Our Christmas Pajamas Tradition

Well, it’s December 9th and I’ve decided I need to get some Christmas shopping done! I’m not sure what I’m waiting for??

One of the traditions my Mom started was to let us open one present on Christmas Eve. It was always our Christmas pajamas. We loved getting those pajamas!

I’ve continued the tradition and I usually get myself a pair of pajamas too. I’ve been looking for some pajamas online.

Last year I ordered mine and Courtney’s from Victoria Secrets and we loved them. Victoria Secrets pajamas have 3 different lengths to choose from which I like. I don’t want my pants to be too short!

Here are some of the pajamas I found:

The Dreamer Flannel Pajama

Our Christmas Pajamas Tradition

The After Hours Satin Pajama

Our Christmas Pajamas Tradition

The Fireside Long Jane Pajama (Courtney likes this style of pajamas.)

Our Christmas Pajamas Tradition

The Cotton Mayfair Pajama

Our Christmas Pajamas Tradition

Printed poplin PJ set from Gap

Our Christmas Pajamas Tradition

Printed flannel PJ set from Gap

Our Christmas Pajamas Tradition

Ralph Lauren Henley Top and Woven Pajama Pants

Our Christmas Pajamas Tradition

Kensie Always A Deer Top and Pajama Pants Set

Our Christmas Pajamas Tradition

With Christmas just a few weeks away, I think I better get some ordered!

Do you get Christmas pajamas in your family? Any other traditions you do, I’d love to hear!

Beauty For the Heart~~Dearest God, please never let me crowd my life full to the brim. So like the keeper of Bethlehem’s inn, I find I have no room for Him. Instead, let my heart’s door be ever open, ready to welcome the newborn King. Let me offer the best I have, to Him who gives me everything. -Rosalyn Hart Finch

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Wendy says

    Yes, we started this with our girls when they were young, and its the one thing they get to open Christmas Eve. I guess we like to see them in new crisp PJ’s on Christmas morning.

  2. Mindy says

    Hi Cyndi,
    Tonight is the VS Fashion show on CBS at 10:00EST. If you take a quick look at it you’ll realize why many of your readers are offended by the store and choose to spend their dollars elsewhere.
    I’ve enjoyed and learned so much from your blog!

  3. Cheryl says

    We do a “do not open until Christmas eve” box. Inside are new pj’s for my boys, a couple of new dvd’s, a 6 pack of some special soda that they don’t usually get to drink, and a box of microwave popcorn. After church and festivities, we open the box, get in our pj’s and stay up watching a movie. Now they are all-mom, are you doing “the box?” Of course I am! Merry Christmas and Glory to Emmanuel-God with us!

  4. Sandy says

    Wow…is it to late to start the pajama tradition…LOL. Our kids are out of the house and after hearing how many of you do this and how your kids love it and look forward to it, it makes me sad that I hadn’t heard of this while our kids were at home. Hmm..New pj’s would be nice!!

  5. Lynn says

    My mother did the same thing for my sister and I, therefore I have done the same with my three children. My oldest (22) just moved out to a place of her own this past weekend and said even though she would be home for Christmas, she would stay the night Christmas Eve. to get her pajamas..:) I love traditions like these, that they will remember and hopefully pass on to their children..:)

  6. brenda says

    some might be offended or taken back by the discussion on VS but I have to say I am encouraged that people are still sensitive to and paying attention to such matters. when I see some of the clothing being offered in extremely immodest clothing and many times one could not pick out the Christian person in a crowd by the more modest and proper attire it can be discouraging. THREE CHEERS FOR ALL WHO CARE!!!

  7. says

    Hi Cyndi.

    I love their pajamas too! My mom is 68, and the one item she asks me for every year is Victoria’s Secret pajamas! I bought her a pair several weeks ago. I like a lot of their clothing and their bras too.

    I may not agree with the morality of several of the companies I’ve made purchases from, but I try to focus my attention on my own issues. I don’t have to answer for them. I have to answer for my own actions.

    Thanks for sharing. I was just thinking about your Christmas Pajamas post from last year.

