March Birchbox


Hey friends I wanted to share my March Birchbox with you today. As most of you know I'm flying to San Francisco today. I'm actually up in the air right now. It won't hurt my feelings if you want to say a quick prayer for our safety! :-) Birchbox is a monthly subscription. They are redefining the retail process by offering consumers a … [Read more...]

My January Birchbox


Hey ladies! It's Saturday and it's catch up day for me! I haven't shared my Birchbox with you in a while so I thought I'd share my January box with you today. If you don't know what Birchbox is all about, you can go here. This month was a good box! Heres's what I received: 1. Fruit Pigmented Mascara-I can't wait to try this! It thickens … [Read more...]

My Weekend + June Birchbox

June Birch box

Good morning! We had a busy weekend! My sister, Traci got home from Nicaragua last night and we met her at the airport to welcome her home. I was so glad to see her! This is Colt waiting for Aunt Traci to get off of her plane. Eli, Traci's youngest son has his arm around Colt. So sweet! We also had a wedding of a dear friend to attend on … [Read more...]

March Birchbox

March Birchbox

Today I wanted to share my March Birchbox with you. Have you heard of a Birchbox? Birchbox is a great way to learn about, and shop the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products on the market. Each Birchbox is handpicked and delivered to your door for $10/month + Birchboxes Ship Free! Because of my age, I seem to receive a lot of anti-aging … [Read more...]

A Daily Exfoliant That Works!

A Daily Exfoliant That Works

Good morning! Today, I wanted to share a product with you that I've been using. The product is called Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. It's a daily exfoliant for your face that really works. Here's the thing, I received the product in my Birchbox (I love getting my Birchbox every month and if you would like to get one, you can go here). As usual … [Read more...]

A Firming & Lifting Cream That Works!


I have to tell you, I'm a sucker for anything that says anti-aging, firming, or lifting! I'm obviously not the only one. I recently read that we spend over a billion dollars a year on anti-aging products. Honestly, I don't think there's a product out there that's going to make my 45 year old face and neck look like a 25 year old. I say it on … [Read more...]

Wanna Try a BirchBox?

Have You Tried Birchbox

Last week I shared with you my heart on mixing Fashion and Jesus. I'm a girly girl who's passionate about Jesus but I also love fashion and make up so a couple of times a week I'll share some of my favorite products, tips, etc. I recently started following Kate, at The Small Things Blog. I love her video tutorials and have started using several … [Read more...]