My Closet Organization


I shared with you a few weeks ago that I was going to get my closet organized. My husband and I shared our master bedroom walk-in closet but to be honest it isn’t large enough for the two of us. So I decided to bail out and use a closet in our guest bedroom.

my closet organization

This is how bad my closet had gotten. I will only show this picture one time, because I’m humiliated! My husband is a neat freak and this is what his side of the closet always looks like.

Here’s how I got organized and it’s working great!

storage bins
The closet in our guest bedroom is one large closet with two sets of doors. I bought some black and white storage bins to store belts and extra scarves.

shoes racks
I have door shoe racks to help me keep my shoes organized. I also folded my t-shirts instead of hanging them up.


There are shelves where I can put my sweaters and my boots.

I purchased these hooks to hang my necklaces. It’s so much neater and easy to get to and easier to see. (similar one here.)

Black Velvet Hangers
I also switched to these black velvet hangers and I love them. They have a space saving thin design and you can buy hangers for pants and for shirts/dresses.

That’s it, it’s not anything fancy but it works for me. I can see the clothes that I have and I’ve stayed much more organized.

Have you all done any organizing in your closets? Has your closet ever gotten as out of hand as mine did?

Beauty For the Heart~~This week we’re having a three day prayer revival at our church so prayer has been on my mind. Colossians 4:2 says, “Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.”

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Stumbled onto your blog and am fascinated!! The closet looks wonderful but I have to ask…are those “all” of your clothes or are the rest of them somewhere else?

  2. Looks fabulous! Are you concerned about the necklaces getting a workout hanging like that? I’ve wanted to try this system but some delicate chains concern me.

    Love the black n white bins; I see a little Thirty-One product in there, too. <3 My daughter is now a Thirty-One consultant and it is just amazing for organization. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was so shocked to see you didn’t originally have everything perfectly organized! That made me feel better about my closet situation. We just finished our little man’s closet re-do ( Now it is on to my husband’s closet re-do and finally mine. We actually have great closet space in our master bedroom (1 small walk-in and 1 large walk-in) but the wire shelves aren’t working well for us.

  4. Good idea about using the guest room closet! I have a double closet in my hallway right outside of our bedroom that goes unused, because I have two linen closets (?), (we did not build this house.)
    I think I may just move my “extras” into that closet. Why didn’t that ever occur to me??? Thanks Cyndi! Love your necklace organizer!

  5. It looks great Cyndi! I share the master bedroom closet with my daughter, who is 3 1/2! Her bedroom is actually the master bedroom. I have been working on getting it organized and hope to have it looking as good as yours soon.

    Hope you have a great week!

  6. I did over our master closets (we have “him” and “her” closets) last summer and I’m so glad we did it! I took out the previous owners hardware and we installed new organizers (similar to yours), added baskets etc. We now have so much more space for our clothes. I’m slowly adding velvet hangers to our closets.

    Love your black and white baskets and the hooks for your necklaces. I still need to add an organizer for my necklaces and your idea looks easy (and inexpensive).

    I couldn’t quite see how you organized your scarves…I’d love to see that.

    Very nice! Enjoy!
    Heather B.

  7. Your closet turned out great! We have Big Lots and I love what you can find there at a reasonable price. Love the hooks for the necklaces. Thanks for some ideas that I can use!

  8. Great job! I love the black velvet hangers. I have switched over to them in all my closets. They are inexpensive, too. I got mine at Costco. Thanks for sharing the before and after photos.

  9. I love it! Looks great! I’m curious as to what that is that is holding your scarves? Looks neat (the hanging ones) – something you made or purchased? It’s difficult to tell, you can barely see it in one of the photos 😉 Thanks!

  10. Did the black space saver hangers really save you any room. I’ve been thinking about getting them, but I didn’t want to invest in them if I wasn’t going to get a benefit out of them. I have a very small closet that is PACKED!

  11. Wow! Looks great! I may try to incorporate the hanging necklace idea into my closet. Where did you get those super cute black and white bins?

  12. Wonderful and I love that you took over a whole other closet just for you. Every woman needs this! Getting you wardrobe organized is imperative for a blogger. Should make things go so much smoother and give you back a few minutes of wasted time. Congratulations!

  13. Love your closet revamp!!! I want to look for hooks like you have for your necklaces. Also, where did you find those beautiful black/white storage bins? GREAT JOB!!!