Favorite “Pins” Friday-Makeup

It’s Friday, and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite pins and they’re all makeup inspired. I’m on a makeup kick. Who am I kidding, I’m always on a makeup kick!

I love BB cream and I thought this was an interesting post on the ultimate guide to BB cream. You might want to take a look at this guide for yourself.

Favorite "Pins" Friday


I love this girl’s videos. She does a great smokey eye and I’ve been trying to do it. I even bought the same eyeshadow that she uses in the video. All I can say is my doesn’t look smokey, more like I’ve been rubbing my eyes or someone has hit me in both my eyes! 🙂

Favorite "Pins" Friday


There’s no source to this picture but it shows where we’re supposed to highlight and contour.

Favorite "Pins" Friday
I’m wanting to try this foundation. Cara, from the smokey eye tutorial loves this foundation so I’m hoping to try it soon!

Favorite "Pins" Friday

I could spend hours talking about makeup, looking at makeup videos and trying on makeup!

Do you have a brand of makeup or something you’ve tried lately that you want to share with us?  

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  1. I love Cara’s videos also! I have completely changed the way I do my makeup because of her. I wanted to try the Nars foundation also. I went to Sephora for a color match, but ended up buying Makeup Forever HD foundation (which I love). The Sephora girl couldn’t color match me with the Nars. She said they have so few colors that color matching is hard. I was disappointed, but have been very happy with the MUFE. I use the Sephora airbrush #55 to apply (another Cara recommendation) and WOW. I never knew a brush could make such a difference.

  2. I too am getting into makeup so much lately!! I watch a lot of You-Tube beauty gurusand try so many things they recommend. However, I realize most of those girls are in their 20s and Im in my 40s! I need more “mature” advice!! For instance, I tried Revlon Nearly Naked foundation and powder and it was not enough coverage. (I guess I should have figured out that myself just by the name but didnt…)

  3. I’ve always used foundation, probably even when I didn’t need it! I started out the Revlon’s Ultima2. I loved that line. I switched to Prescriptives when that was no longer available. When that was discontinued (are we seeing a trend here?), I switched to Teint Dior (luscious), and Lancome. I also used a great one from the Body shop that PaulaB recommended. Recently, I used the Total Radiance which was again, discontinued! That was another great line…why did no on buy it? It was designed for changing skin and everything was fabulous and a terrific price. Oh well.

    Since your post on BB in October, I’ve tried 4! I believe either the CG or Maybelline was just their tinted moisturizer so I tried the Garnier, L’oreal, Rimmel and Body Shop. Garnier was great…dewy, smooth with light coverage that could go medium with reapplication. The French did it right with that one. L’oreal was not so good for me. Very dry, not just matte, with an ashen grey undertone. I didn’t find the colour beads actually adjusted to my skin tone at all. I took it back. Rimmel was also great. I used to buy their products in England and couldn’t be happier they’re available at Walmart. Don’t diss it cause it’s cheap. It goes on dewy, but dries slightly matte so I have to blend well right away or it can go a bit chalky. I also must moisturize under this one. It should be perfect for the summer. Honestly, it makes my skin look completely natural, but perfect.
    Lastly, the Body Shop sample was #2…too dark to judge, but so orange it made me wonder what they were thinking and if the light would be any better. Haven’t gone back to get another sample, but at least they give samples.
    So Judith, give the Garnier and Rimmel a try.

  4. For several years I’ve used Pur Minerals pressed powder mineral foundation. I have always been really happy with the finish I got from it. Now than I am 50 + , I’m beginning to wonder if I need to go with a liquid foundation. I stopped using liquid many years ago, because I was having trouble with breakouts and oiliness. Now, I feel like I need a bit of a dewier look. Since my funds are limited, I don’t really can’t go through the trial and error process. If any of you know of a good, oil-free liquid foundation, I’m your girl! Have a blessed and beautiful weekend!

  5. I started using Urban Decay’s BB cream. The 2nd day my face turned 3 shades of red. I did a little research and found out that the sunscreen that they use in it is highly irritating. I will only use cruelty-free so I’m going to try Tarte’s BB cream.

  6. If you enjoy watching videos about makeup search gossmakeupartist on you tube. He does all sorts of tutorials on makeup, skin care and product reviews. He just did a smokey eye that was to die for.

  7. I’m 53, and a couple of years ago switched from Bare Minerals to Estee Lauder. I’ve been using the Double Wear Light foundation and love it! I do need a light moisturizer under it, though. It also comes in a regular formula if you need a little more coverage. I use a lot of the EL products and have been very happy with all of it! Hope this helps!

  8. Hi Cyndi,
    I have been using the maybelline BB for a few weeks now, i like it. It’s not to heavy. It gives me a nice overall even tone to my skin. I like a little powder to set it with. Oh..it has zinc in it, if you have redness it helps.

  9. I’m a 56 year-old, post-menopausal woman with changing skin. I’ve always been a normal to oily (T-zone) person, but now I’m a normal to dry (still with a bit of T-zone oil). Occasional blemishes. Mask of pregnancy hormone spots on both cheeks. Good news is spots are pretty much where blush belongs. I’ve been a Bare Minerals user for YEARS. I LOVE the lasting coverage and finish. I feel as though the powder is settling in lines around eyes. I’m looking for makeup recommendations. Anyone have something that fits the bill. Price range comparable with Bare Minerals.

  10. I also LOVE makeup, and anything skin care! I recently splurged on something I’ve wanted for quite some time: a Clarisonic. I really like it and would definitely recommend it. It really makes my skin much smoother, and makes my nighttime moisturizers just feel like they are “sinking” into my skin.