Tie It Together Thursday

Hi! Welcome to Tie It Together Thursday. This is where I take an outfit that you’ve sent me, and I add the accessories. I tie it all together!

Tie It Together Thursday

Today I’m styling this beautiful dress! Mary sent me the picture and said she will be wearing this to an August wedding. The dress is definitely the statement piece. It’s very busy so I’m keeping everything else simple!

August Wedding

First I picked out the shoes. Hands down I would wear a pair of slingback heels. There are sooo many to choose from. I found these on Zappos.com. I don’t know if you all use Zappos but I love it. They ship quick and you get free shipping and free to send them back if you don’t like the shoes. You can find these here.

Black Slingback heels

I would wear silver with this dress and I found these bracelets at Baublebar.com. I love the silver chain and the other one is a pop of something trendy. If you have a pretty silver watch, that would be great too!


Silver bracelets


I kept the earrings simple since the dress is our statement piece. These I found at Dillard’s online.

Sterling Silver earrings


I’m crazy over box clutch’s. They’re perfect for a wedding because you don’t want to drag a big handbag around. I found this one at Macy’s.


Box Clutch


Here are all the pieces put together!

Tie It Together



Tie It Together Thursday 1


This dress was much harder to style than I first thought. It has so much pattern, I struggled figuring out what to add that doesn’t take away from the dress.

So what do you all think? Would you have added anything different?

Beauty For the Heart~~Lately, I feel when I tell people we have two foreign exchange students living with us for the school year, they look at me like we’ve lost our mind. That is debatable.

So why are we doing it? Because Christ has not called us to a life of comfort and ease. He’s called us to be servants and to share the gospel. It’s the very least Wayne and I can do.

Believe me, I don’t always get it right. But I’m striving to act and think more like Christ. To think of others more than I think of myself.

Hebrews 13:16 says, “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

Have a blessed day!

P.S. Each of us are called to different tasks, having someone live with you is not for everyone. But find what God wants you to do and where He wants you to serve, and then do it!

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  1. Joey says

    I just started reading your blog and we would be friends! From styles to hair to our thoughts on God…
    Love reading your posts!

  2. Sharon says

    Can you tell me what brand the dress is and where it’s from? I love it and would like to try to find it! Thanks!

  3. Kendra says

    Glad u and Wayne answered the call… Those girls will be blessed all!! Love the shoes Eespecially … Will have to check out the site! Thx for sharing!

  4. Katie Kowalski says

    i think it is a beatifil dress and did great at accessorizing it! im excited for you! is this the beginning of a new job? how about the make-up to go with it? you are great at that too!!

  5. Shelley Arnold says

    Great choices! I really like the clutch purse. I always carry a handbag that is HUGE, and I get tired of dragging it around!

  6. Kim says

    I love that you are doing this…..but can you have the people that are sending you the items to accessorize tell us where they bought the item…..especially if it is recent. I liked this dress and the last one:)

  7. Bobbi says

    Wow Cyndi, you I did a REALLY good job accessorizing that dress. You definitely have a talent.
    I think it’s wonderful that you’ve taken in two foreign exchange students. I agree not everyone can do it, but thankfully there are people like you and Wayne.

  8. Felicia says

    I’ve always “thought” I wanted to take on an exchange student but never have. Maybe one day I will get up enough nerve. My hospitality bug is growing so who knows?? :-) Maybe your experience will be so wonderful you will encourage me, along with others, to take the challenge.

  9. says

    Hi Cyndi.

    I love the bracelets and the box clutch! I would love to have all three. :)

    I think you did a nice job with the dress. I agree with Lorraine about seeing it on the person you styled it for. It would help us see what looks good on certain body types/shapes. Although I am small framed, I tend to stay away from most things printed because I think it looks like a tent on me. Seeing others wearing these items might change my mind. lol

    H&M.com is live now, and I’m loving the site! Do you ever shop at H&M?

    Hope you have a great afternoon.

  10. Lorraine says

    If you agree to accessorize it why not have the other person agree to send a photo in of them in their outfit with the final accessories? I think that would be something the readers would like. I like the earrings you selected since it was for a wedding. Other earrings for everyday dress up. Good job.

  11. Cindy D. says

    Great choices! I had a little silver box clutch for my son’s wedding and it was the perfect size. You are so right that each of us are called to different tasks in this life, which I believe is based on the gifts we have been given. My sister-in-law housed a missionary family of 10 over this summer-while difficult at times, she felt that she was called to serve in that way. I’m sure you will be blessed by their stay, as well as be a blessing to them. Have a great day!

  12. Rondell says

    I would have chose the same except for the earring rings.I would have chose something with some length to them, not a lot or glitzey just enough to thin the face a bit.
    I liked this post, I’ll be back to see more!


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