Our Cleaning Eating Journey

My daughter and I (along with our very reluctant husbands) are starting a new adventure on Monday. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I have mixed emotions.

Here’s one of the reasons I’m starting this new adventure. I get a lot of emails from you all with questions like, “What do you do to stay in shape?”  “Do you diet, exercise, etc.”

And I always avoid the question like the plague! Why? 1. Because I’m not really “in shape” 2. Because I don’t do a lot.

I try to eat healthy, I exercise some (right now I’m doing a pilates DVD by Denise Austin). But I need to do better. I want to exercise more, but I also want to change my eating habits.

Wayne and I have recently purchased some essential oils (more about that at another time). We’re both concerned about aging and how we feel. We can already tell we feel different in our 40s vs. how we felt in our 30s. I believe part of it is due to our diet.

Our "Clean Eating" Journey

So, I’ve decided to try “clean eating”. You may be asking, what’s that? Some of you may already be doing this, but basically clean eating is about eating foods in their most natural state.

This means avoiding processed foods, foods with loads of preservatives, foods with lots of added sugar, and foods with high levels of bad fats.

Clean eating is not a diet, but I’m hoping by cutting out sugar my husband and I might lose a few pounds. Mainly I’m concerned about us staying healthy as we age. I’m concerned because so many in my family have died from cancer. It may or may not been related to processed food but I do worry that it was a factor.

I also believe my body is a temple (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) and God wants me to take care of it to the best of my ability.

This weekend, I’m cleaning out my pantry and on Sunday after church Courtney and I are headed to Trader Joe’s to re-stock our shelves with healthier alternatives.

I’m going to tell you this is going to be HARD. I’m going to give myself grace because I know I’ll mess up at times. But we have to start somewhere and I’m hoping by telling you all, it might keep me more accountable!

I’ll keep you posted as we begin our journey on Sunday. I’m sure I’ll post a lot on Instagram. I’m cyndispivey on Instagram if you want to follow along. I’m also hoping to post some clean eating recipes on Pinterest. You can follow me here.

There are two websites that we’re using as a guide, 100 Days of Real Food and The Gracious Pantry.

Would you like to join me on this journey? Leave me a comment and let me know! If you’re already “clean eating” I’d also love to hear from you too!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Can you update us on how this is going? I’m a clean eating wanna-be 🙂 I try and then try again. I’m a teacher so what would really work for me (besides a full-time housekeeper and cook) HA! is an easy way to plan the meals, prepare them on the weekend and stop not knowing what the next meal is going to be. Any tips? I would love to hear them!!

      1. I want to join you on this. Trying to eat healthy and loose 30 pds. This is exciting. Any tips would be great. Especially lunch.

  2. I’ve been on what I consider “cleaner eating” since June. I had a bout of unexplained edema during an EL cleanse, immediately stopped and started a clean diet. Issues cleared up in two days. I like vegetables and fruit but of course never got the recommended amount. My husband and I enjoy fine dining and I do allow myself a weekend splurge. I have found smoothies work best for me. I usually blend up a couple of batches on the weekend making about 12 – 8oz jars and freeze, trying to take out at least 2/day. This takes the guesswork out of what am I going to eat or snack on. My husband doesn’t like the idea of drinking his veggies (but I’ll bet am certainly eating more consistently). I also make refrigerator oatmeal in the 8oz jars. Good luck!

  3. I and my also very reluctant husband started the clean eating journey on Monday. It has been almost a week. I have also been running about 1-1.5 every other day and on in-between days doing a 12-minute workout at bodyrock.tv. I’ve found out that I’m not a picky eater after all and after such a short time, I can already tell a difference in energy levels! Im not cutting out our favorite foods, such as chicken spaghetti- which requires cream of chicken soup, but rather making my own soup and switching to whole wheat noodles. And I don’t believe we will ever go back! Eating out can be a challenge, but smaller, non-chain restaurants tend to let you ask for alterations more! You can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength!!!

  4. Because of health issues (IBS and Gastritis) I have recently had to stop eating simple sugars. Its been difficult but, in three weeks of this, I can already tell a big difference in the way I feel! I sometimes “cheat” and have a highly processed chocolate type granola bar (like fiber one) and immediately feel terrible. I can see processed food will be the next to leave. Please share specifics about your eating and if your craving sugar.

