My Closet Organization


I shared with you a few weeks ago that I was going to get my closet organized. My husband and I shared our master bedroom walk-in closet but to be honest it isn't large enough for the two of us. So I decided to bail out and use a closet in our guest bedroom. This is how bad my closet had gotten. I will only show this picture one time, … [Read more...]

{Day 13} Top 25 Clothes That Just Gotta Go

Clothes that gotta go

Happy Saturday! I'm having so much fun with this series and from all the positive comments and emails, I think ya'll are enjoying it too. Today I'm sharing the Top 25 Clothes That Just Gotta Go according to Charla Krupp, in her book How Not To Look Old. Of course, these are her opinions and if you want to wear any of these, feel free. I'm … [Read more...]

5 Fashion Tips For Women Over 40

5 Fashion tips for women over 40

As we age, it's hard to know what to wear. So, today I'm sharing 5 fashion tips for women over forty. Stay away from the junior section! You shouldn't dress head to toe "Forever 21"~~or tween clothes for that matter. Even if you have miraculously maintained your skinny figure to fit into juniors sizes, that doesn’t mean you should wear … [Read more...]

Christmas Fashion For Kids


Fashion is not just for us grown ups. Baby and Children's clothes for Christmas are absolutely adorable! I'm having way too much fun shopping for Colt Allen and I think my husband better add an envelope to our Dave Ramsey budget! Here's some cute outfits I found online~~~ If you like a traditional look this dress is beautiful! This is … [Read more...]