Favorite “Pins” Friday

It’s Friday and I’m sharing some of my favorite “pins” from Pinterest. Is there anyone out there, that doesn’t love Pinterest?

One of the fashion trends for spring/summer are flats (they’ve been trendy for a while) but did you know that pointy toe ones are back in style? At first I wasn’t sure I liked them, but the more I see them, they’re growing on me. I love these animal print flats, of couse you know I have a love for animal print.

favorite pins friday


These are a cute pair of black pointy toe flats. I definitely see a pair of these making their way into my closet.

favorite pins friday


Of course I have to show one makeup pin. I love the soft natural look and don’t you love her eyelashes? I’m a little jealous!


favorite pins friday


Lastly, I love this quote! I want to be this kind of woman.

Favorite Pins Friday

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. You can have lashes like that: http://www.madamemadeline.com/
    This is not an ad, sponsored comment, etc. Simply a recommendation of a satisfied user. I have almost no eyelashes. Nothing worse than naked eyes. For years, I tried to compensate with eyeliner. It’s just not the same. Thanks to a friend, I now wear a very natural set of false eyelashes. Not too thick or too long. Easy on; stay put; easy off. I’ve gifted a friend going through chemo with a couple of sets & she is loving them, too.

  2. Hi Cindy! I also would like a pair of animal print flats…there are so many to choose from! I just followed you on Pinterest…I am @SDawsonH there! Sara

  3. Hi Cyndi~ Love the animal print flats and the make-up on the beautiful eye with the long lashes!! I also LOVE that quote… I have it pinned on my board in Pinterest too! Have a great weekend :0)

  4. Happy Friday Cyndi! I’m in my house with 10 inches of snow outside! How did Kentucky fare? Thanks for the quote, it always makes me laugh.
    I think those pointed toe animal print flats are so cute. When I first read “pointed toe flats”, I thought , “Oh No!”, but these are really cute. Mi thought is if a woman has really wide feel like mine, they might not be so attractive. For so long I have been wanting to master doing the perfect neutral eye. The one you’ve pictured is EXACTLY what I want! I guess practice makes perfect. Have a safe and blessed weekend!

  5. Love the shoes can’t wait for warmer weather!! I have learned so much from you, your blog has been a blessing. I follow you on Pinterest, would love to have you follow me as well. My address is:
    Hope you have a very lovely weekend, looks like we will be playing in the snow!! 😉

  6. I just love flats… pointy toe or round! I also love animal print shoes too. I have a cute pair of zebra print shoes I can’t wait to wear when the weather warms up! 🙂

    Yes, I follow you on Pinterest. I LOVE Pinterest! My Pinterest address is: http://pinterest.com/inthesandbox/

    Thank you for helping us women over 40 out! I love getting fashion tips and hearing your positive words! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I love pointy toe flats and wish there were more of them out there. The rounded toe flats have never been flattering on my feet. I love that quote, too.


  8. I love them! I have hated all the round toe, Mary Jane’ish flats that have been “in style” the last few years! Bring me some pretty shoes like these any day!!!

  9. Good-Morning Cyndi,

    I recently just started following you ~ I love to read your posts and see the pictures and tips. The flats are awesome and I’m sure my daughter and I will have that print in our flats the spring! Love the makeup also. I am addicted to the L’Oreal everstrong overnight hair repair you mentioned in one blog (it has done wonders for my hair) :)! I am going to try to create some of your looks on me, since I am a over 40 something woman (except I’m 5 ft 7 in). haha Hope you have an awesome day and weekend and thanks for sharing and being so likeable.


  10. I have pointy toed animal print shoes similar to that – they are my favourite shoe and I can’t wait until it warms up enough to wear them!