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How To Apply Eye Shadow To Deep Set Eyes

How to apply eye shadow to deep set eyes

Hey friends! Well, I'm a little frustrated! I'm trying to do more videos but it's sooooo hard. I watch a lot of videos and I'm not satisfied with mine yet. The only way I know to get better is to keep doing them. So I know I'm going to look back on this and think, "that's horrible!" ¬†Actually I already do----bad sign. Anyway, some of you … [Read more...]

{Day 5} Eyes: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40

Day 5-Eyes: Fashion & Beauty For Women over 40

It's Day 5 and today its all about the eyes! Our eyes are the first place to show age. So we want to add youth and pep to our eyes through some simple make-up techniques. Lets get right to the point and learn ways to make us look and feel younger with our eyes. The Don'ts of Eye Make-up for Women Over 40: Don't paint three distinct … [Read more...]