Laughter….it does a Marriage Good!

I’m going to share with you a secret. Don’t tell anyone else, but my husband and I argue sometimes. I know, you’re shocked aren’t you?

Some people think that a pastor’s home is perfect but I’m here to tell you, we’re not! We make mistakes, we get upset and sometimes we disagree.

Several years ago when our children were teenagers we were struggling with typical teenage issues. Our children were asking to do things that Wayne and I weren’t always comfortable with.

You know……….. the everybody else has a phone, everybody else gets to stay out until one in the morning, everyone else is going to the party and so on!  Most of the time, Wayne and Iwould talk it over and make the decision together.

One particular day I made a decision (I can’t even remember what it was now but I think it was a pretty important one) without discussing it with Wayne. Sometimes Wayne was busy and I didn’t  want to bother him, but this decision I made, I knew he would not agree with.

Wayne came home that evening and I preceded to tell him what I had let one of our children do. He got mad. I got mad.  We began arguing.

Then my husband did one of the funniest things (it’s funny now, at the time, not so much). He kicked his shoes off and began taking his pants off…… I know, it sounds hilarious.

He then said, “You want to wear the pants in the family? You want to wear the pants in the family? Here, you wear the pants in the family!!!” He then threw them across the room.

There he stood. No pants on and very mad. I had two choices; put the pants on or leave the room. I chose the latter (which is shocking! I can be stubborn).

I know you’re not suppose to go to bed mad but this particular night we thought it would be best to go to bed and let both of us cool down.

The next day Wayne went to work, we still were not talking. He came home for lunch and had a huge smile on his face. I wasn’t quite ready to smile but he began chasing me around the house.

Needless to say he caught me and we both began to crack up laughing. We laughed so hard we cried!

I tell you all this to say, we don’t even remember what we were arguing over now but we still laugh about Wayne taking his pants off.

Marriage is hard and we sometimes disagree, but laughter has always been good medicine for our marriage. Today, maybe things are a little crazy around your house. Let me suggest laughter……it really does do a marriage good!

“A joyful heart is good medicine” Proverbs 17:22

Wayne and I have been married for 19 years. We love to spend time together and we love to LAUGH!!!

Walking in His Grace,

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  1. I love this story. I can see where one can laugh about him throwing his pants down. I think it would be something to laugh about for years.
    If my husband and I didn’t have laughter, we would have nothing. Yes, love and faith do get you far. However, laughter makes it that much sweeter.

    Stopping by from Time Travel Tuesday

  2. Too funny! My hubby and I are in the throes of raising teenagers right now so it is so nice to see a couple that survived the tornado of adolescence and lived to still be married 🙂 Thanks for sharing this story and making me smile!

  3. What a great post, my husband and I are just starting out family, we’ve been married almost 3 years, and have a one year old, and as we’ve walked just this short time together, there have been seasons where we have lost our laughter. Thank you for reminding me of it’s importance.

  4. What a great story! One I’m sure will bring you laughter for years to come! Thank you for sharing with all of us gals out here in blogland how to stay happily married! I’m going on 32 years, and my hubby still keeps me laughing…that’s not to say he doesn’t get ornary sometimes…but at the end of the day, he can be pretty funny! God Bless you!
    Sugar Pie Farmhouse

  5. Cute story! I have to tell you, I didn’t know where that story was going about the time he took his pants off. LOL!!!! My husband would love to be the one that thought to do that (Needless to say, I will not share this particular story with him)! 🙂 I am learning to let more things go and laugh more. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. That was hysterical… I hope he doesn’t mind you sharing his ‘moment’ of temper over the internet. I am afraid if my husband did that I would have laughed my way all the way out of the room. Believe me it gets better… we made it to our 37th year and we still laugh at some things done in the past.

  7. yup. we argue too. did I just type that? oops! and thankfully God has blessed me with a man who has a quick wit and a great sense of humor and knows just how to diffuse a situation.

  8. The pastor who married us included “laughing together” on his list of regular habits to have in our marriage. We’ve had some doozy arguments, but we thankfully the laughter outweighs them! Great post, Cyndi!