Keeping It Simple with Cover FX

Keeping it Simple with Cover Fx

Have you ever gone into Sephora thinking you're going to buy ONE thing and come out with a bag full? I recently did that very thing! I went in wanting to buy a new foundation. I mentioned the other day, I sometimes like to change my foundation in the spring/summer. I ended up being introduced to Cover FX.  Cover FX tries to be as organic as … [Read more...]

6 Steps To Younger Looking Skin

6 Steps To Younger Looking Skin

Well, we're a few weeks into the New Year and I'm looking for ways to keep myself healthy (I don't want the flu!) and of course ways to keep my skin looking  good. There are 6 steps to younger looking skin that can help all of us look and feel better. 1. Sunscreen-Many of us think that during winter months we don't need sunscreen. But that's … [Read more...]

Last Minute Gift Ideas!

last minute gift ideas

In case you're heading out to shop today for some stocking stuffers or gifts, here's some great last minute gift ideas. 1. L'Oreal infallible eyeliner 2. Eyelash curler - we all need one of these! 3. Brush Kit 4. Chi Flat Iron 5. Chambray Shirt 6. EOS organic lip balm 7. Scarf I love all these items! They would make great … [Read more...]

A Look Back At November 2012

A Look Back at November 2012

Well, here we are, December 1st and I thought we'd start the month by taking a look back at November 2012. What a fun month! These were some of my popular post in November 2012 just in case you missed anything: 1. My Favorite Hair Products 2. Nude Pantyhose vs. Black Tights 3. 3 Ways to Wear the Little Black Dress 4. 3 Easy Ways To Tie A … [Read more...]

What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday

Good morning and happy hump day! I don't know if you can tell but I'm changing things around a little bit here on my blog. I'm having a few technical problems and I'm hoping they'll be fixed soon. If you want to leave a comment on this post click the title and the comment box will appear. Yeah, it's not supposed to be that way … [Read more...]

Favorite Drugstore Makeup Finds

Maybelline eyeshadow

Good morning! It's Monday and it's raining here, which would be great if I could stay home all day, but unfortunately I have to head out to work. Today I wanted to share three products I've recently tried. I purchased all of them at our local CVS Pharmacy. They are easy to find and inexpensive. Yeah! The great thing about purchasing … [Read more...]

Picking The Right Foundation For Your Face

Foundations For Your Face

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Yesterday was crazy and I didn't get to post about foundations for your face. So, today I'm combining cream to powder and whipped or mousse foundations. Mousse/Whipped Foundation These foundations are suitable for all skin types. The texture is light and airy and it doesn't feel heavy on your … [Read more...]

What I Wore Wednesday


Well, we've made it half way through the week! Yeah! Wednesday is a long day for me. I work all day (I'm a dental hygienist) and then come home, change my clothes and head to church. What are your Wednesdays like?  Okay, on to What I Wore this past week. I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. Top: JCPenney Pants: TJ Maxx Wedge … [Read more...]

Picking The Right Foundation~Liquid Foundations

Liquid Foundations

Good morning ladies! This week we're talking about picking the right foundation for your face. Yesterday, we talked about mineral foundations and tinted moisturizers. Today, we're going to talk about liquid foundations. Liquid foundations have been around forever but the liquid foundations today aren't the same foundations our … [Read more...]

Picking The Right Foundation For Your Face

foundation for your face

Have you ever noticed how many foundations there are to choose from? There's liquid, powder, mousse, creams; medium coverage, full coverage, sheer, and the list goes on! How do you know what foundation is right for your face? First, why should you even wear foundation? (Many women don't and never will, and that's fine.) But, … [Read more...]

Update On The Signature Nail Systems


Hey ladies! Today I thought I'd update you on my Signature Nails. Do you remember a few weeks ago I tried the Signature Nail Systems? Here's a picture of my nails on the first day~ I have to say, I have loved these nails! I've tried acrylic and gel nails and these are by far, my favorite. Here's a picture of my nails after … [Read more...]

High Five For Friday!

National Day of Prayer

I'm so glad it's Friday~I need the weekend, don't you? Today I thought I'd share my top 5 things of the past week. 1. I started the week sharing my Makeup Tips for Women over 40. If you missed it you might want to check it out here! 2. May 1st was my daughter's birthday and we had fun celebrating. We did a lot of eating and … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Gel Eyeliner


Good morning! Today we're talking about eyeliner. Woo hoo! Who knew you could get so excited over eyeliner. :-) Eyeliner is one of the things I wear everyday. Truth be told, I sometimes were it to bed because I'm too lazy to remove my eye makeup. I know, not smart! Anyway, eyeliner makes your eyes pop and I've recently started … [Read more...]

Makeup Tips For Women Over 40

Make-up tips for women over 40

Today, I want to share some makeup tips for women over 40. As we age, our skin changes. What might have worked for us in our 20s and 30s may not work for us in our 40s and beyond. There are several things we can do to help us look fabulous after 40! Moisturize! I can't tell you how important it is to moisturize. As we age our face … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Nails Again!

Laundry room

Woo hoo it's Friday! Traci is coming over today to work on my laundry room. It's finally starting to come together and we're both loving it. Here's a sneak peek at some things we found at Home Goods~~ My husband and I were at Lowe's last night picking some stuff up for our laundry room and he said, "I thought Traci was supposed to … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday

Happy Friday friends! Oh how I love the weekend! We have a very special celebration planned on Saturday with my husbands' family. We will be celebrating his Mom and Dad's 65th wedding anniversary!  I haven't decided what I'm going to wear (it's not going to be dressy) so I was looking on Pinterest to see if there was anything that … [Read more...]

What I Wore This Week~Vacation Pics


Happy Hump Day!! I hope you're having a great week. I'm having a lot of fun on vacation with my family. Although I do miss my husband! This has been a big week because our Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA tournament. I've worn this shirt twice! Don't worry, I washed it! This time of the year in Florida can still be a little cool at night … [Read more...]

This Is Random~Worry and Eyebrows!

Yeah! Its' Friday! Today I'm switching things up. I'm starting with my heart issues and ending with a fashion tip. Beauty For the Heart~~I have to tell you something about myself. I am a worrier! I know what you're thinking, worry is a sin. Well, I'm a sinner, and a big one! This past week I've been feeling a little under the weather … [Read more...]

What I Wore This Week

What I wore wednesday

Happy Hump Day! Oh my, it's warm here, so I've been scrambling to get my spring and summer clothes out. We're all trying to soak up this beautiful weather and I even laid outside on a blanket for a little while yesterday. This is NOT typical weather for March! I showed you this outfit last Friday when I posted on color blocking. The … [Read more...]

Color Blocking For Spring Fashion

color blocking

Happy Friday! I'm so glad it's the weekend! Today I wanted to share with you one of the hottest trends of the spring/summer season. It's called color blocking and I love it! What is color blocking? I'm glad you asked! Color Blocking is combining different colors that support and compliment each other. If you're going to be doing any … [Read more...]