  5. i’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and i just love it. love your cute outfits love your beauty advice and love how much you love your family. i too just started clean eating, ugh. was doing good for about 5 days, then today i just busted. tomorrow is a new day!!!!

  6. Blessings to you as you begin this journey, Cyndi! We definitely do better and feel better if we eat more healthfully. Some days I do a good job of this; other days, not at all!

    I was an overweight teenager, but during my adulthood I’ve never really had to worry about my weight. As I approach 50, though, I’m seeing a difference in what I’m able to eat! So cutting out processed foods is a good goal for me. And more exercise is always better! Jack is great about getting plenty of exercise; it’s the way he maintains his sanity as well as his health, I think. Just last week I promised him that I’d start exercising more regularly with him again. So perhaps you and I both will be lookin’ good and feelin’ great soon! 🙂

  7. Happy trail with your clean eating…..My son has just finished a week of fasting on nothing but water(I did a water fast twice…one week in May and one week the first of June)He has lost a total of 18 pounds and for his second week he is just finishing up a juice fast….and this coming week he starts his P90X training before joining the Army. He is my incentive to stay on raw eating and keep working out in my garden as I have been. My hubby has his degree in Nutritional Health. He’s on a diabetic fast this week. He is healing himself off insulin the natural way. This Fall I also plan on a 21 day water fast for more healing. It is awesome and rewarding in cleaner health and a free from disease body. We love to study Raw Eating and Natural Healing. God Bless you all on your journey to health.

  8. Another great source for Clean Eating is Tosca Reno. She is amazing! She has written several books on the Clean eating lifestyle. And she is a true inspiration.

  9. Would love to see a “clean eating” shopping list and meal plan for a week. I’m not sure how or where to start.

  10. It was 31December2011, when I started the ‘Clean Eating’ journey. Since then I have lost 64 pounds; I feel vibrant, alive and have a zest for life. I keep active by practicing Tai Chi, walking daily, and showing up at the gym 3 days a week. I seem to be more clear thinking and far less ‘in a fog’. This is most likely because I no longer crave sugar. You can do this : be strong, believe and soon you will begin to appreciate wholesome things. May God bless and lead you.

  11. Wow! Who would have thought you and I would be on this journey at the same time. Let’s help support each other….I’m only 5 days in and it has been a rough week. But I’m already feeling the effects. Incredible! Lisa~

  12. Cyndi, you will love how you feel if you’re successful. I read “It Starts With Food” and did Whole30 (http://whole9life.com/2012/08/the-whole30-program/) a few months ago. It’s a really clean whole-food eating plan that you do for 30 days, and then reintroduce restricted foods slowly so you can see what really causes your body issues. They claim it will change your life, and it does. The energy and sleep you will achieve by eating cleanly are phenomenal. It’s not that hard to do with planning. Sugar wasn’t as big of a deal for me. I think the hardest thing I did was weaning myself off Coffee-Mate Cocunut Creme creamer!

  13. We’ve been trying to do this for a while. I really struggle though because it is hard to be clean and stay social with the people I am surrounded by because they all are big junk luvin folk. If I go shopping with my gfs I feel like I am a pain because i don’t want to ‘pop into McD’s for a quick bite’ with them (I sit awkwardly while they chew), or at the crops I attend the snacks are pretty much candycandycandychipscandy. I guess all this to say; develop a plan for situations like this 🙂

  14. I’ve started this year being careful to get rid of chemical additives and GMOs in mine and my husband’s diet, and it’s a challenge, but I agree that it makes a difference. I think you’re doing the right thing.

  15. Cyndi- I’m so excited for you and this journey. I have done similar to what you are starting. I don’t eat sugar, white flour and only whole grain carbs. Lots of fruits and veges, nuts, beans, legumes and I feel great!! I started with ‘The Daniel Fast” Through this journey I learned to be spirit lead with food. Like you mentioned, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and i wanted to live in obedience in this area of my life too. I did have a sweet tooth prior to starting this, but once you get through the first week or so, you loose your cravings. Being in the word 2-3 times daily and in prayer, will absolutely help you through this new way of life. You can do it!! I’ll be excited to follow your journey Cyndi 🙂 God bless

  16. u guys are just the cutest couple!!! Best wishes as u begin this journey. as u learn more about what we are eating, u just get more convicted that this is the right path. then it spreads into other areas of ur life like makeup and skin care and cleaning products (insert dramatic sigh here). seriously.

