Favorite “PINS” Friday-Dress Inspired

Favorite "pins" Friday

It's June and that makes me think--wedding. I have a wedding I'll be attending next weekend and I've been looking at dresses that inspire me. I already have several dresses I can wear but I'd like to add some accessories. I love this dress and the clutch she's carrying is gorgeous. Clutches are trendy right now so I'm seeing them … [Read more...]

Fashionable Christmas-Dresses

Fashionable Christmas-dresses

Hi friends! I've struggled writing this post. My heart is still so heavy over the loss of life. Funerals will begin today for the children and adults at Sandy Hook. I will continue to pray, and to beg for healing not only for the community of Sandy Hook but also for our nation. Over the last week, I've been sharing ideas for a more Fashionable … [Read more...]

Favorite “Pin” Friday!

Happy Friday friends!! I have a busy weekend ahead. I'm doing something I always say I'll never do again~~I'm have a garage sale! My daughter talked me into it. As always, we try to make it fun so my sister and sister-in-law are joining in on the madness and they are coming over tonight to stay all night. We might as well have a … [Read more...]