Maskcara IIID Foundation Review

Maskcara IIID Foundation Review

Happy Memorial Day! I hope your day consists of some outdoor summer fun! But I hope you also take time to reflect on the sacrifices that have been made for us by our military. I'm so thankful for the men and women who have fought and died for our freedoms. They are heroes! This is one of those long overdue posts. Several months ago, I … [Read more...]

6 Eyeliner Tips For Women Over 40

6 Eyeliner Tips For Women Over 40

Eyeliner gets a little tricky as we age. I think we need it but how much do we need? And what color? Here are some eyeliner tips for women over 40: Don't skip eyeliner altogether—it's a great way to make your eyes look more open and pop. Choose brown or gray over black eyeliner. Black can be harsh and we are trying to soften our … [Read more...]

My January Birchbox


Hey ladies! It's Saturday and it's catch up day for me! I haven't shared my Birchbox with you in a while so I thought I'd share my January box with you today. If you don't know what Birchbox is all about, you can go here. This month was a good box! Heres's what I received: 1. Fruit Pigmented Mascara-I can't wait to try this! It thickens … [Read more...]

My Everyday Makeup Routine

My Everyday Makeup Routine

I always get emails about makeup, what are you using, what's your favorite brand, etc. I have to admit, I love change when it comes to makeup. When I was younger I would stick to a certain brand like Clinique or Bobbi Brown and use all of their products. As I've gotten older I've realized I can mix and match and use my favorite products from … [Read more...]

How To Apply False Eyelashes

How To Apply False Eyelashes

There are a lot of things that change after turning 40. One of the things that surprised me was my eyelashes became thinner, shorter and lighter. Most days I use mascara and an eyelash curler to add shape, length and volume. But sometimes if I'm going somewhere special I enhance my eyelashes a little more with false eyelashes. False eyelashes … [Read more...]

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers!


In case you’re heading out to shop today, here are some last minute stocking stuffers or gift ideas. Any girl who loves makeup and fashion would love these! 1. Urban Decay Naked3-great eyeshadow! 2. Sephora Collection Heated Eyelash Curler-great for anyone who has straight eyelashes. 3. InStyle Magazine-This is one of my favorite … [Read more...]

My One Black Friday Purchase!

IIID foundation

Good Monday Morning!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know a lot of you went Black Friday shopping but I decided to decorate my house for Christmas, so I didn't go this year. I did purchase one thing on Black Friday and I did it online. Of course it wasn't a Christmas gift, it was for me so I'm not sure that counts. :-) Most of … [Read more...]

My Search For The Best Eye Concealer


I feel like I'm on a mission to find the best eye concealer. Believe me, when I say I've tried a lot of eye concealers. The people at Sephora know me by name. I buy, I try, and then I return the product. It's getting embarrassing. Of course it is a worthy mission, right? An eye concealer can make you or break you. :-) Well, here is where I … [Read more...]

5 Quick Tips To Look Your Best!


It's a busy time of the year! We're getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and most of us will be getting together with our friends and families. Although we have lots to do, we still want to feel and look good. So here are 5 Quick Tips to Look Your Best! 1. Add some bangs-Have you ever seen a before and after makeover on someone over … [Read more...]

8 Fall 2013 Makeup Trends {Part 2}

cat eye

Hello! It's Day 5 of 31 Days Of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips! Yesterday I shared four of the 8 Fall 2013 Makeup Trends, so today I'll share the rest of them with you. Let's get started! 5. Pink or peach blush-This is a look I can go with! Soft pink and peach blushes seem to be the trend. So ditch those brown and dark blushes for a pink or … [Read more...]

8 Fall 2013 Makeup Trends {Part 1}


Yay for Friday! It's Day 4 of 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips and I'm sharing 8 Fall 2013 Makeup Trends with you. Before we get started please watch this quick 16 second commercial. Have you seen it? Every time I watch it I laugh out loud!! This commercial is making a very good point that we all need to remember. Just because … [Read more...]

Favorite Products Video!

My Favorite Products Video

Good morning! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite products I've been using this summer. It's my July/August favorite products video. I made a mistake in my video so I'll clear it up now. It's not Avines Love Shampoo and Conditioner it's Davines. I also mention Cara in my video and her blog is called maskCara and can be found here. She … [Read more...]

My New Favorite Lip Balm

L'Oreal Lip Balm

It's no secret that I have an obsession with lip balms. I can't seem to have enough of them. I recently tried L'Oreal lip balm and it's my new favorite. I'm using the color Nourishing Nude #818. It's one of those "barely there" colors that I love using in the summer. I can carry it in my pocket and put it on without using a mirror. It feels … [Read more...]

How To Contour and Highlight Your Face

How to Contour & Highlight Your Face

I love to experiment with makeup. I'm not a makeup artist but I've always wanted to be one. I could spend hours on the computer watching makeup videos. One of the things I've started doing in the last year is to contour and highlight my face. Contouring and highlighting has been around a long time. What does it actually do? It helps sculpt your … [Read more...]

Almay & Kate Bryan’s Date Night Look

Almay & Kate Bryan's Date Night Look

I was delighted to be asked by BlogHer to share this Almay-sponsored video series, “Different Occasions. Different Looks. Always Pretty." I know Almay has great products, but I was also excited because Kate from The Small Things Blog was in the video. I've followed her blog since she began blogging and I love all her beauty and hair tips. She … [Read more...]

Welcome To My Youtube Channel!

Welcome To My Youtube Channel!

Okay, I've updated my Youtube channel and I'm going to start video blogging or for short vlogging. Please bare with me and realize there will be a learning curve! But I promise I'll work hard to get better. I know what you're going to ask first! "Have you done a tutorial on your eye makeup for dark circles."  The answer is yes, I'm working on … [Read more...]

How I Cover Up My Dark Circles!

How I Cover up my Dark Circles

Each week I post pictures of my outfits or my latest makeup or beauty tips. But, I don't usually post pictures of myself without my makeup. Several of you have emailed me and asked if I would share how I  do my makeup. Honestly, I haven't wanted to do it because I didn't want to video myself without makeup. Call me vain, but when you're over 45, … [Read more...]

Keeping It Simple with Cover FX

Keeping it Simple with Cover Fx

Have you ever gone into Sephora thinking you're going to buy ONE thing and come out with a bag full? I recently did that very thing! I went in wanting to buy a new foundation. I mentioned the other day, I sometimes like to change my foundation in the spring/summer. I ended up being introduced to Cover FX.  Cover FX tries to be as organic as … [Read more...]

Help For Dark Circles

Help For Dark Circles

I'm always, always looking for products that will help with my dark circles. The older I get the more they seem to be showing up. Ugh! I know there are things that can help such as sleep, drinking lot of water, eating healthy etc. but on those days that some of these things are lacking I need extra help. Lots of extra help! I recently tried … [Read more...]

Favorite “Pins” Friday

Favorite "Pins" Friday

Oh how I've missed you Friday. You make me very happy and I always need you! Hooray for Friday! Today my "pins" are makeup, health, and of course spring clothes. Right now I can only dream of spring clothes because March is turning out to be quite cold. I love to read about makeup secrets that the professionals use and this was … [Read more...]