My Favorite Hair Care Products

My Favorite Hair Care Products

Yesterday, I shared my angled bob haircut so today I’m sharing my favorite hair care products. I do change my hair care products at times but these are the ones I’m using right now.

I have straight fine hair but I have a lot of it. Because I color treat my hair and use a blow dryer and flat iron, I struggle with dry over-treated hair.

I use Paul Mitchell Thicken Up®STYLING LIQUID. This product makes thin strands look and feel thicker without a heavy product feel.

My Favorite Hair Care Products

I also use Aquage Uplifting Foam. If you like volume this will give it to you. You spray Aquage at the root area for maximum volume and lift. I only use this on the back of my hair.

My Favorite Hair Care Products

I’ve recently started using Macadamia Healing Oil Spray and I’m in love with it!

My Favorite Hair Care Products

Here’s what it helps with~

  • Provides intense nourishment
  • Long lasting tangle + frizz-free finish
  • Amazing shine and manageability
  • Instantaneous absorption
  • Light-weight, non-greasy feel
  • Extends color treatment life
  • Natural UV protection

You can use this on dry or wet hair. I use a small amount before blow drying my hair and it has really helped! My hair feels and looks healthier.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you use on your hair? I’d love to know!

Beauty For the Heart~~I love this verse! “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Lisa M says

    Yes, I’ve strongly thought my diet plays a part and am trying to learn more on nutrition and eat cleaner and healthier. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Lisa says

    I’m gonna try the macadamia oil. Sounds great! how about shampoo and conditioner? Are you still using the Loreal sulfate free? Thx Cyndi

  3. Liz says

    Your hair always looks amazing! I’ve been using Big & Sexy products for several years but recently switched to Kenra 25 hairspray. It’s much less drying and dulling… it! The next time I need mousse I think I’ll try the Aquage Uplifting Foam. Kate from The Small Things Blog also recommends both the Kenra 25 hairspray and the Aquage Uplifting Foam; she’s a hair stylist so they must be good!!

  4. teresa says

    Gee, I must be the only person who doesn’t use “product”. I use L’oreal shampoo and conditioner with ceramides. It’s an amazing line. I use the shampoo as a body/face wash as it has salycilic acid. Then I go to bed and wake up to fluffy hair. If I don’t sleep on in, it’s not nearly as bouncy. I think it’s the cut because my hair is fine, but thick.
    LisaM, try upping your nutrition to keep it from falling out OR maybe it just looks like a lot of hair since it’s long.

  5. Missy says

    I like the Chi Keratin silk infusion. Have you ever tried that? I wonder how it compares to the Macadamia Healing Oil Spray. I may give the spray a try. I also like the Chi shampoo & conditioners. I used the Paul Mitchell thickening gel when you mentioned it a while back and really like it.

  6. Miki says

    I’m currently using L’Oreal EverCreme leave-in conditioning spray & Tresemme heat protecting spray. LOVE THEM!!! They are the only reason I still have hair on my head! I have afro curly hair which is cut in the same style as yours. I wash & blow dry every other day. I flat iron every single day which really fries my hair. I also touch up my roots about every 4-5 weeks.

  7. Christine says

    I’m a huge hair product junkie! :) I switch up shampoos and conditioners often because I feel like my hair gets used to it. Styling products are the same way. I always use a spray on leave in conditioner: Sexy Hair Concepts Healthy Sexy Hair Soy-Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner. Then I use a mousse of some sort: Kenra or Living Proof thickening creme. Then finally after blow drying I use Living Proof smoothing serum at the ends.

  8. Nancy Wiebel says

    I have used the aquage uplifting foam. I believe you have mentioned it before and I tried it based on your recommendation. It is true, it creates lift. I have a lot of hair as well, however mine is thick and naturally curly. So I don’t need the Paul Mitchell Thicken Up. But that oil product sounds awesome and exactly what I need. I currently use a L’Oreal oil and various heat protectant sprays for when I use the flat iron. But I’m always excited to try new products. Thanks!


  9. Lisa M says

    By the way, that Paul Mitchell, Thicken Up looks interesting. I will definitely be giving that a try for my thin hair. Where do you buy yours? Beauty salon, beauty supply store or any place shampoos are sold, like Target?

  10. Teresa says

    Moroccan Oil Styling Cream, Aquage Uplifting Foam. Sometimes the thicken up I like. About to give Keranique a try for my thinning hair.

  11. Lisa M says

    I have very thin, curly, just-past-shoulder length hair. I live in a very humid region and have to deal with frizz constantly, except for a couple of months during the winter. I’ve also noticed handfuls of hair coming out often, especially during the shower, so with already thin hair that concerns me. I rarely use heat on my hair since it’s curly, a lot of work and any good it does looks-wise rarely lasts past my front door. :) It looks pretty decent most of the time by letting it air dry & scrunching (as least to me). I use a leave in conditioner (right now I’m using Fructise Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave In Conditioner). Sometimes I’ll use a little bit of mousse only because I have a travel size handy, but not always (I have John Frieda Frizz-Ease Take Charge Curl Boosting Mousse). For quit a while I’ve been using Fructis Triple Nutrition Nutrient Spray after every shower (LOVE that product – but it goes quicker nowadays since my 14 y.o daughter also uses it) and they recently came out with Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil for hair, face and body (she hates that stuff). At first I would spray directly on my hair, like the Nutrient Spray, but this new oil left my hair looking greasy. But this past month I gave it another go. Instead of spraying directly on my hair I’ll spritz about 5 or 6 sprays in my hands, rub together and work through my hair. Much better. I never used it anywhere but my hair, but just the other day I used about 3 sprays each on my lower legs because I have extremely dry skin. That habit will take a while to get used to, but we’ll see how it works.

  12. Kerrye says

    Matrix Biolage Keratindose Renewal Spray. LOVE! “a leave-in lotion…instant silkiness, shine and manageability” Not cheap, but you use such a tiny amt. it will last me forever…

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