Fashion Friday Boutique Style


It's Fashion Friday and today I'm sharing a couple of cute tops from Glamour Farms. Many of you have commented about how great Glamour Farms customer service is and how quickly you get your order. They have so many cute clothes, it's worth checking them out! Make sure you use my discount code to get $10 off your order! Discount code: … [Read more...]

Makeup Trends Fall 2015

Makeup Trends

This time of year I get antsy about wanting to change my makeup routine. I like to get a makeover and see some of the new colors for fall. Now to be honest, I just tweak a few products. I'm at the age where I don't like crazy, trendy makeup. Although truthfully, I have never been one to wear crazy, trendy makeup. This summer I have been … [Read more...]

What I Wore-August 2015


Happy Hump Day! It's hard to believe this is the last Wednesday in August. I love the month of August but I have to admit by this time of the year, I start to get a little tired of my summer clothes. It seems like I just shared my 26 Days of Summer Fashion and it's now time to move on to fall fashion. How did that happen? Anyway, Wayne and I … [Read more...]

Fall Preview 2015-Tie Neck Blouses


Each Monday during the month of August I have been doing a fall preview of some trends we'll be seeing this fall. In case you haven't noticed, the '70s are IN. We'll be seeing flared denim, lace-up tops, suede and fringe everything. The '70s inspired style isn't about to end anytime soon and one of the biggest trends this fall is tie neck … [Read more...]

What Happens When God Says No


I don't know about you, but I love when the answer to our prayers are "YES".  Yes, that broken relationship will be mended. Yes, you are going to get that new job promotion.  Yes, your child will be healed. Yes, you can adopt a child. Yes, your loved one will live. Yes, your spouse will move back home. Wouldn't it be nice if yes … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday-Boutique Style

fall fashion boutique style 1

Happy Friday! I know you all are NOT going to believe me when I tell you this, but it is chilly outside this morning. It's in the 50's and our highs for today are going to be in the 70's. That's below normal for August in Kentucky. As you can imagine, it has me thinking fall! When it comes to chilly mornings and warm days, it's nice to have … [Read more...]

Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer


Several months ago I attended the Reward Style Conference in Dallas, Texas. This is an invitation only conference for style bloggers and I was beyond excited that I got invited. Then after I decided to go, fear set in because I didn't know anyone going and these were REAL style bloggers, what was I thinking? I tried to talk myself out of … [Read more...]

One Pant Styled Three Ways


Happy Hump Day! A few weeks ago I purchased these skinny ankle pants from LOFT. I love the color, plum preserve, and I knew I could style them several different ways. This style pant also comes in Navy. One of  the things you all ask me to style is work wear clothes. LOFT has a great selection of work wear clothes that can be mixed and … [Read more...]

Old Navy Fall Finds


It's hard to believe that my 26 Days of Fall Fashion starts 2 weeks from today!!! I'm super excited because Jo-Lynne Shane is joining me for this series. We both love to collaborate together and I think it will be fun to see our different styles of fall outfits. I've been trying to brainstorm some things we could do. Possibly a Facebook … [Read more...]

Fall Jewelry Preview 2015


This month I've been sharing some of what we'll be seeing this fall in fashion. We've talked about shoes and shearling coats and vests. Today, I'm sharing a fall jewelry preview 2015. It's fun to see what they say we will be wearing this fall. I have noticed over the years, we sometimes embrace the trends from the runways and other times they … [Read more...]

Sunday Encouragement-How Should We Live?

Let your light shine

Do you ever wonder what God wants us to be doing? What is His plan for you, what is His plan for me? We could ponder on that question all day but I think scripture gives us some answers. Jesus clearly commands that the goal of our lives should be to behave so that God gets the glory. We should live so that others will see our life and give … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday-Fall Boutique Style

black and floral

Here we are again, it's Friday, and it feels so good! It's going to be a beautiful summer weekend and I'm going to enjoy these warm weekends because they'll be gone before I know it. It might be warm outside, but fall has come to Glamour Farms boutique! Today I'm sharing 2 tops that are both great for the early fall season. ( Use code … [Read more...]

10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

It's that time of year when I start looking at my fall wardrobe essentials and see what pieces I need to replace. I try to buy quality pieces that will last more than one season but every few years, I usually have to buy a few new things. This year I'm going to have to purchase a new trench coat, mine has seen better days! These are the … [Read more...]

Transition Your Summer Wardrobe


Happy Hump Day! I know some of you are still dealing with hot weather but our weather is feeling like fall. We're having mild weather for August so I can't help but think fall fashion! It's fun to think about how to transition your summer wardrobe to a more fallish look. The weather can still be warm in the fall so I wear my sleeveless top but I … [Read more...]

Fall Preview 2015-Shearling Coats and Vests


I'm continuing my Grace + Beauty Fall Preview today with cozy shearling coats and vests. Supposedly, they are going to be a must have for this fall season. :-) Just in case you didn't know, shearling coats are made from processed lambskin, sheepskin, or pelt. This "shearing" process creates a uniform depth of the wool fibers for a uniform feel … [Read more...]

Sunday Encouragement-Trust Me

Have I not told you- Be strong and have

I shared with you a few days ago that I felt a whisper from God saying, "Trust me." Trust me in this crazy, messed up world. Trust me when you don't understand why things happen like children who are diagnosed with cancer, or children who are abused, sex trafficking, shootings and so much more. I think of what my Mom told me before she died, … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday-Boutique Style


Well happy Fashion Friday friends! Today I'm sharing this gorgeous chevron top and tote from Glamour Farms. (Use code: Spivey161 for $10 off your purchase, one time per customer.) I typically take my pictures in the morning before I head out for the day but when I wore this outfit, I was in a hurry to leave so I didn't take these until I got … [Read more...]

The Open Front Cardigan


I am working on my 26 Days of Fall Fashion coming up in September. I think it's going to be super fun and I'm getting excited about a lot of the fall styles. One piece that is going to be a fall must have for me is an open front cardigan. These cardigans are a layering dream and can make any outfit pop. They are also a great item to have for … [Read more...]

What I Wore-Neutral Swing Back Sweater

neutrals 8

Happy Hump Day ladies! This summer has been all about color for me but today I'm changing it up and wearing some neutrals. I paired this LOFT swing back sweater with my Wit & Wisdom jeans but I also think it would look good with a pair of off white pants. I'm such a fan of the hi-lo style top. The back of this is a silky, off white and … [Read more...]

Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep


If there is one thing that drives me crazy (okay there are lots of things that drive me crazy but we haven't got time for that), it's not being able to sleep. I was the best sleeper, until I turned 40. Then all of a sudden 3:30 am became my new best friend! Sorry, but that best friend had to go. It would happen over and over. I would go to … [Read more...]