Fashionable Christmas-Skirts

Fashionable Christmas-Skirts

It's Day 11 of a more Fashionable Christmas. This Christmas season is full of holiday skirts! There are lots of fun skirts to wear or you can stick with a traditional black pencil skirt. I love a black pencil skirt because it's so versatile. I also love wearing red this time of the year, just add some jewelry and you're ready for the holidays. … [Read more...]

{Day 20} Shorten Those Skirts: Fashion Over 40

Day 20-Shorten your skirt: Fashion over 40

Huh? I know what you're thinking. We're over 40, we're not supposed to wear mini skirts, right? Absolutely! But, there is an appropriate length that looks best and many of us might need to shorten our skirts a little. According to the experts, the perfect length for a straight skirt is when the skirt hits that spot on the back of your knee … [Read more...]