Pros and Cons of Gel Eyeliner

Good morning! Today we’re talking about eyeliner. Woo hoo!

Who knew you could get so excited over eyeliner. 🙂

Eyeliner is one of the things I wear everyday.

Truth be told, I sometimes were it to bed because I’m too lazy to remove my

eye makeup. I know, not smart!

Anyway, eyeliner makes your eyes pop and I’ve recently started wearing gel eyeliner

because it goes on easy without tugging on the delicate eye area.

The skin around our eyes is thin and as we age, skin loses its elasticity and becomes even

thinner due to a breakdown of collagen.

It’s important not to pull or tug on the eye area while putting on eyeliner.

There are many gel eyeliners to choose from but I use Maybelline Eye Studio gel eyeliner.

There are pros and cons to using gel eyeliner:


  • Gel eyeliner produces neat line
  • You can control thickness of lines
  • It glides on smoothly and does not tug on skin
  • Gel eyeliner is long lasting and doesn’t smudge


  • It dries quickly so any mistakes have to be fixed quick
  • Takes a few times getting use to using a brush to apply eyeliner

The Maybelline Eye Studio gel eyeliner is inexpensive and lasts a long time.

What about you, do you wear eyeliner and have you tried gel eyeliner?

Beauty For the Heart~~This week in Sunday School we’re studying the Shema

in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, which is the foundation of the Jewish faith and the

commandment Jesus considered the greatest in Mark 12:28-30.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all

your mind and with all your strength. Mark 12:30

As christians this verse should guide our everyday life.

Does your life reflect your love for God?

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  1. I’m new to your blog, but I love the idea of grace and beauty combined, so I will definitely be back. Plus, I adore beauty tips like this one! I am going to try that eyeliner! I’d never thought of tugging on your eyelid area as a possible ager. Thanks!

  2. I do wear eyeliner pencil under my eyes only. Haven’t tried gel; I’m afraid I’d make a big mess. But the no sludge part interests me.

    I have a terrible problem with my lashes. They are light and very short. I have tried many, many mascaras with not much luck. If I could afford the $$$and the time I would do extensions. And I’ve never worn false eyelashes either.

  3. I always wear eyeliner and have tried the gel, but have a hard time getting a nice line with it. My favorites (pencils) are Urban Decay 24/7 liner and Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes. Both are a very soft pencil (almost like a gel) that doesn’t tug at my eyes and I can get a soft smudgy line like I like. Maybe I need to practice more with the gel.

  4. I barely wear any makeup, but I will not go out without my eyeliner on. I have not used gel liner yet, but I would love to try it!