31 days series

Nude Pantyhose vs. Black Tights: Fashion Over 40

Pantyhose vs. Black tights: Fashion over 40

Today we're going to take a look at nude pantyhose vs. black tights. During the month of October I did 31 days of Fashion & Beauty for women over 40. On Day 13 I wrote about 25 clothes that just gotta go and one of those was flesh colored hose. I was quoting Charla Krupp from her book, How Not To Look Old. She said nude pantyhose definitely … [Read more...]

{Day 29}10 Things in 10 Minutes Take Off Ten Years

{Day 31} Fashion & Beauty For Women over 40

What a month! We've learned a lot about fashion & beauty for women over 40. Now it's time to summarize what we've learned. Today it's 10 things you can do in the next 10 minutes to take off 10 years (from How Not to Look Old by Charla Krupp). 1. Pick Pink for your Pout. I use Revlon ColorStay Lipcolor in Iconic Iris. I also use a clear … [Read more...]

{Day 22} Nails: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40

Day 22 Nails: Fashion & Beauty for Women over 40

I can't believe we're on Day 22 of my 31 days series of Fashion & Beauty for Women Over 40! It's flying by! Today we're going to talk about our nails, so hang on! When I first read in Charla Krupps book, How Not To Look Old, that acrylic nails and dark nail polish makes you look old, I was shocked. But after several days of thinking about … [Read more...]

{Day 16} Over 40 Fashion~Matchy-matchy is out!

{Day 21} Beauty For the Heart: Blessings

It's Day 16 of my 31 day series and we're now getting into the nitty gritty of our wardrobe. There's so much to talk about! Today we're going to throw out the old rules and learn the new rules. First and foremost, nothing ages us like matchy-matchy. Source: stylisheve.com via Liji on Pinterest   Start with your closet, … [Read more...]

{Day 13} Top 25 Clothes That Just Gotta Go

Clothes that gotta go

Happy Saturday! I'm having so much fun with this series and from all the positive comments and emails, I think ya'll are enjoying it too. Today I'm sharing the Top 25 Clothes That Just Gotta Go according to Charla Krupp, in her book How Not To Look Old. Of course, these are her opinions and if you want to wear any of these, feel free. I'm … [Read more...]

{Day 3} Hair Color: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40

Day 3-Hair Color: Fashion & Beauty for Women over 40/cyndispivey.com

Here we are, Day 3 and we're talking--Hair Color. Um...I have lots of personal experience with this one! I've been coloring (or having my hair colored) for at least 10 years. Hair color can make you look years younger especially if you're covering gray hair. First, lets talk about NOT covering your gray hair. Some women have gorgeous gray … [Read more...]

{Day 2} Hair: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40

31 days of fashion & beauty for women over 40

Good morning! I'm so glad you're joining me for 31 days of fashion & beauty for women over 40! Today we're talking Hair for women over 40. Okay let's just admit that as we grow older our hair changes. It seems to have a lot to do with hormonal changes. Some of us also start to gray and as we color our hair it changes the texture of … [Read more...]

31 Days Of Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40

31 Days of Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40

Okay, here we are at the beginning of October! I'm so excited to begin this series-31 days of Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40. I'm guessing that a lot of you are like me and asking the same question, "How in the world did I get here?" It was just yesterday that I had my first pimple! Of course everyday when I get up and look in the … [Read more...]