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My 6 “Must Have” Hair Products

My 6 "Must Have" Hair Products

I'm in the process of letting my hair grow out. It's in that not looking so good stage. I'm going to try for a few months and then if it's not working for me, I'll cut it off. Here are some haircuts that I like. I want a longer version of the angled bob cut. My hair could never look like this, but I love those curls. {source} I get the … [Read more...]

My Favorite Hair Products

My favorite hair products

Many of you have asked about the hair products I use so I thought I'd share my favorite hair products. I change them every once in a while but this is what I'm using right now. I use L'Oreal EverPure Shampoo and Conditioner. I usually use the volume shampoo and conditioner.   I also use L'Oreal Everstrong overnight hair repair … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Fake Thick Hair

5 ways to fake thick hair

Okay, since several of you have emailed me hair questions I'm going to talk about hair today and I'm sharing 5 Ways To Fake Thick Hair. Several of you asked if I had thick hair. I texted my hair stylist and asked her if I had thick hair, thin hair, or in between. She said I have fine hair with a lot of strands so it's in between. I thought … [Read more...]

Favorite Products For My Hair

Ojon damage reverse shampoo and conditioner

Good morning! In case you missed it, Monday, I shared about some of my favorite drugstore makeup finds. I love shopping at our local drugstore for all kinds of products but today I'm sharing some hair products that I buy online or at my local salon. I get lots of emails about what products I use and like on my hair. I style my … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Hair Today!

Hair products

Good morning! You guys are too sweet! You were so kind to me in your comments of my first hair style video tutorial. Most of you even liked my "mid-life crisis" blond streak{wink}. I am going to keep it right now. Many of you had questions that I didn't think to tell you in my video. I was also trying to keep it as short as possible. My … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Hair Products!


Good Morning! I hope your weekend was great! I did some nesting and organizing around my house and I found a wonderful way to store all my scarves. I'm always looking for new ways to organize aren't you? Today I wanted to share some hair products I use and love. I buy some products from a salon, some from local stores and I order some … [Read more...]

I’m On A Hair Kick!


Okay I wanted to share some more hair pictures with you. For some reason I'm on a hair kick! I called my sister and told her about it and we both laughed about how Mom was the same way. She was always finding a haircut she liked and then trying to find out where they got their haircut, how they styled it, and what products they … [Read more...]