Tie It Together Thursday!

Tie It Together Thursday!

Hi! It's Tie It Together Thursday! Today I'm styling a mother-of-the-bride dress. Missy sent me this dress that she's wearing in October to her daughter's wedding. I could not help but think classic! It's simple but elegant and being from the south, when I think elegant, I can't help but think of pearls. If you're from the south, … [Read more...]

Tie It Together Thursday

Tie It Together Thursday

Welcome to Tie It Together Thursday! This is where I take an outfit that you send me and add all the accessories. So please, if you have an outfit send it to me at cyndispivey(at)gmail(dot)com. Today I'm styling a dress for Debbie. Her son is getting married in October and she's wearing this gorgeous grey dress from Lane … [Read more...]

Favorite “PINS” Friday-Dress Inspired

Favorite "pins" Friday

It's June and that makes me think--wedding. I have a wedding I'll be attending next weekend and I've been looking at dresses that inspire me. I already have several dresses I can wear but I'd like to add some accessories. I love this dress and the clutch she's carrying is gorgeous. Clutches are trendy right now so I'm seeing them … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday~Mother of the Bride Fashion


Happy Friday! Yesterday I shared some mother of the bride etiquette and ideas with you. Today, I'm going to share with you some dresses that would be beautiful for the mother of the bride. At my daughter's wedding, I was her Matron of Honor so my color matched her bridesmaids, but the style was different. Honestly, I don't … [Read more...]

Mother of the Bride Etiquette

wedding day prayer

Hey ladies! A few weeks ago one of my readers emailed me this question: "Have you ever done a story on ideas for fashion for the mother of the bride? My daughter is getting married in July and I am feeling a tad over whelmed by the daunting task of picking out my dress!! Any ideas would be welcomed. Thanks and Blessings," I loooove … [Read more...]

Pajamas, Coffee, and Faithfulness…..

Wedding 2010

I'm sitting here this morning in my leopard print pajamas sipping on some wonderful coffee and thinking about LIFE. As I was doing my devotion and reading God's word, I continue to be amazed at His faithfulness. The past two years have been filled with so much change but as I think back I can't have imagined going through it without the Lord. To … [Read more...]

I’m Breathing……Just Slowly


I have to tell you before I hit publish on a personal post I usually let my husband read it. As a pastor he writes a lot of sermons and I trust his judgement. He also knows me better than anyone. He's brutally honest (sometimes too honest). When he read my last post he said, "I'm not sure you're breathing yet"  Ouch! I assured him although it was … [Read more...]