3 Ways I’m Getting Healthy!

3 Ways I'm Getting Healthy!

Today I’m sharing 3 Ways I’m Getting Healthy. One of the questions I get a lot is, “Do you workout and if you do, what workout do you do?”.  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’ve been avoiding this question like the plague!

My desire it to exercise but unfortunately I sometimes put it last on my list of “to do’s”. I try to walk some, and I have several exercise DVD’s that I do occasionally.

My exercise routine is definitely sporadic. But as always I’m trying to do better! Not only am I trying to do better with exercising, I’m wanting to eat healthier too.

We stay on the go, like many of you, and some weeks we eat out more than we eat at home. That’s not a healthy eating plan! I know it’s April 1, not January 1 but it’s never too late to start getting healthy.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

1. I’m going to try to work out more. I’ve been using some exercises from the What I Wore blog. They’re quick and very doable. Now that the weather is warming up, I’m also going to walk outside.

2. I’m going to start cooking healthier meals. This is going to take some time and effort but I’m going to be pinning ideas and recipes on my Healthy Eating board on Pinterest.

3. I’m going to cut back on sugar and caffeine. These are two of my favorite things but neither are good for me. I’m not ready to cut them completely out of my diet but I do want to eat less sugar and cut back on my coffee intake.

I thought I’d share a recipe I’ll be fixing for supper tonight. It’s healthy and easy!

3 Ways I'm Getting Healthy

16 oz. uncooked bow tie pasta
1 1b. ground chuck
2-14 1/2 oz. diced tomatoes with roasted garlic
1-15 oz. rinsed and drained white kidney beans
1-10 oz. frozen spinach, thawed
1/4 tsp. salt

Cook pasta and drain. In a skillet cook ground chuck (drain any excess grease). Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 10 minutes. Serve over bow tie pasta.

I’d love for you to join me in getting healthier! If you have any ideas or inspiration to share please do!

Beauty For the Heart~~Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Most health food stores, and T J Maxx! I love the food aisle at my TJM. They often have health food items. I have severe food allergies (milk and milk products, mammal meat) and last time I even got some Bakery On Main cereal there. It is also gluten free. I don’t have gluten problems, but some sources say it isn’t good for most of us.

  2. Hi Cyndi.

    I agree with what Sandy wrote. I am headed towards the Paleo/Primal system. I do believe that the foods we have eaten post Industrial Revolution are the foods that have caused us so many problems. You will have to cut out grains, legumes, dairy, factory farmed meats, sugar/sweets, soft drinks and fruit juices. You can probably find a plan out there that may allow some of the above. Focus on what you can have: nuts and seeds, lean meats, up to 6 eggs a week, most fish, most fruits, many vegetables. Some fruits are higher in sugar, so you wouldn’t want to eat as much (bananas, grapes, oranges, mangos, pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe). Like I said above, I’m sure there’s a plan out there that allows it and goes about it differently. I have been on this quest for about a year and a half now. I started out by logging my food and counting calories. That helped me lose 16 lbs. After having a baby at 43, I had put on about 50 lbs. that I had to lose. I lost it, plus some. I am 47 now, and I can wear a size 4 again…sometimes a 2! 🙂 I do exercise about 6-7 hours a week. I go to the Y, but mostly I do Beachbody workouts like P90X or 10 Minute Trainer. (I am a Beachbody Coach). I love the programs, and there’s something for everyone. It is hard the older we get, but we can do it. Age alone is not a deterrent. Let’s all do this together. 🙂

  3. Sometimes I drink more than five cups. 🙁 But not always. I’m not going to cut it out completely, just cut back. I’ve got to exercise more!!

  4. I have been watching what I eat for about a year now. I have lost 25 lbs. I started limiting processed foods and not eating out as much. I log my food on MyFitnessPal.com. It is free. Met Victoria on there and she is a Beachbody coach. Talked with her about my life and how busy I am. She suggested Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer. Every workout is 10 min. but let me tell you that is the longest 10 min. of my life. Since then I have moved on to other Beachbody workouts. I am loving the new smaller me. I went from a size 12 to a size 8. I can get into a size 6 but they are tight. I am still working on it. I just want to be fit and healthy. Good luck in your journey. Love all the suggestions here. Something that you may look into is contacting your local high school FFA. I know here the kids show pigs, sheep and cattle. Then at the end of their show season, they sell their animals. We have purchased the animals and had them processed and put them in our freezer. That way you know where you meat came from. They also have ALOT less fat in them. They are much leaner than the meat your purchase from the grocery store.

