A Cleaning Day~~Inside and Out!


    Today I'm heading to Courtney's house to help her clean. For some reason she thinks because she's nine months pregnant she needs help. :-) Actually, I love to clean! (I know I'm weird) It just feels so good when you're finished. As I was thinking about cleaning her house Psalm 51:10 came to my mind. "Create in … [Read more...]

A House Full of Dust and Love


Welcome back to........ If you missed last week you can go here and check out how we started our Spring Cleaning. Today, we're going to clean our blinds and windows. It's still pretty chilly here in Kentucky so I want to get this done now and then when the weather warms up, I'll be ready to go outside! These are my supplies..... I love … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning, a Crazy Hairdo, and Some Prayer Time


Welcome to Spring Cleaning 101!! Okay, maybe you're not that excited. But we can have some fun doing this!! Turn on your favorite music....I like to listen to some praise music. Of course I also need a cup of this.... {Photo Credit} Now it's time to get started! We're going to clean our ceilings. We need to get rid of cobwebs … [Read more...]