiction! : )

  7. Lisa says

    I’m a Coach girl but only buy from the outlets! I’ve never had a yellow bag but they look cute. I’m always so afraid I would get sick of bold color too soon. But I’m lways thinking about trying it! :)

  8. says

    I am in LOVE with all of the bright colored bags this year! I bought an orange one not too long ago and I get compliments on it everywhere I go…my plan is to buy a rainbow of colors this spring. I have a few Coach bags, but usually buy neutral colors that are not as trendy, and I buy them from the outlet so they are not quite as pricey. They are still an investment piece, but not a bank breaker. But for the fun colors, I love to hit up TJ Maxx and Marshall’s to find some great names for around $50.

  9. Debbie Dunbar says

    I like bright bags but I’m not thinking yellow for me. They are all cute bags though. I like to buy less expensive ones because I like to have several different ones (actually I have way too many according to the hubs!). I’ve already been looking for a new one for spring! I need a pick-me-up color to look forward to – can’t wait for SPRING!

  10. Casey says

    I saw the perfect yellow bag last spring at T J Maxx. It was also soft as butter. I decided to wait a day or two to think about it because I don’t have any yellow in my wardrobe. Well, went back 3 days later and it was gone!!!! I was so disappointed. Been looking for one ever since. I have a green bag and a hot pink bag, both of those I love and use a lot. I wore a yellow top a couple of years ago & got several complements, but I am just not comfortable with yellow against my skintone. Maybe if I find the right shade. Great bags in your post. Loved the Coach bag.

  11. Kelly says

    I’m so-so about the yellow, but I did see some GORGEOUS green bags at Charming Charlie this weekend…might have to pick one of those up soon!

  12. Andrea says

    The yellow bags are beautiful. I’ve never had a yellow bag, but I’m sure drawn to them! I love TJ Maxx or Marshall’s purses department. I don’t buy very often, but I like to window shop regularly there because the turnover is super fast at my store. I am so ready for Spring! (even the rain won’t stop until July) lol

  13. JULIE KINCAID says

    I just love these yellow bags! …I already purchased my spring bag and went with coral– I may have to keep my eyes open for a sale on a yellow one! :)

  14. Julie says

    I’m so excited! I bought a yellow bag on clearance at JCP for $10 a couple of weeks ago!! I think it was mis-marked

  15. Jo says

    just found your site thru Pinterest and I’m excited to explore it more after work tonight! thanks for proving that beauty exists at all ages!!


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