Help With Aging Eyebrows

Help With Aging Eyebrows

Today I’m offering Help With Aging Eyebrows and sharing my #1 Beauty Tip. I’m not an expert but I do have experience with aging, uh-hum. I’ve also been a little obsessed with eyebrows lately. Probably because I don’t have great eyebrows and the older I get, the more I’m noticing them or should I say the lack of them.

I wear my bangs long enough, that they cover some of my brow but it’s still important as we age to make sure our brows are plucked (sparingly) and filled in, if they need to be. My guess is that most women over 40, need some filling in.

There are three types of brows that will age you:

1. The disappearing brow-use a brow powder or eyeshadow to fill in your brow. Never draw a line!

2. The Graying brow-use a tinted brow gel to cover those grays.

3. The Overgrown brow-use tweezers and a pair of scissors to shape your brow. (You can also have them waxed at a salon.)

So stop right here and go check your eyebrows to see if any of these fit you. If they do try working on your brow and see if it doesn’t take some years off.

Here are some tools of the trade you will need: An angled brush, good scissors, eyebrow shadow, and sharp tweezers. (I am using affiliate links in this post.)

Help With Aging Eyebrows

I use my eyeshadow as my brow shadow too. I’ve been loving this Physicians Formula Quad and I use the color with the arrow on my brow. ( I bought this at CVS Pharmacy.)

Help With Aging Eyebrows

Okay, here’s my #1 Beauty Tip these days–UP! That’s right, it’s simple, just think UP. When you’re putting on your makeup always put it on rubbing up. Arch eyebrows, up. Eyeliner, think up. Blend blush, up.

Gravity is pulling everything down so I counter act it by angling everything UP! When you’re putting on your makeup think UP!

Quick Question! Do you like me posting 5-6 days a week or would you rather 3-4 days a week? Just curious. Thanks!

Beauty For the Heart~~“The devil loves it when we say we believe then prioritize everything in our lives ahead of God.” -AW Tozer

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Eyebrows sure do change. I always had too many–think Brooke Shields’ early days–so I have liked having them thinner. But sometimes they thin unevenly so I put a feathered stroke or two of an eyeliner pencil to even it out gently. My fav new thing is Benefit HighBrow. It evens out the color just under the brow highlighting to sortof lift eyes without surgery. Just a little line and smudge it. 3 days a week would be fine just as long as What I Wore Wednesday is one of them! I enjoy all you write but fewer days would keep you from burning out I think.

  2. Hi Cyndi~just found you today; so pleased:) With aging and the changes in my own brows, a website with some outstanding products has been just the right answer. Billion Dollar Brows carries tools for grooming, as well as brow cosmetics. The product I have found to deliver the result for which it was designed, is Brow Boost. It will stimulate hair growth, filling in the bare spots of those ‘disappearing brows’ or re-growing brows that have been plucked too thinly, so they are once again full and more easily shaped. I would encourage you to check out their website (I am in no way affiliated with the company; just sharing an item that has worked for me:) Be blessed this day~Susie

  3. I love all your posts- keep them coming as often as works for you 🙂 And I too love the beauty for the heart – you are a blessing !

  4. I am a new follower and “a bit” ahead of you in the aging gracefully process, lol, but love your blog and am learning daily. Thank you for sharing and especially for your “Beauty for the heart.”

  5. Hey Cyndi ,

    I love everything you post. I believe you should do what works for you. I am very thankful and blessed by your beauty of the heart comments so if time is a factor ( I can only imagine the time it takes) how about only posting these on a daily basis and everything else a couple times a week. Thank you for sharing your heart and your time with us. You are truly a blessing.


  6. I look so forward to your blog daily!! Can’t wait to see what tomarrow wil bring! Thanks for your time and effort each day.

  7. Having thinned my eyebrows too much in high school, I’ve used brow powder from Merle Norman for years. As my hair grayed, however, the brown didn’t look exactly right. I finally got a saleslady there who taught me to use the brown first and then a gray that they sell. It has worked beautifully! Just a thought for anyone out there with graying or already white hair! Love your posts!

