Fashionable Christmas-Riding Boots

Fashionable Christmas-Riding boots

Day 7 of 12 days to a more Fashionable Christmas and it's Boots, Boots, & Boots! One thing that I've noticed is how many women are wearing riding boots. I see them everywhere and I don't have a pair......yet! I'm planning to snag a pair during all the after Christmas sales. But if you can't wait or are wanting to buy a pair as a gift, these … [Read more...]

Fashionable Christmas-Shoes

Tuxedo flats

I'm having so much fun with the 12 days to a more fashionable Christmas! Today is Day 6 and I'm sharing some fashionable shoes with you. It's no secret that I love shoes! This time of year, I wear boots a lot but on milder days, I love to pull out my flats. As I was looking for some cute flats to share with you I realized there are 3 styles … [Read more...]

Fashionable Christmas-Handbags

Fashionable Christmas-Handbags

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided to share 12 Days to a more Fashionable Christmas. There are too many things to share! Today, I'm sharing fashionable handbags and I could have picked thousands but obviously we don't have that kind of time. I did divide them into 3 categories that are all fashionable; Crossbody Handbags, Satchels, … [Read more...]

Fashionable Christmas-Pullover Sweaters

Polka dot and off white

We're on Day 3 of my series, 12 Days to a More Fashionable Christmas and pullover sweaters are a great look for the Christmas season. Most of us remember the 80s and 90s when Christmas sweaters were all the rage. I have to admit, I owned a couple of them. My Aunt Pat even made us Christmas sweatshirts one year and I have a picture of all the … [Read more...]

Fashionable Christmas Coats

The Trench Coat

It's Day 2 of my 12 Days to a More Fashionable Christmas and today it's all about coats. Today's coats not only keep us warm but also make a fashion statement. The Khaki coat is a Tommy Hilfiger Hooded Toggle Coat. It's a classic coat that can be worn for years. There's also Calvin Klein Women's Black trim coat, Tommy Hilfiger Women's Hooded … [Read more...]

12 Days To A More Fashionable Christmas-Watches

12 Day To A More Fashionable Christmas

I'm excited to begin the 12 Days to a more Fashionable Christmas with you! Whether you're wanting to treat yourself or looking for gifts to give, you've come to the right place. Today it's all about chic watches. Leeann Duggan a writer at says, "In the era of smartphone-as-pocket-watch, wearing a wristwatch is especially … [Read more...]

A Look Back At November 2012

A Look Back at November 2012

Well, here we are, December 1st and I thought we'd start the month by taking a look back at November 2012. What a fun month! These were some of my popular post in November 2012 just in case you missed anything: 1. My Favorite Hair Products 2. Nude Pantyhose vs. Black Tights 3. 3 Ways to Wear the Little Black Dress 4. 3 Easy Ways To Tie A … [Read more...]

My Favorite Hair Products

My favorite hair products

Many of you have asked about the hair products I use so I thought I'd share my favorite hair products. I change them every once in a while but this is what I'm using right now. I use L'Oreal EverPure Shampoo and Conditioner. I usually use the volume shampoo and conditioner.   I also use L'Oreal Everstrong overnight hair repair … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways To Tie A Scarf

3 Easy Ways To Tie a Scarf

Good morning! Today I'm sharing 3 easy ways to tie a scarf. You know, I love wearing scarves and I've been wearing these three ways a lot over the last month.  1. The Double Loop Wrap Place the scarf around your neck with the ends hanging in the back. Loop the ends of the scarf around and back to the front. Tie the two ends together with a … [Read more...]

Friday Faves and a Linky Party

Friday Faves and a linky party

Happy Friday! Every Friday, I want to share some of my favorite pins from Pinterest, favorite products, clothes, jewelry etc. I've decided to call it Friday Faves and I'm adding a linky party so other bloggers can share their favorite things too. Okay, I have two things I wanted to share with you today. I mentioned the Beauty Blender … [Read more...]