{Day 16} Over 40 Fashion~Matchy-matchy is out!

It’s Day 16 of my 31 day series and we’re now getting into the nitty gritty of our wardrobe. There’s so much to talk about!

Today we’re going to throw out the old rules and learn the new rules. First and foremost, nothing ages us like matchy-matchy.

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Start with your closet, organize your closet by color. Mix and match everything. It’s a younger and hipper look.

Here’s The Old Rules vs. The New Rules according to Charla Krupp in her book How Not To Look Old.

1. Old Rule: Always match your handbag to your shoes. New Rule: Matchy-matchy will make you look oldie-oldie.

2. Old Rule: Don’t wear white after Labor Day. New Rule: Wear white in the winter and black in the summer-so chic!

3. Old Rule: Don’t wear black and navy together. New Rule: Mix black with navy—and brown.

4. Old Rule: Don’t wear different shades of black together. New Rule: Mix black and black whatever the tones.

5. Old Rule: Never mix different prints or patterns in the same outfit. New Rule: Mixed patterns look fresh when matched according to color tones.

6. Old Rule: Metallic pieces are for evening only. New Rule: Metallics are for day, too. They’re the new neutral.

7. Old Rule: Stockings should be flesh toned. New Rule: Shoes should be flesh toned, legs bare. (I know ya’ll aren’t going to like this one, Kate Middleton has helped change this a little.)

8. Old Rule: Don’t wear costume jewelry. New Rule: Faux can be fabulous!

9. Old Rule: Jeans are for daytime only. New Rule: Jeans are for evening–with heels and an embellished top.

I can’t wait to hear what ya’ll think about this list! Do you agree? Are you a matchy-matchy person?

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  1. I LOVE all of your outfits! I am 60 years old but 5’6 and on the thin side (pear shape) so I think I could pull most of them off. You are an inspiration! Just wondering….should I never wear flesh-colored hose? I live in Wisconsin and it’s cold here most of the year (in summer restaurants and theaters are FREEZING) and I’m confused what to wear on my legs. Tights are fine in winter but look silly in the summer. Also, my legs are somewhat “blotchy”. What do you suggest? Thanks for all your tips!

  2. There are other options besides bare legs or nude pantyhose. This is important if you have less-than-fantastic legs or live where it’s freezing 9 months of the year. I’m in my 30s with decent legs, but I still love it when the weather turns cool and I can open my drawer full of tights. They’re comfy, warm, forgiving, and youthful. I like to wear a simple, solid-colored knee-length knit dress with boots and tights in a super-bright color. Feels like pajamas but you’ll get compliments all day. Cable-knit tights, tone-on-tone patterns, and strong opaque colors are all good alternatives. Keep ’em solid and avoid the sheer-ish looks.

  3. Love the “new” rules! But bare legs?! I live in a northern climate and by February it’s way too cold and my legs are far too white to go bare! lol!

    I totally agree with getting rid of “matchy-matchy” – unfortunately too many ladies in my church still love to wear jewelry sets (necklace and matching earrings) and they’re in their 40s. Sigh!

    Cyndi – I’m loving your 31 day series!


  4. II see you’ve touched on 3 of my “wishy-washy” areas. I bet I’m not the only over 40 women who feels as I do. 1) Black/Navy”Brown, has always been a tough one for me. I think I’ve heard it said so often, I just can’t picture the combination as looking good. The metallic by day is another toughie. My 31 year old daughter wears metallics day and night, I’ve alwlays thought after a “certain” age, it was a no-no. Finally, my biggest probem, BARE LEGS! Aaaaa! My legs have broken capillaries, skin that’s not so smooth and the color is just not the same as it was once. I don’t thinl I could ever go bare legged with ease. This is a GREAT POST!

  5. Great post! I actually love the new trends of not matching even though I am OCD and it normally would have bothered me. I guess I like to be in style more! 🙂

  6. I agree Lynne, when it’s really cold I have to wear something on my legs. I usually wear tights. I wear dresses but I wear boots with most of them.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hmmm. I wear tights with all my dresses. I wear a lot of boots with dresses so if I wear brown boots, I wear brown tights, black boots, black tights.
    I think nude hose look better than not so good legs. Does that make sense? I’m sure you know this, but just stay away from white and off white.
    Thanks for stopping by Joyce!