  5. Hi Cyndi –
    I have always eaten healthy and exercise daily (elliptical, running, Zumba which is a blast and weight lifting) – it is just such a part of my schedule that I miss it when I don’t. Four weeks ago I started a gluten free diet due to horrible migraines I have been suffering and am happy to say I have been migraine free since! It is fairly easy to find tasty gluten free products and I have found fantastic recipes as well! Good luck with working out and eating healthier!

  6. Hi Cyndi!
    I have been following the Paleo/primal/whatever diet(hate to call it that, it’s more of a lifestyle) for 14 months. Basically you cut out all grains and sugar. I know that sounds difficult and it can be if you eat out a lot . But, oh my goodness, I feel fantastic! And I dropped almost 10 lbs in a few weeks and it has not come back. Now I was not overly overweight, but my clothes sure were getting snug!and I didn’t like it one bit! Anyways, do a little research for yourself, there are lots of sites out there with good info and recipes too, although you have to watch out for the “evolutionary ” stuff, I don’t go for that!!
    All the best to you in your quest for a healthier life!

  7. Baby steps is a good way to go on this. I feel so lucky I got in the exercise habit as a child running with my Dad and doing floor exercises with my Mom and Yoga with a neighbor I babysat for. Plus swimming. I credit exercise and healthy eating as the major things that have kept me feeling and hopefully looking young. Everything else is just window dressing.
    That said, I like the above idea to cut out the fatty red meat and substitute a white one. You might also experiment with a meatless Monday.
    Unless you’re drinking more that 5 cups a day of coffee, I wouldn’t worry about it. Try adding a little decaf (Verona Starbucks is a good one and often on sale at Walmart). Coffee is a great source of antioxidants and caffeine is one of the only things related to a lower ovarian cancer risk. It’s good for you! This has been studied for years, but somehow there’s still this idea it’s bad.How much coffee are you drinking down there?
    Very wise to cut down on the sugar, although I think I want that cake recipe! I’m sure I could make it a little healthier. You should try Nectresse. I’ve been using it and am quite impressed with the flavor. It’s natural from the Monk fruit. I just wish it came in a large bag instead of packets.

  8. I have been on a healthy eating quest for sev years. A Lot of info out there is conflicting and confusing, and some is just plain wrong. One easy change (I do babysteps) is to replace all of your table salt with pink Himalayan sea salt. It is lower in sodium and actually tastes saltier, so you use 1/2 the called for amt. It has 90+ nutrients that are removed when they process table salt! Also, you could use ground turkey or ground chicken meat sometimes. Best Wishes on your new routine! I am on my way to exercise–I love the Apps: 5K Pro (couch potato to 5K) and Situps to SixPack! They have an “iTrainer” who tells me what to do when it is time. “Walk for 5 minutes” and then “run for 2 minutes” , etc.

  9. Cyndi, one thing I have found to help you eat right is a thing called Actifry it was one if Oprah favorite things and I can’t tell you how much it has changed my husband and I.. Our eating habits have changed so much you can cook things in here with just a tablespoon of olive oil and it is awesome !!!

  10. Hi Cyndi!

    So pumped to hear you’re trying out the workout routines! My favorites are the push up variations and the ab work – they look easy but such a challenge! Glad you’re enjoying them!


  11. LOL. Heath bar cake for breakfast. That TOTALLY sounds like my husband Cyndi 🙂 Thx for the laugh. I try to be more health consious especially because of our 2 lil’ ones…. The hardest part is getting started; you feel soo good tho’ once you get going 🙂 Can you follow me on Pinterest? I have some really yummy recipes pinned 🙂 http://pinterest.com/joyncreating/

  12. #3 is going to kill me!! I seriously wanted to eat a piece of heath bar cake (I made yesterday) for breakfast this morning with my coffee!! UGHH!! I settled for oatmeal. 🙁
    Love ya,

  13. It sounds to me like you are following my exercise plan! I love that you said it is not Jan 1, but April 1. Any day is a good day to start. I love your recipe, thank you. If you serve it over whole grain pasta or Dream Fields pasta it will be even healthier… I almost always add some veggie to any pasta dish, boosts the nutrition and helps you eat less of the pasta.
    I have so much leftover from yesterday, that will be our food for the next two days.,,then we fly to Australia… where I will be walking more!
    We have a rebounder which we love to use for exercise too…on that note I think I will go jump a little.