  8. Cyndi!
    I love you posting all the time. I like your little devotional/inspirational things you say at the end. Also, I have been using eyeshadow on my brows now for about a year, just to fill in a little. I noticed some “disappearance ” too, at my age~almost 53!!! So it helps to add a little more color and depth. Love your posts.

  9. I especially enjoy the uplifting spiritual message at the end of each post. Your posts are quick to read and informative and end with a thought for the day….I appreciate your time and effort. Make this blog work for you and your family…it is always welcome in my email box.

  10. Cyndi – I would love for you to continue 5-6 days a week, trusting that you have the time. I really enjoy your ideas and the understanding that we are women of the Lord who embrace our femininity. I always look forward to opening your blogs!

  11. I love reading your posts. Post 5-6 if you can.
    Thanks again for sharing all your tips and your thoughts. You are an inspiration!

  12. I so look forward to your posts. I always get something out of them. Loving the You Tube ones as well. Whatever works for you will work for us! Blessings to you!

  13. I love your daily posts! I look forward to them even if they are not a specific topic and inspirational!

  14. Cindy,
    Your blog is refreshing for those of us over 40 (I’m 61). The beauty tips, recipes, fashion are age appropriate for me. I also find your focus on God and family uplifting. I have many friend and colleagues who are dental hygienists so I plan to refer them to your blog.
    Post often!


  15. What a timely post as I just watched a great tutorial on doing eyebrows via birchbox yesterday. This would be another great topic for your videos as well, as welll. I love that you post everyday with something only inspirational on Sunday, but it must be a lot of work. I do prefer when your posts are a little more meaty, but if given the choice, I’d say more often over more in depth. I need my fix! Your the 2nd blog I go to everyday after your sis’ss.

  16. Cyndi,
    I love reading your blog and look forward to seeing what you have decided to discuss each day! However, I’m sure it is time consuming and you deserve to enjoy your free time & that beautiful grandson, especially now that summer is here! 🙂
    I would miss the daily posts, but please do whatever you feel is right for you and your family.

    Many Blessings!

  17. I agree with the comments about 5-6 days. However, I too agree that you do what is best for you and your family. I love to read all your tips and appreciate your time Cyndi! God bless

  18. Hi Cyndi, I also love to read your posts and the more the better. I can imagine that is very time consuming and know that you have life other than your blog. Know you are loved and appreciated and that readers will give you grace if you decide to cut back! Blessings, Krista

  19. Cindy, I love your posts. I hope you keep posting 5-6 days/week.

    By the way, I just started using Brow Envy and love it. The kit comes with brow stencils/templates so all I have to do is color in between the lines. 🙂 I have very thin brows and this kit helps my brows to look full without looking drawn on.

  20. Love your blog and find your info on make-up and style very helpful. If you only posted 3 or 4 days, I wouldn’t be happy 🙁

  21. I look forward to your postings so continue to do as many as you can. My eyebrows are very thin so will try your technique with the eyeshadow. Thanks.

  22. I so enjoy your posts and have learned a lot. You keep it all in perspective and always put The Lord first. I would ove to see Mon -Fri posts. You do what is best for your life and priorities. Blessings to you!

  23. I love your posts. I don’t care, you need to enjoy how often you post because I know it’s work, but consistency is easiest for me to remember. Like Monday-Friday, or only Monday, Wed, Fri, but consistency is better than random posts. 🙂

  24. Hi Cindy….I’m new to your blog and really enjoy your posts. I have a recipe blog and recipe page on FB so I know how tough it can be to post a lot. If you have the content to post…then do it! I find your postings informative and helpful. BTW…I watched your videos on how you do your hair…love your hair cut. I’ve been looking for something different so I’m taking a picture of you to my hairdresser to get something similar…so thanks!!