spring 2013

Spring 2013 Nail Color

Spring 2013 Nail Color

I thought I'd share some Spring 2013 Nail Color with you since it's pedicure time. A few weeks ago I went in for a pedicure and a manicure. Of course the first thing they told me to do was pick out a color. I thought about the spring colors I had seen, and I knew neutrals and pastels were in so I picked a light pink for my nails (I can't … [Read more...]

Spring’s Sunshine Yellow Handbags

Spring's Sunshine Yellow Handbags

Well, with the cold weather we've had over the last week, it has me daydreaming of warmer days, buttercups, and green grass. Spring will be here soon so why not check out some spring handbags. If you're a fan of color, you're in luck because it looks like adding bright colorful handbags is going to be very fashionable. As I was searching spring … [Read more...]

I’m Thinking Green and I Have a Favor

I'm-Thinking-Green 4

Well, in case you haven't heard, green is going to be a hot color for 2013. So, of course I'm thinking green! I've always been a fan of green. I remember as a little girl, my parents were in the process of building a home and Mom let my sister, brother and I pick out the color of carpet we each wanted in our rooms (what was she thinking?).  My … [Read more...]