Keeping It Simple with Cover FX

Have you ever gone into Sephora thinking you’re going to buy ONE thing and come out with a bag full? I recently did that very thing!

Keeping it Simple with Cover Fx

I went in wanting to buy a new foundation. I mentioned the other day, I sometimes like to change my foundation in the spring/summer. I ended up being introduced to Cover FX.  Cover FX tries to be as organic as they possibly can and keep their ingredients simple.

Cover FX creates healthy, natural-looking foundations for flawless full coverage. They take their ingredient choices seriously which is why each product is free of parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc.

But here’s the funny part, I left WITHOUT buying the foundation! I fell in love with their primers and concealer. I did get a sample of their foundation and I’ve used it all week. I’ll be going back to buy the foundation!

Keeping it Simple with Color Fx

What we put on our face before we put our foundation on is important. Primers make a huge difference!

I start with the anti-aging primer for my face (1). What does this do?

  • This reparative primer hydrates and smooths the skin to blur the appearance of fine lines and pores, facilitates blending and extends wear.
  • Contains anti-aging ingredients that improve clarity and radiance and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Antioxidants protect the skin, soothe inflammation and reduce redness while protecting against premature skin aging.

Then I use the anti-aging smoothing eye primer (2). This eye primer has anti-aging benefits that binds concealer and eye shadows to lids and eye area. It firms, energizes and tightens!

I also purchased their concealer (3) for under my eyes and the bronzing powder in golden peach (4) to use as my blush.

The price is comparative to other primers and concealers and they will last months because you only use a small amount. It won’t make you look twenty years younger but I do like the simple ingredients and the way it feels on my face.

Keeping It Simple with Color FX

Have you ever tried Cover Fx? Do you use primers before you put your makeup on?

Beauty For the Heart~~I love this quote by Billy Graham. “Only God Himself fully appreciates the influence of a Christian mother in the molding of character in her children.” I’m so thankful for my mother and the influence she had and continues to have on me, even after she has gone home to be with Jesus.

Have a blessed day!

*I make a small percentage of any products bought from this page. Thank you so much!

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  1. I agree, I would prefer to use less in the spring/summer and all this layering seems to defeat that purpose. I love the Estée Lauder line and have always used the Double Wear foundation for its all day wear, it’s great, but I recently tried the Invisible makeup and loved it. It is more of a sheer makeup but I loved the coverage and the wear was great. I get the sunscreen, anti-aging, and hydration from my other, usual routine products. Not sure that a primer is necessary.

  2. I was using a primer (Josie as well!), but have switched to using a BBcream. I put enough layers on myself to need one more. 🙂 I’m liking the L’oreal Age perfect and Garnier BBs. I do need a new foundation, although the BBs give nice coverage for me. I’ll be interested which you pick. I used to love Prescriptives for their perfect colour match, but these days I prefer not to spend so much on cosmetics. You look great in the pic so your new purchases must be doing something!

  3. It’s so important to find creams and make-ups we love and feel confident about. Sephora is a nightmare for someone with ADD and I can see why you left without your intended product. At least after a week’s trial you now know you like the foundation. I use avon creams and Josie Maran foundation and blush with argan oil and love her line!