Printed Denim For Women Over 40

Printed Denim for Women Over 40

This spring, printed denim is showing up everywhere! But the question is, can a women over 40 wear them? The answer is, absolutely! It’s all about knowing how to wear them.

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I recently purchased a pair of printed denim pants but when I got them home I realized they weren’t the most flattering fit. They were tighter in the legs and too big in the waist. Fit is important!

Here are some tips to help you find the right pair of printed denim:

1. Make sure you have a comfortable fit with a high-enough rise to cover up the dreaded muffin top. Wearing low rise at our age doesn’t work (actually it doesn’t really work at any age).

2. Go with a darker denim. Darker denim gives us a more streamlined look.

3. Try a smaller floral print. It’s less obvious and therefore easier to wear.

4. The key to wearing printed denim is keeping everything else simple. The floral pattern is all the attention the outfit needs. Try wearing the denim with a long loose blouse, or a T-shirt and a blazer.

Have you tried printed denim? Have you seen printed denim in the stores?

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  1. I’m in my late 30’s and have a big tush so I used to have a difficult time finding jeans that were high enough until my cousin introduced me American eagle. I love …LOVE their jeans! The original boot cut super stretch and artist stretch & super stretch are mid rise. They look great with boots ,sneakers and pumps! Oh even some of their skinny jeans are mid rise.

  2. Hi Cyndi.

    I’m thinking of trying printed denim. For me, I prefer a lower waist pant. I’m not huge, but the post baby pouch Zi still have looks and feels awful in mid to high rise pants. Feels like a balloon! That’s why I like low to low mid. Kenzie jeans seem to be great. Stitch Fix has sent me 2 pair, and I’ve kept both. 🙂

  3. Hi Cyndi! I recently purchased a denim printed shirt! Its super cute and the print is very small white floral! I, like everyone else, have had problems finding jeans that are not so low rise! I look at the zipper size and if its small then I know not to even bother trying them on! When will the waist raise again? lol Not talking “mom jeans” I just want some that FIT above the hips!

  4. Lisa the picture in my post is Liverpool jeans. I have two pair and I love them. You can look on their site and they have a store locator. I also buy a lot of my jeans at TJ Maxx. My favorite brands are Calvin Klein, DKNY, and Ralph Lauren.
    I hope that helps!!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful tips!
    I will have to say, I do like the low rise (slightly lower) because of where my waist line falls. Regular fit jeans go way above my waistline and are very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I do have to be careful as I also have the dreaded muffin top.

  6. Hi Cyndi, I got brave and bought a really cute pair of RED, no less, jacquard jeans on clearance at Loft this year. The pattern is more in the weave of the fabric rather than a different color print. So, it seemed a little more subtle. I love them! They look really cute with a chiffon floaty black blouse. I really like Not Your Daughter’s Jeans to defeat the muffin top! They are a bit pricey but… I think…. worth it! Thanks so much for your blog! Blessings! Krista

  7. Yes, I agree with the above comments, finding any pair of jeans that fit appropriately for women our age is sometimes a challenge! I do like the look on the model.

  8. Can you share with us any brands of jeans that are better for covering up that muffin top but aren’t known as the “mom jeans” that everyone makes fun of? I love your blog!

  9. I know what you mean about the low rise jeans. My teenage daughters don’t like them either. But, that’s all they have in stores, even for women our age. I’m not sure about the printed pants; I don’t think I’m that brave. I think of them for younger ladies.