  17. I have been thinking about heathy lifestyles lately and comparing those I know who are in good health and those who aren’t. My m-i-l just passed away last week at age 70. She was an “old” 70. I have 2 grandmothers who are still alive. One is 84 and the other is 88. They amaze me. They are active! The 84 year old grew up on a farm and has always eaten healthy foods. The 84 year old does not take any medication what so ever! She does not drink pop and never has. They both have a young mindset. The 88 year old thinks young and modernly, the 84 year old stays current with modern technology. I think good health is a combination of eating healthy, staying active and thinking young. Good luck!!

  18. Years ago I read “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan Rubin and decided to switch to clean eating. I didn’t follow it to a “T” (didn’t buy his supplements, etc) but did go to an all natural, organic way of eating. In two weeks time you feel so much better. You won’t believe the difference. I can always tell when I’ve eaten something that is loaded with MSG and it’s sister preservatives. Also, If you switch to hormone and antibiotic free meat, you will be able to taste it in the meat if you switch back. Be strong girl. The food is so much better. You will wonder what took you so long! 🙂

  19. Great post–I am also in my 40’s with many of the same concerns. A book that I loved was French Women Don’t Get Fat because there are many principles that she uses in her eating and living that are in line with Scripture. (This is not a Christian book by any means, just some good wisdom on life and eating that I could have backed up with Bible verses, if that makes sense.) She encourages moderation instead of self-denial, eating seasonal foods for quality, change your lifestyle instead of “dieting.” And, walk and do toning where needed. I LOVED the fact that she wasn’t trying to get us back into a 20-year-old body, but encouraged health and acceptance of the natural aging process with grace. (Extreme exercise isn’t on my list of things to try anyway.) Best wishes on your endeavors!

  20. You can do it! One day at a time…one foot in front of the other.

    We are HUGE trader joe fans, and thankfully a whole foods is opening right next foot so we can do one stop shopping.

    Be patient with yourself……it’s doable!

  21. Cyndi! I have been thinking about the same issues with our health. My husband and I have two daughers, age 20 & 23. My oldest is now residing in Texas (we are in Missouri) and my youngest go to college in Colorado – so we are basically empty nesters. I wish I would have been better at how we ate when they were home. I’ve been pondering the clean food thing too. YES, it will be very difficult and our bodies will go into shock I’m sure from no processed foods, but I believe too that our bodies are a temple of God and it is important how we take care of it. I too have been exercising (some) and doing Pilates and also being careful what I eat, but I have not started the clean food way of life. I’m in the beginning stages and I will certainly look at the blogs you are following and will put effort into what foods we consume. We have a habit of going out to eat when we are busy, it’s just easier, so that will be a huge adjustment for us. With my husband also traveling for work, and having to take clients out to eat, he won’t be able to get away from that, but at least, while he is home, he can eat well. I’m nervous, and scared to be honest. I fail and fall back into the same old routine over and over, so I know this will be a huge change for us. I’m excited to follow you in your journey and any ideas of recipes you can share, I’d greatly appreciate and consider!! Best of blessings to you! (and your daughter)

  22. My family started this journey about a year ago, for many of the same reasons you stated. My kids, particularly my 12 yr old son, have fought me the whole way! They think we’re depriving them of foods they used to love (kraft mac ‘n cheese, hot dogs, lunchmeat, etc.). We eat clean about 85% of the time, trying to avoid all processed foods. I make most of our food from scratch and we eat a lot of fruits and veggies. I can tell you that I feel so much better when I’m eating clean and not eating junk!! When I do have to eat a junk-filled meal (eating at someone’s house or having to grab something while we’re out), I feel like garbage after that!!

    Good luck to you as you begin this new step. I think you’ll love it once you have done it for awhile. Oh, we started using essential oils recently, too, and absolutely love them!! 🙂