Favorite Fashion “PINS” Friday

Happy Friday friends!! Today I’m sharing my favorite fashion “pins” from Pinterest this week.

First, I need to tell you that I know I have a LARGE ad popping up on my page and it will be fixed!! I never ever want you to come to my blog and be bombarded with ads popping up in your face. So please bare with me, I will get it taken care of.

Now on to my favorite “PINS” this week!

I love this pretty tank with all the jewelry. Did you know that our shoulders are one of the last things to age on a woman’s body? Just thought you might want to know that. 🙂
















I know this is hard to believe, but I might be sharing some fall fashion in the next few weeks.

What do you think? Are you ready for some fall fashion?

Beauty For he Heart~~Last night Wayne and I watched The Hiding Place. It’s the story of Corrie Ten Boom. This is a quote from her.

“There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.” – Corrie Ten Boom

Amen!! Have a blessed day!

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  1. Cyndi .. I can’t find the source for the grey tank on the top .. could you please let me know the link to the site or maybe it’s a DIY shirt? Thanks for sharing these ideas with us, so pretty!!!

  2. I love fall/winter clothes so I’m ready for you to tell all about it. Congrats too on the pros outfitting you…what a dream come true huh?

  3. I am a Lexington, KY gal (woman) sitting here in my B & B in the Netherlands. I just discovered your blog, and was looking through your recent posts and saw your mention of Corrie ten Boom. I visited her house here Holland two years ago. Every year for the past ten years we have done a bicycling vacation here. When we rode through her hometown, I made sure we stopped for a tour. It was a very charming and small home. I loved seeing how they lived and tried to imagine what they went through.

  4. Classic looks! Love them! I’ve been a little more of the diva when it comes to fashion, but I’ve been thinking of toning it down a little LOL 🙂 These looks are a quiet glam… I could totally go for that!

  5. I’m wondering if I should get some black ankle fitting pants. Are they going to be in style for fall? Anybody know?

  6. I bought some ankle length pants that I love at the Gap. Also try Ann Taylor , they have lots of pants that are ankle length. I love that length also and they can go almost anywhere 🙂

  7. I just. Received from nydj. The cutest anklefitting white pants. I. Love them and was also looking for a. classier look. I wore them to lunch today with a peach color blouse and pearls. The pants are a little pricey but will have them forever. A bonus made in the USA. Very comfy. Worth the money The website is not your daughters jeans

  8. Not ready for fall. I am still looking for Capri pants that hit at the ankle. They are so much more becoming and dressy. Can you help us find some brands of these that are reasonably priced? Really enjoy all your information.

  9. I love fall fashions, so I am always ready! 🙂 I do like these summer outfits you’re showing. I love the red top and white pants, although I am always cautious to wear capri pants. It seems like a lot of women my age like to wear them, but not in a cute or fashionable way, so they end up looking like old women clothes. I do love the look you posted though, so I may wear that look tomorrow. I wear a couple pairs of J Crew ankle length pants, but in coral and cobalt. I once read that we should be careful with capris, as they can give the appearance of cutting off the leg and making us look shorter. I find that almost everyone looks like that unless they pair the cute pants with higher heels. Anyway, love your pics as always. Hope you have an amazing weekend. 🙂

  10. I am soooooo not ready for fall……summer has only just begun. But a peek at fall fashion……it never hurts to be prepared. 😉

  11. I am already looking at fall fashion too! I’m not rushing fall but I like to be prepared. Bring it on! 🙂

  12. This summer is going so fast and fall will be here before we know it…. So what the heck, always good to know whats ahead in the fashion world. Thanks for addressing that add pop up. I was wondering about that 😉 love bare shoulders in the summer. Shorts are cute but too short for me too 🙂 thx for sharing. Be blessed

  13. No, not ready for fall yet. I feel like I’ve not had any summer to enjoy so far. It has rained here for four straight weeks, every day and more rain forecasted for the next 10 days! To say I’m tired of rain is an understatement. Haven’t been able to get to the pool or lake so I don’t feel like it’s summer yet, lol. But I do look forward to your posts on what’s coming up for fall. Fall is my favorite time of year!

  14. Yes, I had the problem with the gigantic ad popping on your page. I couldn’t even see what you where trying to show us. I love these fashions but not the short shorts. Short shorts are for 30 and under in my opinon. I am 56, size 6 but do not wear them. I do love capris however. And this summer I am loving the maxi dress but so many of them are strapless and I have yet to find a strapless bra that is comfortable and stays up. I like the bare shoulder look rather than the strapless look.

  15. Not ready for Fall or even thinking about it. I have to have my boiler fixed first!
    I seems I’ve hardly worn any of my cute Summer clothes as I’ve needed to drop a couple of pounds to have them fit nicely.
    I ADORE the first pin as that top is fantastic. My only issue is finding undergarments to fit the cut=in shoulders that provide anything.

  16. Just read The Hiding Place this spring with a teenager I tutor. It is riddled with quotable inspirations! An amazing story! I didn’t realize it was also a movie!

    I’m ready for fall fashion! I love your PINS Friday!