{Day 15} Our Neck: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40

We’re almost half way through our 31 days of Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40. We’re working our way from our head all the way to our feet. We’ve finally made it to our neck!

The neck seem’s to always give away a person’s age and if I’m totally honest, my neck has started aging, and it bothers me a little. The horizontal wrinkles are the first wrinkles that begin to appear, usually in your forties. I’m there!

By the time you hit your sixties, many women have extra skin under their chin, giving them a double chin.

What can we do? Fortunately we can reclaim our necks with more flattering necklines and accessories, says Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy.

If you have……….a short neck, a thick neck, and/or a double chin: 

  • Choose a V-neck. It’s the be all, end all, most slenderizing neckline around.
  • Avoid a turtleneck like the plague, esp. if you have a double chin.
  • Never wear a choker (even though they’re in right now, steer clear of them).
  • Avoid chunky neckwear.
  • Avoid stiff scarves. If you wear a scarf tie them vertically.
  • Choose necklaces that create a V, such as a pendant.
  • Avoid round button earrings; opt for medium to long vertical dangles.
  • Choose a soft collar that lies flat.

If you have………a long thin neck:

  • Wear turtlenecks. It’s great alone or as a layer
  • Turn up your collar.
  • Button-down collars ride up higher and are flattering.
  • The choker is your friend.
  • A short stiff scarf is excellent for you. You can wear scarves closely tied around your neck.
  • Wear chunky jewelry.

The picture on the left is for women with short, thick necks. This is the way to wear a scarf vertically. The picture on the right is for women with long thin necks.

How to help with wrinkles on your neck:

Wear sunscreen! ( I got too much sun on my neck when I was younger.)

Use a firming cream specifically for your neck and moisturize your neck.

Here’s something you can do that’s inexpensive {source}: You can get instant smoothing results by applying whipped egg white to the neck. Whip one egg white in a cup and apply with fingertips to the throat and neck areas. Apply the egg white liberally, smoothing it on with a tissue. Allow the egg white to dry—you should see a visible difference in your neckline appearance. If a white residue remains, cover it up with powder or makeup base.

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  1. I cringed at my crepey neck when I turned sixty last year. I bought the Made from Earth Olive Night Cream for my eye’s bags and got decent results – nothing major. On a lark, I decided to try the Olive Night Cream on my neck. BOY OH BOY! The results were startling! I just applied a thin layer of it and kept my neck upright while it dried. It doesnt firm up your neck unfortunately, but it sure lessens the crepey look!

  2. Thanks for the egg white tip Cyndi! I’m definitely going to try that one. My neck is very thin and although I’m not experiencing any wrinkling, I have a small fold of skin that I can pinch right behind my chin. It’s freaking me out! My 31 yr. old daughter pointed it out to me recently. I smirked at her and said, “thanks a heap for noticing but I already knew it was there”. I’m thinking moisturizers probably won’t help that, I guess that’s what firming creams are for?

  3. i have a confession to make – i’m 53 and i more than beginning to have a turkey neck!!! oh yes i do and it’s not pretty at all! 🙁 i’m been faithfully moisturing and using skin care since i was about 21 but never even thought about my neck.)

  4. I wear mostly v-necks so I moisturize everywhere,lol. It’s just bad that I waited til I was 50 years old to use moisturizer. For years, I rarely wore make up and jewelry. Now I can’t imagine a day without them. Funny, how things change. I’m loving your 31 day series! Such great tips.