My Favorite Hair Products

Many of you have asked about the hair products I use so I thought I’d share my favorite hair products. I change them every once in a while but this is what I’m using right now.

I use L’Oreal EverPure Shampoo and Conditioner. I usually use the volume shampoo and conditioner.


I also use L’Oreal Everstrong overnight hair repair treatment at night to help with my dry hair. I put it on my ends and leave it in while I sleep. It helps to keep your hair healthy!

I use Aquage uplifting foam to help with volume and I have to be careful not to use too much! It’s a root lifter and it gives you a lot of volume!

I use Paul Mitchell strength before I blow dry my hair. It’s for chemically treated hair. It helps strengthen weak hair, replace lost nutrients and prevent breakage. I blow dry and flat iron my hair everyday so this is a must for me!

I asked my husband to take pictures of my hair. He can’t work my camera so he had to use the automatic setting so these pictures aren’t great but they’re better than nothing.

My haircut is an angled bob, I have fine hair, but I have a lot of it. If that makes sense?

Do you have any hair products you love? What hair products do you use?

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  1. My son is a business analyst & he gave me lots of hair products from his work that is a major beauty supply headquarters. One of them was Aquage dry shampoo. It was awesome & made my new shag haircut clean for another day & look fluffy like first day hair. I will buy more when this runs out. 🙂

  2. Your hair always looks smashing! Since my hair has turned curly & my stylist is taking it out of the bob cut at my request (just tired of it & needed something different) I have tried a lot of products ……..usually try to get the travel sizes or at Ulta on a beauty day for 50 percent off. I love the Pureology air dry crème to get soft curls and fast dry time. Also on day 2 I use Pureology uplifting spray which is great and if my hair gets crunchy the least bit I use paper towels to scrunch the crunch out of it. The paper towels keep your curly hair from frizzing. I have no idea how I will style the smooth look on this cut since I had to choose one or the other at the stylist but will figure out later. I usually can blow dry straight. Favorite spray is L”Oreal El Net brushable hair spray & I use alittle texture spray right before I spray with hair spray.

  3. Hi Cyndi! My question is, do you have straight, or wavy hair? I have fine hair, lots of it, but wavy. It has always drove me crazy! ha

  4. Hey Cyndi – your hair always looks GREAT!!! I even liked when you had the blond streak in it. I love your hairstyle, it is so becoming on you. Thanks for the great tips!

  5. Hey Cyndi–love your blog and thanks for the hair tips! Would love to see how you style your hair — it looks great! Any tips would be most appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  6. I like the Garnier products and I use the volumizing shampoo and hair spray. I’ve noticed it’s not working as well as it used too, so I’m going to try some of the products Earline suggested, as my hair is also fine but thick.

  7. Cyndi girl, your hair is SO cute! You have a treasure in your stylist. I’ve seen a lot of women who look as though they have attempted the look you have and somehow, it just didn’t happen for them. I’m surprised that you said your hair is fine, you MUST have a lot of it! Thanks for the tip on the L’Oreal overnight treatment. I’m going to find some of that. I have dry hair and wear it in an asymmetrical kind of pixie cut with the bangs on one side long. The ends of me bangs can get almost crunchy some times because I hit them pretty good with a flat iron each day. Now they’ll get some “vitamins” each day.

  8. Our hair really changes as we get older so I agree, I struggle with my hair. I wish I could wear it long and flowy but it looks too stringy. Ugh!
    Oh well, hang in there!

  9. Know what kind of look is best for what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking to get braids, you may want to go for synthetic hair, since it is more durable and requires less maintenance. With braided hairstyles, once the hair is braided, nothing else happens to it for a while. When the braids come out, that is when the hair is being manipulated again. If you are looking to get ponytails, waves, wraps and other longer styles, you may want to consider using human hair. Although it is more fragile and more expensive than synthetic, it has a more realistic look and feel that is hard to differentiate from your own hair.

  10. I love your style! My hair is also, fine but moderately thick. My favorite shampoo is Kenra Volumizing followed by Bed Head Control Freak conditioner or I alternate with Bain de Terre Jasmine conditioner. Next is Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner” it is a leave in product and I NEVER go without it, I spray 10 squirts of “It’s a 10” into my palm and rub the 2 products together and apply all over my damp hair. Currently my fave mouse is Bed Head’s Totally Baked volumizing and prepping hair meringue. Oh my goodness it’s smells good enough to eat. Like one of the other fans, I go for great smells! 🙂 For flat ironing I use Scruples Hypershine repair spray, it is GREAT!!!!

  11. Hair is my biggest problem. I am 53 and still have oily hair. I have very thick hair also. I have to wash it everyday if I want it to look really good. I can skip a day if I’m just hanging out at home, but never more than one day. I just went back to brunette, my natural color. Had lots of Blonde highlights. Just got tired of the maintenance on that. expense of going to the salon every 5 weeks adds up. Wished I had learned more about styling hair when I was a teenager. In the ’70’s I had long straight hair past my bottom. That’s the only way I wore it. Never used a curler or had a perm or anything done to my hair. So now I’m into any style that is pretty much wash and go. I do own a blow dryer and a flat iron that I now use every day. Finding a new hair style is the most stressful part of fashion for me! Love Pantene and Bed Head shampoos. Been using Dove conditioner on the ends. I’m always appreciative of any hair advice. Thanks!

  12. If you love to go to the hairdresser to get your styling done, but you are tired of being limited to certain styles because of your hair length, you should ask your stylist about using hair extensions. You don’t have to wear wigs, which can look extremely obvious. You don’t have to be stuck with a style or color that doesn’t compliment your face either. You can get any style you like from wearing hair extensions. What’s so great about them is that they look and feel just like your real hair, and no one will be able to tell the difference as to whether or not you are wearing extensions.

  13. I’ve always thought you had great hair, you’re the 2nd person to recommend the L’Oreal Everpure stuff, I’m going to have to go buy some.

  14. Wow! Your hair looks beautiful, shiny and not at all over-treated. I don’t really care what shampoo I use so long as I like the smell. I generally use citri-shine for conditioner, although I think they’ve recently messed with the formula. It gives me super shiny hair. I just look for dimethicone as the main ingredient in a conditioner. I don’t use any product, and rely on the cut to give my thick fine hair volume. That, and a good night’s sleep on wet hair! No blow-drying and super fluffy in the morning. I always thought bed-head was a good thing! thanks for sharing. CTD

  15. Love Pantene Shampoo and conditioner, also like Nexxus therappe Shampoo and humectress conditioner,great for my dry hair. Thanks for sharing Cyndi.