    Enjoy your new pajamas! :)

  8. Keenna M. says

    I did not realize that VS sold pajamas in lengths!!! I will definitely have to check this out as my concern is more in them being too long versus not long enough. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Lisa says

    We do the PJ’s on Christmas Eve too. :-) I understand what your reader said about Victoria Secret and setting an example and all. There are many companies/ organizations out there that support unGodly causes as apposed to Those That set Godly examples. It’s hard to know every thing about every company. Tommy Hilfiger is very “leftist”, and even the United Way gives some of there money to Planned Parenthood. We could go crazy with all the researsch needed to be done to try and find companies that are truly Biblical. We stopped having the Victoria Secret catalog come to our home because of how inappropriate it is. Anyway, I know your heart is in the right place Cyndi. Thank you for sharing the PJ photos. God bless

  10. Jean says

    We used to get Christmas Eve pjs when we were kids, and often my mom made them.

    My favorite pjs are from Soma – both summer and winter.

  11. Sara B says

    I have always done new pjs for my kids, even their cousins as babies/toddlers. When my SIL was alive, she even made them for several years as well as fancy clothes for them.

  12. says

    Well, I obviously totally disagree with Victoria Secrets having date night panties. I haven’t been in the store for years so I hadn’t seen it.
    I do like their pajamas I ordered last year.
    I have found many companies that i disagree with morally to what they give to, etc.
    I just never know where to draw the line. Thank for sharing this!

  13. says

    I love these pjs Cyndi! I remember that I started reading your blog last year around Christmas. I remember the pj post! My daughter and I get pjs for Christmas too. This year I found some fuzzy fleece pjs at Kohls! I also bought Vera Bradley slipper for her (: She opens her pjs and slippers on Christmas Eve after church, as well as one fun gift. Have a great day!! Susan

  14. Teresa says

    I do agree. There’s so much out there that is so inappropriate and I believe as Christians we need to be mindful–good stewards–of what we support (and businesses) with our money. When my son was a teenager and we went to the mall we had to pass by VS. On his own accord, He would literally turn his head to look the other way because as a male he had to work hard to avoid temptation. As Christian women we should do our best to help our brethren and not make life more difficult for them spiritually. Likewise, we need to teach our daughters the value of purity and sacredness of our bodies for intimacy within marraige. It’s so easy to get sucked in by worldly influences, the shine and bling and temptations the world offers. “Be holy as I am holy”

  15. Krista says

    We also do pj’s on Christmas Eve. I’ve always done this with my three children… My husband and I have been married for 5 years and I started this tradition for his 4 kids as well. It is now all 7 of the kids favorite present:) They are all teens now. They even love love it when they match and all 9 of us are wondering around the house playing games and eating goodies in new pajamas! As a blending family we also started an ornament painting tradition for our family tree. Our first X-mas together I realized I had things on our tree that my children had made over the years but didn’t have any of those things for my step-children… The solution was to buy ceramic ornaments at Hobby Lobby and let everyone paint an ornament every year… Now it truly is a family tree:) Thanks Cyndi! Krista

  16. Angie says

    We are doing this for the 19th time this year (kids are 19 and 16!). We also each get an ornament each year for the tree that represents something significant that happened that year. My husband and I started that on our first Christmas in 1990. Needless to say our tree is getting full!

  17. Misty says

    We also do pjs on Christmas Eve! My boys ages 8, 5, and 3 love getting them. Last year we also started a new tradition with an advent calendar. It has little boxes and each box contains a little symbol and a scripture (star for leading the magi, angel for angel appearing to Mary, etc). My boys look forward to it every night, and most importantly we focus on why we celebrate Christmas.

  18. says

    We do the same thing, Cyndi! We started when the older boys were 4 and 6 years old. Jack got them matching red plaid jammies and gave them to the boys on Christmas Eve. They unwrapped them after the Christmas Eve service and then went off to bed–and then they looked so cute for photos the next morning! Now I think they’d be really surprised if they didn’t get new jammies on Christmas Eve, although it’s impossible to find matching ones in all their different sizes. I even sent new jammies to Will in East Asia–couldn’t pack his Christmas package without them!

    Another thing we do along with the jammies is to make sausage balls. We make the dough and roll them into balls on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas morning we bake them while we open stockings. It’s such fun to smell the sausage balls baking while we sit by the fire! :)

  19. says

    We had never done the family Christmas PJs before, but last year my friend sent our whole family of 8 PajamaGrams! They were gingerbread men and so cute! We took the best family pics in them! We usually do an Advent Wreath and our Jesse Tree (and symbolic ornaments) with nightly prayers and Bible stories leading up to the birth of Jesus! <3

  20. Cassie says

    I have the cotton mayfair from VS and I always by long. These are really long!! But I still prefer this over pants and sleeves being too short. They are super comfy. My husband bought them for me as a Christmas present but was sweet enough to let me have them early since it’s so cold already!!

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