  8. Hey Richella,
    That’s hard, I wear tights during the winter but I think if you want a more natural look you can go with nude tights. Someone said they like “barely there” by Hanes. It’s worth a try! Just no reenforced toes!! LOL

  9. I think that might be an old rule Naomi. Sometimes hard to break old habits. Nude shoes are the new black shoes and can be worn with anything.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Thanks Teresa and I’m so glad you’re enjoying this series. Can’t believe someone from the White/Black market tried to sell you a matching suit. Glad you didn’t go with it.
    This is a tricky age but I think we can dress our age and still look young.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Bare legs in the winter with dresses – I can’t do it. Unless you have fabulous legs I wouldn’t go bare. I wear the sheerest hose I can find which are Hanes Silk Reflections in Little Color. I would love to know what type and name of hose Kate Middleton wears. The sheerer the better

  12. Opaque tights in a complimentary (but not matching) color/ print are just as chic as bare legs….whatever the choie-bare or not- wear anything but nude pantyhose!!!

  13. Just wore white pants the other day. Laughed as I was going out thinking how someone would see me and think what a fashion ogre I must be. I love wearing white and would hate to restrict it to just the spring/summer!

  14. Love the list, too! I, for one, am thankful that Kate Middleton is bringing back pantyhose. I’m fair-skinned and my legs are pasty-white–not attractive in a dress! I have had some good results with Sally Hansen airbrush legs, but feel much more lady-like when I have on pantyhose, especially when I am dressed up. I agree with the rest, though.

  15. The bare leg look was stylish several years before Kate Middleton came along and she is actually making hose fashionable again. But for those who feel comfortable with bare legs in the winter a little self tanner will cover a multitude of flaws. We are already starting to see hose more and more on younger designers fashions so if you ladies want to wear hose go ahead!

  16. Well….I’m 61 years old and I consider myself “in style”….don’t dress like a “grandma” even tho I have 8 precious, most wonderful grandkids who I adore!!! My question??? The bare legs get me “everytime” when I’m wearing a dress. The stylish dresses are shorter now, not halfway between the knee & the ankle anymore….So I find myself wearing pants most of the time, even for “dressey”. I love dresses….ANY SUGGESTIONS??? My legs are not “as beautiful” as they were in my 40’s. HELP !!!

  17. I have a problem with the flesh toned shoes. I have been taught for years that your shoes should always be the color of your hemline or darker. I have broken the rule with red shoes and black skirt/pants. But I only wear white shoes with white, light colors, or a print that has white in it. Guess I need to get with it!

  18. Couldnt agree more! I was shopping for something to wear to a job interview and the sales clerk kept trying to put me in a black blazer and black skirt or pants! At White House Black Market no less! They should know better 😉 I ended up with a black blazer and print skirt, much better! Thank you for your blog! I am new to it but am really enjoying it! I just turned 48 so you have been very helpful. This is a tricky age. I don’t want to look old but I am doing my best not to look ridiculous by trying to dress like a 20something. We’ve all seen those women and it’s just sad. Lol

  19. I am LOVING this series (boy, it must be a ton of work, but know it is very appreciated). I’ve been happy to see how many things I’m actually doing right (pure luck) and I’ve learned my hair is probably too long and I don’t use enough products on my face, but I’m ok with it.

  20. I completely agree the matchy-matchy makes one look old(er). I have a picture of me from several years back when I went on a job interview and I wore one of my mother’s gray suits (matching jacket and skirt). Oh my! I was going for a professional look and that was the fashion back in 1984. Plus I had “80’s hair”…oh my! But hey, I got the job! 🙂 I should find that picture…it’s good for a laugh, and I think my fashion-sense has evolved somewhat over the past 28 years! (Love your blog!)
    Susan A. – Illinois

  21. I love the bare legs…I don’t put pantyhose on until it’s cold…but love my spanx!!! Good post! And husband told me he likes my hair, it looks good…so all’s well!!! 😉