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Happy Hump Day! If you’re new around here, Wednesday’s are when I share outfits I’ve worn over the last week. There are lots of 20 something girls sharing what they’ve worn so I thought it would be fun to show what someone over 40 wears. You can be stylish after 40! 🙂

You’ll remember last week, I shared this picture of the lovely Stitch Fix ladies styling me for the Haven Conference.

Stitch Fix Ladies

Well, these are the outfits I wore. We had a reception on Thursday night so I wore a colorblocked dress by 41Hawthorn. I loved it and it was perfect for the reception!

Blue & Black dress

This picture was taken by the photographer that recently took some pictures of me, but I did wear this to one of the events at Haven. I love the colors in this sleeveless top.

White pants

I apologize for the poor quality of this picture but I took this with my iphone, I wore this outfit on the first day of the conference.  This is a red silk blouse by Daniel Rainn. I paired it with my INC skinny jeans from Macy’s and a pair of leopard flats. I also have on a green and blue necklace from Stitch Fix.

Red blouse

Lastly, I wore this floral print blazer with a pair of boot cut jeans from Kut from the Kloth.

Blue floral blazer

This sweet lady standing next to me is Geralin Thomas. She’s absolutely gorgeous and was kind enough to say she had read my blog.

Geralin is a professional organizer and the owner of Metropolitan Organizing, LLC . If she looks familiar, maybe you’ve seen her on Hoarders or The Nate Berkus Show.

I had so much fun at the Haven Conference. I’m still recovering from being gone for 4 days!

Which of these outfits were your favorite? I liked them all but the colorblocked dress was my favorite!

Beauty for the Heart~~The heart of the human problem is the heart of the human. And God’s treatment is prescribed in John 3:16.  He loves. He gives. We believe. We live. – Max Lucado

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Have you heard of “Dressing Your Truth”? I think you would love the program. I just started it. You appear to dress like their “Type 4”. I wonder if you really are???

    Love your blog and the way you inspire everyone!

  2. Hi Cyndi.

    You look beautiful in all, but I love the last one! I agree with others that you should do a post on boot cut jeans for fall. Stitch Fix sent me a pair of Miss Me jeans that I can’t wait to wear. 🙂

  3. You look beautiful in all of the pics but I have two favorites. The sleeveless top with white pants and the last one with the floral blazer. Could you please tell us where you bought the blazer? The outfit looks amazing!

  4. i received my 1st stitch-fix last wednesday and i ended up keeping everthing. There was a 41Hawthorn blouse that i have worn 3 times already!! i love the pics and your style!

  5. Love all of them! My favorite is the last one maybe because it could so easily transition to fall. Keep the great ideas coming!

  6. Cyndi– Love the pink top/black jeans. What I love it how you put the necklace and shoes with it. These are things I wouldn’t do…just because I am not sure they look right together, but then I see the way you put them together and I try it and love it. I agree with the ladies that said you give us such great ideas and ways to look so fashionable at… yea…. 40’s!

  7. The color block dress is absolutely precious!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

    (On another note…I’m needing some help finding my mother some clothing choices. She’s all about be comfy! But lately she’s taken it to an extreme. I’m needing some help finding her some solutions. Could you post something for mom’s that fit this category? Love reading your posts!!)

    Thank you…jane

  8. I will second (or is it third?) the color block dress:) Looking very stylish, miss cyndi! Looking forward to receiving my stitchfix this month, can’t wait to open that box!

  9. I love all of your outfits but the dress it my favorite. I think Wednesday’s is my favorite day because I cannot wait to see what you are wearing. You have given me so many great tips in the fashion world and you are a great inspiration in the spiritual world as well. Look forward to your blog everyday 🙂


  10. The colour block dress suits you very well, love the skirt on it. I also really like the last picture – looks like very cute shoes peeking out of those jeans 🙂

  11. Love the dress too Cyndi but also love love that turquoise & coral ( or pink, I’m not sure!) sleeveless top in your professional pics… They r b2ful by the way…. Yes u r very stylin for a 40-something yr old 🙂 Hope “your” girls ‘ first day of school goes smoothly! We don’t start till sept 3… Maybe I will b emotionally ready by then. I will miss our babies SOO much! Have a wonderful week … Lotsa love!

  12. I love the color block dress- love the flow of the skirt on it. The white jeans and colorful top are so summery -love it, too! I’m looking forward to your posts about fall clothes! I’m starting to get in the mood for boots, sweaters, etc!

  13. I especially love the color block dress and the last outfit with the floral blazer – you look great!

  14. I’m wondering about those cute shoes too! You look/looked so cute in all of your outfits. Thanks for sharing, Cyndi! Blessings Krista

  15. I love them all! I especially like the last one. What are those cute shoes peeping out? Where did that cute blazer come from? I’d LOVE to see an upcoming post on how to wear boot cut jeans stylishly in the fall/winter. Blessings!